Monday, August 28, 2006

maybe the guy meant it ... or maybe guys are jerks

Over white wine. Eating French bread with goat cheese and pâté, with Ken and a French exchange graduate-student Annie:

Ken: "My friend Mary is dating that extremely tall French guy from Gail's party."

Me: "Oh, the guy that drove her home that night? Cool."

Ken: "Are French guys really forward? After the second date, he told her that she's the One, and that he wants to spend his life with her. I told her that it's a total line."

Me: "Why?? Maybe he means it!"

Ken: "After the second date?"

Me: "That's pretty fast, but there's still a chance he means it!"

Ken: "I guess I'm just protective of my friends."

Me: "But if you destroy her trust in people, then she'll become a defensive person and that's also bad!"

Annie: "It depends on how he said it."

Me: "Right. Was he trying to get sex out of her?"

Annie: "Yeah, like if he says, 'You are the woman for my life. I've been searching for you all my days. Do you want to have sex?"

Ken: [smiling] "Oh, that doesn't work? Damn it!"

Me: "You need to wait at least five minutes in between the sweet-talk and the sex question."

Ken: "One-one thousand. Two-one thousand..."


Jordan Brock said...

It's not just French men. I had a French girl start talking about marriage and such on our second date! Somewhat freaky.

She even sent me a cake later! (which was actually very nice.)

Anonymous said...

Does Niniane always say everything with an exclamation mark?!? I mean, it can't all be that important right?!? Hmm! This is fun! I'm important!

Hasan Diwan said...

That's funny... I have the opposite impression to Mr Brock; having spent a few months in Paris, being raised in London, and now living in the STates, I find Americans of either gender rather up-front and in-your-face about damn near everything, whereas the Europeans seem to be more low-key.

V K said...

Sex and love can be blended together. The line can read as "I have a strong urge (at this moment) that you are the one i've been looking for all my life, I want to be one with you (at least for one night or two)"

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a numbers game going on. I have sex with about half the people I go on dates with, and then half of those I see again, and then half of those I date for a while, and then half of those I date long term. So there's an exponential decay (at least for me) out until I find exactly one that I can spend the rest of my life with.

Anonymous said...

I once met an extremely hot Irish girl who, after we met once for 5 minutes, brought me ice cream every day for two weeks.

The sex was great too.

So it's not just French people. Some people are just really passionnate.

John said...

A college friend of mine, after he went on a blind date, the next day, called his father to tell him that he met the woman he was going to marry. Of course, he did express that directly to his future wife on the second date!

My friend just celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary last month!