Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why I Don't Date Asian Men

This post was written as a joke.

But I have now deleted it.

It was supposed to be funny, because surely people would not take it seriously. This was wrong. Many people took it seriously. Despite disclaimers.

So now, after a year and a half, it's deleted.

Instead, for a laugh, you can go read "Differences Between Men and Women", and then write ridiculous flames about how the article author must hate all men and all women.


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Anonymous said...

i thought you were married. you aren't married??

ArC said...

Hope this doesn't end up on angryasianman.com... =)

Anyways, FWIW, I was thinking vaguely similar thoughts recently, except not about Asian men, but about how Vancouverites have a strong reputation for being unfriendly (even among the relatively standoffish Canadian culture, I gather). As a born'n'bred Vancouverite, my feeling is that most of the time I _prefer_ the large amount of (social) space that Vancouverites afford each other.

BTW, Niniane, have your experiences differed depending on whether those guys were first-gen, second, or later? I've often thought most of the third-gen AsAms I've met were very culturally assimilated (I say this without any implied judgement.)

Anonymous said...

Lady, it's entertaining. I really wanna say I love you when I read through this article, but it's not necessary now ;)

Sagaro said...

I resent/object to the above points. Say Chinese. Don't generalize as Asians. I agree Chinese and Indians make a huge part of the world, but still you are reducing my chances of getting hmmm... laid with this post... Remember the google motto: dont be evil :P

Anonymous said...

Lady, you will have different thinking several years later, especially after you got married.

omar said...

but asian men are so hunky!

Anonymous said...

you should find a half-asian, half-non-Asian man. Then they will be attentive, complimenting, take you out to wild and crazy parties, bring you the most beautiful flowers, and still carry you down the street when it's the slightest bit rainy outside.

at least until, due to their extreme studliness, they start flirting with the next girl they meet...

Asian Man! said...

Okay, as an Asian Man.. I gotta say somthing about it. First of all, not ALL Asian men are that bad and not ALL non-Asian men are that great. Even among Chinese, we share different backgrounds and
may treat our ladies differently. Find a Hong Kong guy (like me!! =P) and you will change your prespective =)

Pretty much I did everything as you said in the blog. The only difference is I am Asian =)

Maybe I should open a blog with title: "Why I Don't Date Asian Women"....


Anonymous said...

Some readers are misinterpreting the conclusion.

The statistically significant result from the sample population is as follows:

Non-Asian men find Niniane more attractive than comparable alternatives. Asian men find Niniane less attractive than comparable alternatives.

The conclusion is that Niniane should date non-Asian men to maximize her own happiness.

The population sample is too small to generalize the above to apply other women. So, if you're an Asian man, there is no reason to take offense at the post. Statistically speaking, you're less likely to find Niniane attractive in the first place, so it shouldn't bother you that Niniane prefers non-Asians.

Hasan said...

I'd like to remind you that blogs are not meant to be the be-all, end-all of knowledge. These are just Ms Wang's opinions. Just because she thinks one way, doesn't mean you need to try and convince her she's wrong.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason I don't date asian women. It's conveniently only 3 letters long - A.P.S. (aka Asian Princess Syndrome). (now I'll generalize as Niniane did) All asian women think they are above every other girl and want to be treated as a princess. Take an asian girl to dinner, it has to be an expensive restaurant. Take an asian girl out for entertainment, you had better spend $50/person on tickets. Niniane - before you go bashing all asian males (in particular Chinese males), why don't you examine yourself and your kind (asian women) first and then you may decide that asian males really aren't that bad in comparison. (i.e., Check yo-self!) :)

ishkabubba said...

i'm an asian female and i didn't date any asian men till i was in my thirties. mostly due to the fact my friends were mostly non-asian. i was criticized for being a banana. thus the sample set of asian guys i was exposed to was very limited. since i'm very westernized, i get a long with asian men who are more westernized, progressive and culturally well assimilated. there are lots of different asian men out there and i think it really depends on the individual. i don't think it's fair to make blanket statements or stereotype all asian men. so far i've dated chinese, east indian, korean and vietnamese men. i found them all to be thoughtful, creative, intelligent, passionate and very giving. :)

Anonymous said...

As a white girl who has dated an asian male I weep.

Anonymous said...

"The conclusion is that Niniane should date non-Asian men to maximize her own happiness"

What kind of conclusion is that?? If she loves to date non-Asian men, go ahead and why bother to say bad words about Asian men?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the earlier poster that the half-and-halfs are the best. Come to think of it, the half-and-half girls are not bad either.

Chris said...

I disagree with the Asian Princess Syndrome comment. It purely depends on the girl. There are white girls out there like that too BTW.

What does it matter? If two people are happy together, why should there be a problem?

ax said...

I'd say a woman who refuses to date men of her own race has some deep-seeded daddy issues. . .

Anonymous said...

找个和你一样优秀的中国人结婚吧,相信你会找到的,不要让你的下一代是混血儿,中华民族是伟大的民族!希望祖国越来越强大.---only my advice

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

في السعوديه ، نود ان المراه مجرد الجلوس حول وديكس والامتصاص. لا شيء اكثر من ذلك يمكن ان تفي لنا. ولماذا نريد ان اي شيء؟

Anonymous said...

with a girl like you any guy should be
a valentine, no matter the race

just a peasant said...

Whoa – tough crowd! You see Niniane - comedy isn’t so easy is it? Anyway, I thought you were funny.

Anonymous said...

Hier in Deutschland werden wir verletzt. Wir verlangen, auf ein Datum mit dir zu gehen. Mit deinem abschließenden Angebot sofort reagieren!

Anonymous said...

As an Asian man who has dated Niniane, I can categorically say that I have never insulted her cooking.

Anonymous said...

Does she cook???

p[avijn said...


Anonymous said...

