Monday, August 28, 2006

Clarifying a few misunderstandings.

Recently a few erroneous perceptions have come to my attention.

  1. Some people think that I don't want to date Asian guys, just because I wrote a post entitled "Why I Don't Date Asian Men".

    As I stated in the post, I would love to date a Chinese guy. But it has to be a sweet Chinese guy, and therein lies the rub.

    (Incidentally, that post was catalyzed by one particular Asian guy. Who I then dated. Word.)

  2. My ab fetish does not require six-pack abs. The only request is flatness.

    This is great:

    This is too much:

    (Incidentally, I was amused that a Google image search for "male abs" brought up my blog in the second page. Word.)

  3. My friends said this better than I could've today:

    David: Niniane, your dating tagline should be "Hot guys only".

    Nina: [to David] But then guys will think she's superficial.

    David: No, no, I've read her blog post about this. There are other important factors, besides the hotness.

    Nina: Hm.

    David: Niniane, your dating tagline should be "HOTNESS: Necessary but not sufficient".


Josh said...


Anonymous said...

I think you might be reaching too high going for hotness. People should stick to their own attractiveness level.

Anonymous said...

1 |_@\/3 <_>.
But I'm 2 far away fr u.
Wish u the best.

Anonymous said...


I love you... why do you never pay attention to me?


James Bond said...

Another incredibly superficial post on a wonderfully superficial blog.

I want more.

Anonymous said...

apparently many agree. Niniane's blog has now cracked the top 0.09% of blogs on the internet according to Technorati.

Anonymous said...

Oh, just admit it. You crave big white man. Big white man make you feel good.

The "waa! chinese men are meanies!" approach is weak.

The truth shall set you free, my dear.

G. Lin said...

I resent the sweet Chinese guy tongue in cheek comment. I don't see how you can say that there are no sweet Chinese guys when one happened to write this comment. Yeah, although I don't think I would call myself sweet, more like kind and caring. And no, I am not gay. And no, you can't have me. That is all. And as you say "word" son "word". :D

Anonymous said...

Niniane, I love your blog. It's so interesting. I don't suppose you would you be willing to repost your blog entry or e-mail me? I have a great sense of humor and would love to read it. I'll keep it private of course to avoid offending any overly sensitive asian males. My e-mail is if you have it. Keep up the great work on the blog, it's really fun to read.