Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Party pics.

Friday night dinner at Supper Club. The club is lined with beds, and on the dance floor every thirty minutes roamed people on stilts, people in huge headdresses, acrobats pulling themselves up a rope. Here is a woman getting painted with chocolate:

Instead of eating at a table, you get a bed with pillows and sheets. You eat in bed. My friend Eva flaunting her gorgeousness on our group's bed:

Afterwards, dancing with the beautiful Sara:

Saturday night AsiaSF. There are two natural women and three transsexuals in the picture below.

I was tremendously glad to see Eva and party with the girls. But I was sad too, because partying is like cotton candy -- fun but ultimately leaving you hungry.

Can I please meet a sweet, smart, loyal, Mandarin-speaking guy with good abs? (Cue the 中国是伟大的民族! comments.)


Anonymous said...

"Good abs" ... good lord, and you called *me* shallow? :D

Heading out of town for this weekend and the next (my brother is graduating from Navy boot camp). Be good to catch you again if you're around.

- pjammer

Anonymous said...

holy crap!! Who is this Eva chick? That's the hottest chick I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I wonder how large this set is?


This of course leaves out all the unstated criteria (smart, educated, sexually compatible, fun playmate, romantic, single, etc)

Perhaps its better to forget about absolute predicates and see who we respond to strongly in the moment? That we we might actually surprise ourselves and open up to the magic that is another human being.

N said...

"non_asian" is not a requirement. "sweet" is a requirement, which unfortunately weeds out many Asians.


ArC said...

So find a guy with great abs and train him in loyalty and sweetness. (or train a Mandarin speaker who's sweet to do crunches and cardio.)

KRK said...

...well, everything but the Mandarin...although it wouldn't be such a bad idea to pick it up considering the present global demography.

Anonymous said...

white is a requirement.

Keith said...
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Keith said...
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Anonymous said...

The one in the middle with the brown dress is one of the transsexuals.

deborah becker said...

Okay, so I'm a middle aged 5th grade teacher who has decided to try to set up a blog for my students, only I have no clue how to do it. So I asked my daughter to help me out, and she suggested I just go to google and search something and add blog to it. I googled mid-life crisis blog, and up came your blog about being only 27 and middle aged. Of course I had to read it. (You should smack your brother, by the way.) Anyway, I read a couple of your other blogs, and ran across this one. Your last paragraph exactly describes my 25 year old son, sweet, smart,speaks Mandarin, and has great abs. Now, if I could just figure out how to get the two of you together. Thanks for the amusing blogs.

b said...

Can't be that hard to find. I mean one fifth of the world's population. Speaks at least one form or another of Chinese. Sweet, and smart also isn't that hard to find. In fact that seems to be a fault with most of the people that I know, and the complaint of most woman here in Taiwan. That the men here are too sweet. Good abs as long it isn't the type of LL Cool J abs your talking about seems to be the norm here compared to the states since people walk everywhere. The only problem that I do see is loyalty. Since a lot of guys that have the qualities you talk about that are employed get hitched relatively quickly. So any game playing or lolly gagging around usually ends in F: but I liked you. M: I liked you too but you said you were busy when I asked you out. F: I was just playing. I just wanted to see how hard you would try to ask me out. M: Well the other girl just said ok let's go out. Anyways like your posts have fun, stay safe, and just enjoy life. :) 祝妳萬事如意 seems inappropriate since it's not new years but oh well. :)