As a non-Asian man who has not dated Niniane, I can say for a fact that I have never brought her flowers. What does that make us, Niniane??? Do I get another chance?

kim said...

wow that's weird. i've only dated asian men (not by choice..it just seems that's who im attracted to) and they have never been as cold and unloving as you've mentioned. perhaps it has to do with what type of asian people you hang out with? i hang out with very americanized asian people so they are different then the fobby asian ones. i find asian boys to be the sweetest and have more to prove since they are actually so neglected in the land of love. have you read the article "nobody wants an asian boy" (i forget the exact title but the article is hilarious). give an asian boy a chance!! :)

Parchandri said...

The site referred to might be bitterasianmen.com

Anonymous said...

The WHIGGIE (White Guy Groupie)

A brief profile of Asian women afflicted with "white fever"

ORIGINS: A subset of women of Asian ethnicity, usually found residing
in major U.S. cities, although they have been known to appear overseas
occasionally. Closely related to their cousins, Yellow Cabs (Japan),
Gwei-Po's (Hong Kong), Sarong Party Girls (Singapore), Twinkies and

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH: Intelligent, emotionally-secure women who are
free of identity problems, self-hate, racial prejudice and chips on
their shoulders.


- Poorly developed self-identity. Pathetically insecure with
and their ethnicity.

- Resentment of father's traditional, authoritarian upbringing
(whether real or perceived).

- Brainwashed into believing that they, as AF's, are more desirable
than other women in an exotic lotus blossum kinda way. Willingness
to pander to western media sexual stereotypes of AF's, which they
perceive as a marketing advantage.

- Thoroughly whitewashed. Desperate need to fit into "mainstream"
(i.e. white) society and to distance themselves from their Asian
Racial inferiority complex.

- Feigned air of superiority when dealing with members of own race
and any other minority groups. In need of major attitude adjustments.

- Exaggerated, whiny, Encino-esque valley girl accent.

- Delusions of grandeur..."I want it all...and that begins with the
right (i.e. white) guy...". Asian-American princess complex.

- Uncanny ability to determine one's nationality, occupation, earnings
capacity and make of auto within three minutes of commencing a

- Exaggerated perception of white males' value in increasing AF's
social status.

- Ignorant and narrow-minded, eager to adopt and perpetuate fallacious
western media stereotypes of Asian men.

- A compulsion to trash Asians, particularly Asian men, in order to
justify their autoracist tendencies, placate their guilt and
bolster their self esteem.

- Extremely shallow, self centered, argumentative and boring

- Disdains ethnic studies; regards it as a major threat to her
carefully constructed, self-deceptive whiggie identity

- Despises all Asian men, with the occasional exception of their
brothers (after all, they share the same genes)

- Believes that racism does not exist because she, as an AF, has
never experienced it first hand, or is too dense to realize it.
Besides, those
asiaphiles are so nice to her (while plotting to get into her pants)

- Gets a warm fuzzy feeling when watching The Joy Luck Club, while
snuggled up to her geeky asiaphile boyfriend.

- Believes that the only reason an Asian person would disrespect her
is because they are racist

- Has lost count of how many WM's she's done this month

- The wet-dream come true for socially-handicapped caucasian nerds who
unable to attract caucasian women

- Threatened and insecure in the presence of any culturally-
perceptive Asian person or any AM not fitting her stereotype of the
quiet, marginalized, "model minority" geek

- Fundamentally insecure, utterly confused, lacking in self-respect

- Many aging whiggies, after being used and abandoned by WM's in
favor of younger, more nubile whiggies and being rejected by AM's
who see through their transparency, develop a bitterness towards
all men, period.

- Denial of all of the above

FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: a) Look of contempt when eyes meet those of any non-
white male, converting to beaming grin upon sighting of WM
victim/target; b) terminal pout or c) bimbo-ish expression that defies
deep thought.

TYPICAL ATTIRE: Anything trendy, mainstream-looking and seductive
(especially if it's black and tight). Big hair (perhaps their most
valuable asset) tossed with hand every 15 seconds. Wonderbra. Fanatical
whiggies have been known to undergo certain procedures such as eyelid
surgery, breast augmentation and vaginal tightening operations in order
to increase their marketability to WM's. Blue contact lenses and
bleached-blonde hair have even been sported on occasion. Note: attire
may vary depending on the specific type of WM being targeted.

I.Q.: Too low to measure.

Personal ad columns ("exotic, slim, SAF seeks successful, generous
SWM"), cheerleading squads, sorority houses (role: token "oriental
sisters"), T.V. newsdesks, B-grade Kung-Fu flicks, trendy nightclubs
(usually found necking with aging WM's), Chinese restaurants (slumming
with the WM and demonstrating that she's "in touch with her heritage"),
anywhere else frequented by white males.


age 10: "Mom, why do we have to be (Chinese/Japanese/Korean)?
Do you have to dress like that? And what's with dad and his accent?

age 12: "Mom, I want an eyelid job for Christmas, okay?

Later on...

"I've always only dated white guys. I don't know why, I just have."

"Race doesn't matter. I just happen to like white guys. ItÕs just a

"We are the world, we are the children...We....."

"I've gone out with all kinds of guys...Dutch, English, French, German,
you name it. Even went out with a Jewish guy once! After all, love is
color blind."

"Eeeew, Jennifer, how could you go out with that (insert minority group
here) guy!? Totally gross!

"Ooh, Roger, you're like, soooo strong and intelligent. Did you say you
drive a beemer? Kewl! (giggle)"

"I want learn English better...you maybe teach, handsome man? Are you
U.S. citizen?" (yes FOB's can be whiggies too!)

"Like why would I want to go out with an Asian guy? They don't own me
or anything. Uhh, and besides, they're all male chauvinists..and
domineering too...yeah, that's it! Didn't you see The Joy Luck Club?"

Like, I'm dating *out* of my race, so how can I be racist?!! Duh!!

