Sunday, August 13, 2006

all in the family: brother

I took my brother to the Google Picnic on Friday. It was easily the nastiest food I've ever eaten at a Google event. Tom ate six mini-burgers and then had a stomachache.

We ran into Mike, Tom's officemate during his Apple internship last summer:

I invited Tom to Sha-mayn's going-away party in the city that night. We ran into an obstacle in that Tom's only 19 years old, and the event is at a bar. Fortunately, Mike agreed to lend us his ID.

Before the party, Tom and I ate at a chinese restaurant with my parents who are visiting from Vegas, and our cousin who is in Cupertino on business.

Tom: Niniane, can you give me the ID now? I want to start memorizing the info, in case the bouncer quizzes me.

Me: [handing over ID]

Dad: [to Tom] Why do you have your friend's ID?

Me: I'm taking Tom to a bar tonight.

Dad: [in lecturing voice] Okay, don't lose your friend's ID. And don't just put it in your pocket -- you might bend it!

I have to give my parents props for the fact that the only nagging they did over our usage of a fake ID was about bending the corner of the ID.

After dinner, we went to Ichiban next door and I bought GUMMIES!

Me: [cradling my bag of gummies] Tom, last month I bought a bag of gummies and then I lost them. I wrote a poem about it. Would you like to hear it?

Tom: Sure.

Me: [deep breath] Oh gummies, my gummies! [pause] Um.... [long pause]

Tom: You're holding a bag of gummies, so you can't recall the pain that inspired the poem. If I took it and ate it all in front of you right now, then you'd remember the poem for sure.

I drove the two of us to the party at Levende Lounge, one of my favorite spots. We bid goodbye to Sha-mayn, since she'll be working from the Google Beijing office for six months. I will really miss her.

Tom and I stayed over at my San Fran crash pad. We chatted about his upcoming job hunt, his friends, my friends.

Me: Tomorrow you can sleep in. I'm getting my nails done in the morning.

Tom: Okay.

Me: I'm going to do my fingernails in blue, but I don't want to redo my toenails which are red. So they're going to clash.

Tom: No one's going to notice unless they're looking at you from head to toe. And if they've gotten to that point, then you probably don't need to worry.

Ah, the logic.


Saturday afternoon, we ate pizza at the Italian restaurant down the street.

I love Tom.


Anonymous said...

why does your head lean over so much?

Adam Lasnik said...

Two completely unconnected thoughts.

1) I actually thought the food at the picnic was entertaining and satisfying in a nostalgic kind of way. Eating so much stuff enhanced with truffle oil and organic basil and such... well, maybe it's just me, but sometimes I *DO* pine for a "gross" slider of sorts.

2) From one of your much earlier entries (with comments no longer enabled):
> I don't have 19 pending patents. I have 24.
Niniane, I know we've only met twice and on the the third time you may kill me, but I have to ask: Do you also "speak six languages?" ;)