Thursday, August 17, 2006


Dinner tonight at Google No-Name Cafe with Alipé, Darryl, and my brother Tom.

Afterwards Tom and I sat on couches on the first floor of building 45. He talked to me about learning to drive, and whether to keep working part-time during the school year.


Me: I skipped a cruise on the Bay tonight for interns and their hosts, in order to do more work. Wonder if I should've gone. The water would've been a nice view.

Tom: You could've played shuffleboard.

Me: I bet I didn't know the majority of them. It was probably 95% interns.

Tom: You could've played shuffleboard with people who would let you win.

Me: [laughing]

It's not at all true though. Interns these days are SASSY! Last month:

Joby: .. So this guy avoids me when he sees me. If I'm walking along [draws a dot to denote himself and a straight line coming from it], then he'll go in a big circle to avoid me [draws another dot going in a huge circle around him]

Joby's intern: Is that because you were so fat?


I drove Tom home, and as we said goodbye, we waxed a little sentimental about how great it is to have a sibling.

Tom: ... Because other people will be careful what they do, to avoid ruining the friendship. But we are unruinable.

Me: Yeah. [pause] Knock on wood!!!

Both of us: [knocking own skull several times to avoid jinx]

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