CLOSELY RELATED TO: Racists, bigots, wannabes, ho's, chameleons, white
supremecists, a fish out of water

Margaret Cho, Sheryl Wu Dunn, any of The Joy Luck Club protagonists
(except the one who married an Asian dude).

NATURAL COUNTERPARTS: Asiaphiles...who else?

Another Asian Man said...

WHIGGIE, you are my hero now... lol

That's why I NEVER date those Asian chick who thought they were white and show me a nasty face when I tell them I just order Chinese food for dinner..

Anonymous said...

Some comments say that Niniane dates with caucasian because she doesn't date with Asians. She doesn't say that. Maybe Niniane dates with black men.

This is a very sensitive issue. In Europe when a Muslim girl dates a non Muslim she can become the victim of an honour killing done by her youngest brother.

Niniane, I wish you a lot of happiness and you are a cultured person!! I admire your global mind set.

RC, The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

To Kim's post and her reference to "nobody wants an asian boy"
- that was at Pinoy Boy who lives in Australia and I think works in photography. I can't find his blog anymore.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I are in an interesting situation, and we discuss some issues like this occasionally. I am a caucasian bisexual male, athletic and well-educated, and dating a very hot bisexual Asian girl. We are both professionals in our late 20's, looking to bring in an intelligent, attractive man or woman (Asian, non-Asian, who cares?) into our relationship. Any thoughts on this? Has anyone had success with this kind of relationship? I mean, we are thinking of getting a joint house together... this seems kind of unprecedented. Threesomes are one thing, but for an extended period of time... Oh, and any interest in joining? :)

Anonymous said...

As a white guy I'm reluctant to comment since so many negative things have been said here in the comments. I don't have a preference of which race I date, but I have had the privileged of dating 2 Asian women in the past. One was very westernized and the other grew up in China, but one common trait that I really appreciated was that once they made up their mind that they liked me, then there were no games and it was very apparent of their interest in me. Contrast this to most white women who one day they like you and the next they're indifferent just so they don't "scare you off" by coming across too eager. This character trait also seemed to continue through the relationship to the point where I've never felt so loved & cared for as the time I was with those women and in retrospect I regret that I didn't work harder to make one of those relationships work out. Of course there were negative aspects too as there are in any relationship, but I wanted to focus on the positives and encourage others to open their minds to dating outside their "type". Niniane, I applaud your honesty & openness in your blog - date who you want and don't let others affect your own opinion, but having said that don't completely rule out Asian guys either. ;-)

Blah blah said...

Hi Niniane, I've been reading your blog with glee and pleasure for months. I love your wit and perceptive comments! You crack me up! :p As a Chinese guy who grew up here in Silicon Valley, I can relate to much of what you say.

People took your post above way too seriously. I understand you're just being tongue-in-cheek. *Wink* At the same time, I'm sorry you've been treated this way by certain Asian guys. I understand that you just want a good GUY, period, without racial preference.

On the other hand, I've met several white women here, now married to ASIAN guys, who are delighted with their choice. :p

I'm glad your post brought so many lurkers out of the woodwork. Also, those WHIGGIE comments above struck a chord with me. They made me laugh, but with the shock of recognition. I have been treated to haughty, condescending looks before by certain Asian girls, perhaps because I'm not white. Those types of girls aren't attractive.

Here's what I wrote on my blog in response to you. Warm wishes,

chinadoll said...

also , besides arc mentioned first-gen, second, or later factor , where Asian guy coming from is also factoring in ....Mainland Chinese , taiwanese or Hongkongese ....They are quite different. I personally felt most of your comments will apply for first gen from mainland China . As for "Asking Women Out " section My personal experience was Non-Asian men will aslo ask you to meet him at restaurant while hongkongese always pick you up with some flowers . But to be honest, depending on yourself is more Asian or more non-Asian you will find which type will fit you more. It's always about matching ...
good witty article

Keith Kamisugi said...

I used to be offended when meeting women who only dated non-Asians. But I realized that some women only date weathly, good-looking hunks -- and I wasn't offended by that (even though I'm neither wealthy nor good-looking). Romantic discrimination is alive and well.

Anonymous said...

have you considered the possibility that you just look BUTT UGLY to asian men?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous post

Anonymous said...

bullshit~~! r u right~~?

Anonymous said...

This post is so funny. Niniane, you rock! Disclosure: I am a single Chinese male, so I guess I am guilty as charged.:-) But don't feel bad guys, Niniane is doing us a service by candidly expressing her opinions, so let's humbly accept the constructive criticisms and work on the techniques. :-) And trust me, an extra dose of tenderness . :-O)

Dutch-born Chinese Guy said...

hahahaha! :D Miss Niniane...you rock! That was a funny post :D Geez guys lighten up! That was funny :p

Anonymous said...

Some of you have A LOT of time on your hands to put some long ass comments to Niniane's post. We have to be light hearted sometimes and not take it too seriously. However, I got a good laugh out of reading some of your posts...hehe! =)

Anonymous said...

One of the possibilities forsome of Asian boys being too cold is that they are less people person coming from their first generation imigrant "cold" father who are often less skillful to give compliment to women or they are nor "womenized". White boys are often good at superficial things such as giving cheap compliments to win your heart. The thing boiled down should be getting you to his favor: be his "girlfriend", be his bedmate. There is a famous quote about such process as so-called 4F: find you, feed you, fuck you and fire you. Therefore, if you are a girl who likes to pay attention to the face value, you tend to like white boy. If you pay attention to the hard stuff such academic status and future ability to keep relationship and feed the family members, Asian boys are better. By saying that, I don't suggest that Asian boy should not improve their way of dealing with girls: they should be able to do what their dad don't know how: to give compliment to girls they want to date.

Class said...

