Thursday, August 31, 2006

dissed and dismissed

Today a friend used the phrase "the 'Max's wedding' situation". Here's the story, so that we can all start using the phrase.

A couple months ago, in a work meeting with just Max and Yonatan.

Me: Two minutes left. Any last things we should discuss?

Yonatan: No, I'm done. By the way, Max, I got your wedding invitation in the mail. The RSVP is on its way to you. [turns to me expectantly]

Me: Don't look at me. I wasn't invited.

Yonatan: [quick alarmed glance at Max] Oh! Oh... Oh, this is awkward.

Max: [silence]

Me: Well, screw you guys. I was invited to Andrew K's wedding, and neither of you were.

Max: Who's Andrew K?

Me: Engineer on Google Earth.

Max: I don't even know who that is.


Later that afternoon.

Max: I think we should talk to group XYZ again, to see if we want to collaborate with them. I feel bad that the first time we talked to them, I didn't have enough context to evaluate their proposal.

Me: Sure, we can call them again, but there's no need to feel bad about that.

Max: Well...

Me: If you're going to feel bad about anything, it should be about the fact that you didn't invite me to your wedding.

Yonatan: [covers eyes with hand, shaking silently with laughter]

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