Thursday, August 17, 2006

it's not really Emily Shaw

Me: [telling Tom about the flak from this post] I wouldn't read the emails now, but ten years ago, definitely.

Tom: Did you mask the identity of the Caltech girl? Because Caltech is a small school and if you put in a lot of details, people will figure out who it is.

Me: Of course I masked.

Tom: Tell me you didn't write "The girl is Emily. Emily ... Shaw. Yes, Emily Shaw was date raped. Emily, if you're out there, I feel for you sister."

Me: [laughing] Come on.

Tom: Then when she googles her own name, the first link will be your blog post. "Emily Shaw date raped". The spellchecker will say "did you mean: niniane feels for you"

1 comment:

Emily Shaw said...

I would like you to know that my name is Emily Shaw and I did get this when I googled my name. Thanks, I guess!

-Emily Shaw