So funny. You are Braaaaat!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm an Chinese man, first generation. I immigrated to the US when I was 8. It is this kind of thinking in the Asian woman, how they perceived the Asian man that I loathe them. This kind of attitude is completely bitchy. I always stay away from Asian women because they are bitchy, arrogant and stuck up. Even if I have a huge hard-on when face with a stuck up bitchy Asian woman my dick goes limp. Woman simmer down the attitude. There is more to a Asian man, Chinese man in particular than meets the eye. In the end I married a Caucasian woman.

Anonymous said...

She's right, Asian men have nothing! They should all die. We don't need them. They are good for nothing. Whities!!! whooohoooo hop on the bandwagon girl!!! One day when every single asian woman realizes this, hopefully the asian man will be extinct.

Anonymous said...

Whatever reason you need is fine with me. Whatever it takes to thin out the white population. I hope every single Asian woman living in any predominantly white country should grab a white guy and make a baby with him. Ted Nugent's wife is right on track with our plans. In fact, go straight for the blood-the white racist types. Lord knows, white women don't want them, and hopefully the mixing will further dilute their hatred, at least of Asians.

Anonymous said...

WHIGGIE you are the shizneet. You broke that down cerebrally with a comedic twist. The woes of the Asian female who seeks to be liberated from a culture that deems her inferior and submissive. So what does she do? Runs into the arms of a white male who explicitly wants a woman to treat him like a king! Shameful.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

woman, you are not god. stop talking yourself up like one, otherwise white men like myself are gonna stay away from types like you as well. get a clue.

Anonymous said...

Lady, shame on your. A wall has been built up between you and your own race. I, a mainland-born Chinese guy, would rather date with some Europran or African girl respects Aisan well.

AZN4EVER said...

I too am Chinese.. I personally think that Asian men are a lot more affectionate than ur average white guy.. Believe me.. we know how to treat our females... Dont set urself too high.. Wash ur face and wake up from that white fetish of yours... go out and meet some REAL asian guys, not ur first cousin.

Its sad and pathetic to see our asian sisters not only pull away from their kin, but talk down about them.. But its okay, because all the ugly ones go to the white and black males anyways.

Anonymous said...

that is soooooo not true,im a asian guy im romantic,i love to tell my girl that she's prety every second, you can't just say asian men don't know how to treat a women because everyone is diff from each other.you can't just hate your own back ground, coz then how are the whites going to think of us.End of the day you still have a yellow face, you still will be calld an asian from the whites,how can you be racist to your own race?

Anonymous said...

但是现实与理想总是有差距.现在每天电视上煤矿死人,没钱读书的自杀,没钱看病的医院不给治病,居然还有人提倡再来一次收容制度,奶粉假的,酱油假的,现在连西瓜也是打红药水的。黑吃黑,贪污腐败,短信诈骗,网络诈骗,海军副总司令贪污1亿多,包养5个情妇.治安差,社会乱,抢劫,杀人,中国的富豪80%以上收入来源不正! 中国的现状就是人吃人,狡猾的人压榨着老实无助的善良人,中国人为什么过的这么可悲...这么没有尊严...









Anonymous said...

找个和你一样优秀的中国人结婚吧,相信你会找到的,不要让你的下一代是混血儿,中华民族是伟大的民族!希望祖国越来越强大.---only my advice










Anonymous said...

Why I Don't Date Niniane Wang

A few people, namely my mom, ask why I don't date Niniane, and in particular a Chinese Niniane. My answer is that I would LOVE to date sweet, sexy Niniane! But read on to find out the problems therein.

Disclaimer: I am generalizing for humor from my own handful of personal experiences. Do not take offense, Niniane! Or if you do, just complain in private and don't email me about it.

Complaining about Complimenting Women
A non-Niniane will tell you that you're so sweet telling her that she's beautiful every day.

A Niniane, on the other hand, will incessantly complain that you're not complenting her enough, even when you do. She will immediately then insult your race and generalize that all Asian men do this.

Complaining about Asking Women Out
A non-Niniane man will be cheerful that you called or emailed during the middle of the week to ask her out for the weekend. She won't complaing about the tasteful venue, and be delighted that you offered to pick up.

An Niniane will call you complaining that you haven't invited her out yet, even when at the time of her calling, you were planning on a nice dinner later in the week. When you mention this, all she can do is say that you only start doing it when she complains (which is always).

Missing Her
If you're dating a non-Niniane and you don't talk to her for 3 or 4 days, she will be delighted to hear your voice asking her to come over for a nice glass of wine.

A Niniane will say, "Why haven't you called me?? I wish you were more attentive!!", even though you just called her a few hours ago.

A non-Niniane won't expect you to have flowers on a regular predetermined basis, but will always be delighted when you do bring her some flowers.

An Niniane will complain about the rose's shade of color when you present her with a beautiful bouquet. She will then complain about this topic until your funeral.

[I hope you found this enlightening, Niniane, and that you will learn to not generalize people.]

Anonymous said...

funny. As an Asian male I agreed with what you said. I'm extacly that kind of man. Is it really bad? I think it's better than those who tell every woman they met that they are beautiful.

I banish you from the asian race said...

Ninianne, I think you are just high maintanence, and you like to blame race for your dating problems. You are clearly ignorant and your attempt at humor has missed the target. If you don't like asian men, that's your choice, but stop and think before you write garbage. BTW, great idea to put your picture on your profile - you have embarassed yourself, your family, and asians in general. Luckily for you, not all asian women think like you and there are other asian men out there who will actually give you a chance should you decide to try asian men again. But they will see your high maintance ways, and then you will be back with non-asians, and then they will see the light too, and you will have no one to go for, and your race will still scorn you. it's all good, keep reaching for the stars.

Beatle Fan said...

As a Beatle fan, I am against Asian Women/White Guy relationships because it was an asian woman who broke up the Beatles. Don't deny it, you know this to be true. YOKO ONO DESTROYED THE BEATLES.

vab said...

As an Asian man, I disagree strongly with what you say. I always call the woman I'm interested in at least 20 times every half an hour. And I buy flowers and expensive dinners to them weekly. They still leave me though, I can't really make out what the problem is...

