Tuesday, August 29, 2006

too soon has thy vigor faded

Today the Bike Doctor came on-site to repair bikes for Googlers. I wheeled my mountain bike across the parking lot to the large white van bearing the "Bike Doctor" emblem.

Microsoft bought this bicycle for me when I interned there, nine years ago. It cost three hundred fifty dollars new, and although it's been almost a decade, in my eyes it still holds the bloom of youth.

Bike Doctor: You'll need a new seat ... new brake line .. The shifters are broken. Brake pads are almost gone. Chain is pretty bad. All in all, it's going to come out to 150 dollars. You might as well spend 250 and get a new bike.

Me: How much would you say my bike is worth right now?

Bike Doctor: Zero to thirty dollars.

Me: Zero? [to Piaw, walking by] Piaw, my bike is worth zero to thirty dollars.

Piaw: [looks bike over] [chirpily] That's about right.


Oh bike, how rough are the ravages of time!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh Niniane :)

Michael said...

Doesn't anyone make a bicycle that can outlast its owner anymore? Change the brake pads? The chain? Huh?

I recently had to change the chain on my bike for the first time in 6 years, and the brake pads too. Now I learn that the shifer cables are in dire need or replacement, as is the cassette (the cogs on the rear axle).

Oh well, I guess it's a small price to pay for transportation and recreation.

alberto said...

is the bike a metaphor for your love life and/or your heart?

Corin said...

The Bike Doctor told me similar things, specifically about the poor state of my bike's chain. He couldn't believe I had only 2000 miles on it, he expected 6000 - 8000. So, as a second opinion, I had The Bike Connection service my bike. No such dire warnings, and the bike came back in as good as shape as when it was new.