Wednesday, August 09, 2006

another way to see it

(* details changed)

Me: My friend Jessie had three free tickets to a sold-out show for last week. She emailed a few people, including her boyfriend, asking if they wanted to go. Her boyfriend said he had a work meeting, so she found three other friends to go with her. Then her boyfriend called to say his meeting got cancelled and asked for a ticket. She said she already promised them to other people. They got in a big argument and he called her a bitch.

Rand: [nodding]

Me: Guys can be so mean.

Rand: So can bitches.


kim said...

that's a great sign to dump the guy!

Anonymous said...

Calling your girlfriend a bitch is classless. Nothing good can come out of the relationship.


Random_Walk said...

I love your stories. The timing of the punch lines (especially this one) are fairly good.