Anonymous said...

To Vab the guy above its clear you are being too nice to satisfy women , primary human behaviour suggest that we often don't want what we can get easily , In this case you are being nice buy doing everything she says! she is like your dad! Grow up and be yourself , if you wanna attract women do what women would do to attract men like you and that my friend dnt mean being a nice guy who literally licks her arse.. a REAL women wants a challange a man who can love her and stil satisfy her demand but ONLY when satisfies his own demand ! Be a challange!

Anonymous said...

I did enjoy reading your comments about Asian men, but I have to admit I have not had those types of experiences at all!!! I am a white woman from England and have only ever dated Asian men, they are actually more attentive and loving than any white man I have encountered, I dated a Filipion, Korean and now I am engaged to be married to a Vietnamese man who is amazing.....!!!! But I know there is good and bad in every culture....

Anonymous said...

Hi.. You are brilliant! What you mentioned are all true. I am asian girl myself and to be frankly, I don't find asian men are as sexy and considerate as western men. I found asians are pretty much mama boy type who got easily swayed by other's opinion and can't stand up for their own. They are also far less romantic and clueless when it comes to relationship!
I found british men are quite considerate and romantic ;-)
I got experience dating both asians and westerners but after what I went thru with asians I have decided that I will only date westerners :-)

westwood61 said...

I hate to read ignorant comments like the original statement made by the Chinese female. You're generalizing about all Asian and Caucasian men, babe. Shouldn't you be a bit more intelligent and mature than that? Afterall aren't Asians stereotyped to be brilliant? LOL.

Allow me to offer some of my own background info. My mother is Japanese, and my father is Caucasian American of British ancestry. My mom is a gorgeous Japanese woman who stands 5'7" tall, and my father is a blonde hair-blue eyed blonde about my same height.

Yes, I'm Eurasian, 6'2" tall with dark brown hair and blue-green eyes. Most females (and males) describe me as "gorgeous". LOL! So much for humility, but it's true. Presently, I'm a doctor in residency.

Again, I hate to be immodest, but I'm a catch for any woman of any race or ethnicity. LOL I'm sorry to say that I wouldn't give a woman like you the time of day. In the first place, you impress me as being naive and insecure. On the other hand, I prefer beautiful, confident women of any race or ethnicity.

However, I find that many Asian women in the West or Asian-American women lack self- confidence and are extremely insecure like you. If I date a female of Asian heritage or any other female, she had better exude self-confidence to hang with me. LOL. I need a beautiful, confident, and bright female who can challenge me intellectually.

Anyhow, I'd like to further add that you shouldn't hope for something that you may come to regret later in life. Yes, my mom is a bright and beautiful woman. She really does have it all...except for a nice husband. Unfortunately, I don't respect my Caucasian father at all. It's sad for me to say, but the man's a raving idiot who requires psychiatric treatment. He made my mother's life a living hell. Generally speaking, he expected her to be the stereotypical subservient Asian wife. He ordered her around constantly and physically beat her. Yes, he was a raving lunatic. I'm glad he's finally gone and they're divorced. Thank God! I still love my father, but I don't like him at all. On the other hand, I love and respect my mother and basically consider her to be my only real parent. She's my inspiration in life, not my father. In fact, for most of my life, I've wished for another father I could really love and respect.

What's the lesson here? Don't select your partners based on ignorant generalizations. You may someday regret your choices. Yes, there are some bad White men out there as well as bad Asian men.

Unfortunately, some of the Caucasian men who pursue Asian women are looking for a slave or handmaiden and not an equal partner in marriage. Give me a break. No Caucasian woman would've EVER tolerated the abuse my father unleashed on my mother. I'm glad he's gone.

I can't help to still love my father, but it's easier to love him when he's far away as possible. Sad, isn't it? You may live to regret what you're wishing for. Select your partners based on character and not on race or ethnicity. Lose the ignorant, narrow-minded generalizations or suffer the consequences, babe.

Anonymous said...

In my experience, you are correct, Non-Asian men treat you well with romance and affection, then when you turn around, they will treat the next girl the same way too! So unless you like sharing his romance and affection with others, please be warned!

Also, it seems like you've attracted the wrong type of men in the past. Your description sounds like it is of men who come from some small village or don't get out much!

When I read your blog 15 years from now, it will say "I wish I looked harder for that sexy, brilliant, successful, and loving Asian man" =)

Anonymous said...

haha quite a true generalization i must agree. But again i must say its only a generalization, there are a few eccentric ones who dun act according to the norm.

maybe i shld write why eccentric asian men dont date asian women but prefer western culture instead :) haha

well i've done almost all a non-asian man would do like u mentioned (except the flowers)over a period of say 1yr 3 mths but in the end i still got rejected (looks like i lasted more than an hr lol).

maybe its not the effort that matters sometimes :)

Anonymous said...

Seems like you're part of the problem and not part of the solution.

I think you've been heavily brainwashed by white male supremacy.

As far as I'm concerned, it is a problem that cannot be ignored.

Asian women like you making these statements are discriminatory against asian men. Yes, even if you are asian, you still can be discriminatory.

If race was not an issue, there wouldn't be any discrimination. Social discrimination against asian men wouldn't exist.

But discrimination does exist doesn't it?

You're proof of that.

icodi said...

DATE ME! lol
I didn't know I had "white" qualities. haha..
I thought it was the other way around by the way. =)

Anonymous said...


I am asian and I no longer date asian men. No longer meaning...I have tried and found no happiness.

I found no happiness not because of flowers, phone calls etc. I found no happiness because all the asian men I dated cannot stand up to social adn cultural pressure. Most of them are raised to be sexist by their parents i.e. I am a man, so I am superior.

Plus, in general, if you date an asian (man or woman), you date the whole family.

I am happy to know though that this is increasingly changing as more parents start to raise their daughters and sons equally. I do know asian men who buy flowers, listens well, and sometimes I think they have a kind of loyalty many westerners do not comprehend.

