Friday, August 11, 2006

things that are whack

Two horrors I encountered this week which appalled me to my very soul:

1. This gray tiny dog that I saw on Saturday!

2. The Google Summer Picnic is tomorrow. Last month we were asked to RSVP via a web form. Usually I am very impressed by all the Google internal apps, but this time...

The form has 2 radio buttons: one for "I am attending myself" and one for "I'm bringing a guest". I select the second, and then repeatedly encounter an error on submitting.

After two minutes, I finally realized that they wanted me to select BOTH options, since I am attending and bringing a guest.

Horror washed over me.

I emailed the Summer Picnic Committee a long treatise, which centered around the point "RADIO BUTTONS ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE".

They fixed it the next day.

Today I go to pick up my wristband, and I learn that I have to bring a printout of my original confirmation page. That's right -- there is no way to access that page once I closed my browser. There is no confirmation email that I can print. Since I didn't happen to print that page last month, I am screwed.

I called upon my trusty Desktop Search but even it didn't cache the confirmation page.

Good thing none of our other applications are like this.


ArC said...

... what about a certain "beta" social networking site?

Drew: The Security Geek said...

Beta? That crap was in gamma! Hard f-in' core! Or something . . .

Anonymous said...

that tiny dog made me shudder. It reminds me of Katous, the gene-mod pink dog in Beggars and Choosers (by the way, being able to do searches in books is the best thing since the invention of the wheel. And I'm not being hyperbolic.)

bad html makes me giggle.

Anonymous said...

Noticed the "The opinions expressed here belong to Niniane, and are not representative of any organization or corporation with which she may be affiliated." addition. :(

Anonymous said...

As CEO of Google, I am quite offended by this comment. No stock options for you. --The boss