So in the end, it is who matches whom and not who is more superior than whom. Asian or not asian.

By the way, in Denmark, where gender equality is one of the highest, the men don't open the door, they cut-in on queues and they don't drive you around. Why? Because the women are not good at receiving these things!

Men feeds off women feeds off men......

Jessica said...

I feel all the excuses about Chinese men being overbearing and sexist are just that. Excuses.

Chinese men are in fact much less demanding and far more accommodating of women than most men of other races. I know, I've dated every race BUT Asian for years and years. But I am married to an Asian now :)

As a white female who never thought about dating Asian until I met a wonderful man (a virgin at 28!) who treated me like gold. I never regretted giving him a chance though at the time, I thought it was just an afterthought.

I think most Asian females simply don't like Asian because of physical attributes not because of any difference in culture.

In my hubby's family, where it seems every one of the younger females married white, this was made known to me from the first day I met one of them.

Saying that the Chinese-American man is"sexist" is pretty outrageous when most Asian men in the US are, unfortunately, desperate for any female attention and when given a chance would put that woman on a pedestal.

China itself might be a very sexist country but in the US where Asian males are pretty much on the bottom of the dating heap for being too "feminine" not being too macho or sexist.

The sad truth is my hubby's female relatives and many of their friends have exactly the same stereotype of Asian men that I had before I started dating my husband.

That stereotype was racist and it made overlook Asian men until I finally gave one a chance. I was surprised at the time that Asian females have the same stereotype of their men that I do because I thought it was the truth.

I only knew it was a racist stereotype after dating my hubby. Now I feel surprised. How could they believe this? Don't they know my hubby? He's not feminine, sexist or overbearing at all. None of his brothers and cousins are. It actually saddens me to see two of his uncles turning to China for wives when they are obviously Americans.

So I feel the worst racism that Asian men experience actually come from Asian women. White women, even white men, are simply ignorant. Asian women aren't.

Using terms like "sexism" and "not bi-cultural" to cover up the lack of physical attraction adds insult to injury and is really unfair.

I think one of the reasons they don't want to point out the physical characteristics is they don't want to appear shallow. The other reason is they don't want to say they dislike the features that are theirs as well.

Anonymous said...

wow. last post was right on IMO

Anonymous said...

You are an ignorant sellout and real b1tch.

Arnold said...

Not all Asian Men are like that. kinda annoying to read your blog because considering I'm one of Asian Men. I myself know that I don't do these things. Hope rephrase your title to "Why I don't date some Asian Men"

Anonymous said...

I'm a "non-Asian man married to an Asian woman. After a few years, all your kindness is taken for granted. While I continue to be the caring and naturing man I always was, she speaks to me every day in a way I would never speak to her. Oh...yes, the sex is amazing, but after a while, she just decided she doesn't need it any more. Still, devoted, I stay. Does she appreciate me? Maybe...

Anonymous said...

How about changing the title to "Why I Don't Date Inconsiderate Men" instead of taking the opportunity to degrade your own race and your own people. Let's face it, now matter how many white men you date/sleep with, in the morning, you're still Asian. Degrading Asian men will not make you white.

Niniane, you are a pathetic piece of trash.

Anonymous said...

As an Asian American man, I find your post a bit offensive, and ignorant. Even though you posted your bit of disclaimer, you're passing your opinion off as facts(ie) putting up percentages to back up your reasons. Personally I think IR are a great thing, however excluding an entire race(your own) because of a few bad experiences IMHO is just terrible. I for one don't find Asian women very attractive, but it doesn't mean I think every Asian female is ugly. Everyone has a preference for what they find ideal in a partner. You're within your rights to pick and choose whomever you want to be with, but you have no right to label Asian men in any light.

I am not sure as to your purpose for posting this, but I have my reasons to believe you have a serious minority complex. The two most active minority group in IR are Black men and Asian women. Funny enough these two groups are also very quick to denounce their counterpart and/or find every excuse not to date them.

Don't believe me? Go ask Black women about this situation. IR is suppose to be about beyond color lines, not drawing up new ones. If you find non-Asian men attractive by all means find yourself one. But there isn't a need to dump on your own kind.

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it, but she is only telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

make ASIAN BOYS LIKE HOW YOU DESCRIBED ABOVE. it's really ridiculous. and sad.

i personally love asian men so much more than other raced men. because they're (from my experience)
1. more sincere and true.
2. way more mature and wise.
3. did i mention, TRUE? they won't play you behind your back if they see some import car model or a porn star off the street.
4. they are far more respectful. especially to your parents, siblings, and friends.
5. they pay for, EVERYTHING. that's the tradition for asian dating (well, unless they've become a twinkie)
6. there are so much more but i think YOU should find out. don't just point out negative things you know. and plus, 85% of non asian men who date asian chicks are proven that they just go for ass or for fun and new experience..

i bet you are part of that 85%. sweet talked in to it. poor asian men.. you suck. now bye!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you think that way. While I have nothing against you or your opinions, I have to say they are false, and I really hope you will change your mind in the future, as there are more nice Chinese guys than non-Asian guys out there. We have 2 billion people for christ sake. How do you gerneralize such a big population?

Anonymous said...

How would your father feel if you feel that way sweetie?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the smaller 'package' asian guys have

Anonymous said...

Admit it your just a white cock lover. It's ok, you don't have to go justifying your love for white cock. Most ppl will understand your craving for white cock even without these bullshit revelations/conclusions you came up with let alone this entire blog.

Anonymous said...

u dont date asian men because u r not attracted them...all the bs reasons u gave is just to justify your choice...because u do feel guilty about it...

the real question is why u r insanely attracted to white men and repulsed by asian men...i have the answer for u...the bottom line is people like u need therapy...and professional help.

basically u have a inferiority complex about ur own race...and an idolization of the white race...how did it come about...brainwashing by the mass media and the mainstream culture...beleive it u r brainwashed and messed about ur own roots and identity by very powerful forces in the media....you may not conciously realize this but u need professional help...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous poster.

Even a bigger cock and more hairy body doesnt explain the whole story.

Niniane's blind attraction to white men can only be explained by a profound inferiority complex developed while she was growing up.

Anonymous said...

Personally I have dated Asian women in high school and all non-Asians since. Reasons as to why I don't date Asian women is simple. I am attracted to strong women, women with high level of intelligence, education, and a strong sense of who they are. Asian women lack self esteem and have some sort of minority complex. I find non-Asian women much more attractive, and much easier to communicate with. Personally the biggest thing to me is kids, I don't want my child to be raised in an environment where they think less of themselves because of their mother. A well balance, culturally diverse, strong, intelligent, individual is what I am trying to raise, not a self pity, "I hate my own kind" type of person. God knows there are enough crazy Asian females out there who lacks respects for herself and her culture.

Anonymous said...

A recent study done by a Swedish research group has concluded, there are very little differences between races and penis size. The research has shown the average adult male is about 15.24cm(5.9iches)in length and, 11.43cm(4.5 inches) in girth. This test was the first test to have been administered by the researchers instead of the participant themselves.

Previous surveys has shown self administered test has yielded wide range of exaggerations and discrepancies. The researchers all agreed more research is needed however it is a promising start. They would like to see more countries participate in this study, but encourage them to administer the test on its subject, and leave nothing up to chance.

The final finding of this test are men of Asian decent actually measure larger than men of Causation bloodline in aspect of length, girth, and firmness., and slightly smaller than men of African decent in the length category. Before anyone start losing sleep over this, although they've shown White men are smaller, the overall findings are the differences are less than 1 inch. I guess it's time to put the myth about Asian men to rest like the rest of the silly stereotypes about others.

Anonymous said...

To blindly like white men because of your inferiority complex is bad enough...to gratuitously put down all asian men and insult them with your cooked up charges simply to justify your actions is utterly inexcusable. Perhaps you are too ashamed to admit the real reasons as too irrational or too shallow. Or is it racial discrimination of the worst kind: discrimination against your own kind.

We are not your mom, so we really do not care to help lessen your guilt. Anyone can see right through your transparent but pathetic attempt at self-redemption.

By the way, do you realize you are insulting your own kind and in paricular your own father? I have a feeling you came from a good solid middle class family with a devoted and caring father to you and your mother. How do u think your father would feel about what you said?

You are a total embarassement to your own race. But it is good you put it out there for us to shoot you down. Thanks for your honesty. Asian men, unless you are total wimps, please no longer take these insults and rise up. Please make no excuses for these kinds of self-discrimination.

Anonymous said...

Why does cock size matter in this discussion? Who cares who has bigger cock? Bigger cock if indeed pocessed by the white men does not mean better. More hairy body clearly pocessed by the white men does not mean better.

There is nothing intrinsically superior about the white men. Get this into your thick head. All these superficial features are prized simply because of brainwashing from the mainstream media we are living in. In another time and in another place, big cock cocks and hairy bodies could be dismissed as belonging to primitive babarians, as the ancient Japanes thought of the Ainus. Please do not become a stupid tool manipulated by the white men.

We chinese have been superior and dominant by most measures in the last 4500 out of 5000 years. Only the last 500 years have the white men overtaken us. It was a very bad run for the Chinese civilization. But if you played 5000 hands of poker and you won the first 4500 hands but lost the last 500 to yout opponent, do you consider yourself to be the inferior player? No!
But we have so many people here with pathetic inferiority complexes...they do feel like a piece of inferior shit.

Get this out of your heads, you Asian Men that the white men is superior. If you make any objective measurement of any human characteristics of real valus such as IQ: the chinese men come out on top (See wiki). Do you think we should judge superiority by such superficial features such as cock size and amount of hair. Look these feaures are like fashion in the long run of history, in one day and out the other. We only think they are of value right now because the dominant culture has deemed it so and then has us brainwashed.

And if white men have bigger cocks than Asians, more power to them, but who really give a shit except those with very low self-esteem? The white men used that against us, as if that is an important feature...dont fall into their trap. Cock size is only important to the ones with inferiority complexes and is utterly an useless feature in the overall determination of superiority. It is the brain size that matters. And by that measure, there is much scientific evidence than cock size that 1 race is bigger than the other.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt you have any real long term relationship with any real-life Asian men. You know the kind of relationship where you not only fucked each other every nite but also last at least 3 months. And I dont mean the token 1 week arms-length relationship that you have with an Asian men just to appease your mom. All your time and energy have probably been spent being screwed and dumped by white man who behind your back dismisses you as an easy lay or as a second choice to a white woman. You know they also have inferiority complexes about Asians just like yourself, which they only admit behind your back in order to be PC.

You opinions seems to come from stereotypes and generalizations gathered from your limited direct experiences and/or coming from hearsay, which is mainly regurgitated from the mainstream media of Asian Haters

Anonymous said...

Asian men never ask me out. They are very passive. I've observed from my sister & my mom that they are push overs and just don't want to rock the boat. Needless to say, my sis & my mom run the show in their relationships. That's why I don't date Asian men - I need a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie, i am an Asian man from Australia. I am here to post some facts u need to know.
1. There are alot of females like ur type in Australia.
2. besides dating they even hate or feel down -graded to talk to one of them.
3. They arent happy with their own culture.
4. Most of them went to Asian populated schools( considered to be the best schools in Sydney Australia) but they still can get ride of their own social perspective).
4. They are also brought up by Chinese parent with similar backgrounds so i dont see ther difference. Things that Asian guys have must be the same as Asian girls right?

My opinion is that u have a problem. A problem that must be answered only by ur parents. That is why the fuck they come to America.

besides that u also need to ask them "why would u send me to school" because all i have learned is to be a racist,rednecked, fucking Hitler.

I feel sad ..i am sad because u will be alone for ut rest of ur life..

i promise u that one day when China take over America i will be the first one to gangbang U .

by the way ...i did this search on google ( ur own company) by " Aisan man fucking white women" .....this is so sad because u are attratcting fucking criminals to fuck u

Anonymous said...

You've been linked to 8Asians.com. See http://www.8asians.com/2007/08/11/why-asian-girls-go-for-white-guys-a-response/.

Anonymous said...

As other people have said the reason asian guys might not seem as nice is probably because they prefer white girls much like you prefer white guys but you are trying to rationalise it.

I don't think what your saying has any basis to the majority of Asians and Westerners. Most Westerners don't compliment that often because it's unnecessary and if you need that many compliments it means you have a self-confidence issue.

I compliment girls sometimes but I don't overdo it.

If you are interested in dating asians (or asian and white people) then check out www.dateyourasian.com it's a really good site for online dating :)

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in dating asians (or asian and white people) then look at http://www.dateyourasian.com it's a great site for online dating :)

Sean said...

Wow so this woman seems to like to generalize about guys. So tell me about the non-asian men that cheat on their wives or physically abuse them? What about the high divorce rate. Guys are the same REGARDLESS of the color of their skin. There are good and bad guys with every race It's sad that a grown woman CANNOT see that and has to use labels. Grow up

Sean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sean said...

Wow so this woman seems to like to generalize about guys. So tell me about the non-asian men that cheat on their wives or physically abuse them? What about the high divorce rate. Guys are the same REGARDLESS of the color of their skin. There are good and bad guys with every race It's sad that a grown woman CANNOT see that and has to use labels. Grow up

Brad said...

Don't worry. I thought it was rather funny and while I don't have experience with Chinese men, a lot of my female friends have been dating Japanese guys here in Tokyo for the past few years and a LOT of what you said rings true.

I do think it's funny how people try to fight negative stereotypes with 100% positive stereotypes. Guys, that ain't much better! Saying ALL Asian guys are more mature and generous as as ridiculous as saying ALL Asian guys don't hold your hand.

Of course you don't think 100% Asian guys are like this. It's just some humorous observations you've made.

People need to lighten up.

Anonymous said...

I got to this through craigslist. It's nice to see white guys using this tool as a way to mock Asian men. Thanks Niniane.

Anonymous said...

My gf is white and her observation of White men are much like Niniane observation of Asian men. She makes funny observations about how small white men' penis are. Personally I've always dated white women, I find them much more liberated, and much more attractive than Asian women. Oh yeah and Brad, next time you feel the urge to sound smart and educated, I encourage you to fight that feeling. Your comparison of Chinese to Japanese men is pure asinine. That's like comparing the British to the French.

Rob said...

I’d rather not seriously get into this and save any real rebuttal bullets for my own Xanga entry instead of wasting it here on a little comment box but I’d like to post a few words.

We can easily point out these types of Asian girls who give white guys a serious handicap but we’ve got to have enough pride not to chase after women that generally think we’re losers. If an Asian girl thinks white guys are hot, that’s her thing, but don’t drag us into it thinking we’ll get on our knees crying ” please take us! We’ll work twice as hard as that white guy “. After all, would you want a guy that had a personal prejudice ( or as it’s like to be called ” preference ” ) against Asian girls? No, right? You’d walk away and go after the next fish in the pond, right? So that’s why we do what we do.

And besides, we’ve got two nice ponds to dip into before we subject to ourselves to second-rate status:

1.) Fob girls love us and not necessarily for our passports either. It’s nice to be with a girl who generally gives us a chance, listens to us, laughs at our jokes, and looks better than the girls here in the first place. Again, who would you choose from our point of view, someone who’s not as good looking AND mean to you, or someone who’s better looking AND nice to you? True, there’s going to be sacrifices like being pressured to import their whole family from Cambodia or Guangzhou or whatever, and they won’t necessarily understand my Star Wars jokes, but again I ask: so-so looking girl who thinks Asian guys are second class to white guys, or, hot looking girl under 5′3″ spinner who loves Asian-American guys?

2.) Non-Asian girls love us, particularly Latina girls who can take me salsa dancing every Saturday night. Same logic as the fob girls, do we choose girls who don’t give a rat’s ass about us or do we go after the white/latina/black chicks that thinks Asian guys are awesome? Latina chicks are particularly worth the time invested because they’re aggressive, passionate, fun, and seriously into trying a relationship ( to an unhealthy extent )

So, these gals can have the white guys, we’ve got other boats to ride on. That kind of stuff used to piss me off until I got real with myself and started seeing all the good things out there waiting for me. Asian-American/Canadian girls are overrated. Sorry. It’s not because you gals are Asian, it’s because we’ve never been seriously wanted and that’s the biggest turn-off ever.

Take care of yourself and your dream white guys. To the Asian guys, don’t lose sleep over these women. While there may be many more of these types than other groups, look on the bright side, that means one extra white girl is still on the market.

An Asian brother living in North America

Rob said...

"I got to this through craigslist. It's nice to see white guys using this tool as a way to mock Asian men. Thanks Niniane."

I second that. Thanks for the hamstring regarding Asian men everywhere. I was actually directed here from an anti-racism website. If this was intended as a "joke," it's good to see how the rest of the world, anti-racist or not, didn't see it that way.

/thumbs up

Anonymous said...

Found your post entertaining also.

To add to those who posted - and speaking as a semi-'banana' Asian male -

1. Not all asian guys behave the same. First gen, second gen, third gen; origin - HK, China, Malaysia, Thailand, or western resetlled diaspora.

2. Western media does not portray the asian male as masculine, plays up the height, facial features and hairiness aspects, which interestingly are different for different ethno backgrounds in general -

a. Northern Europeans generally taller than Eastern, or Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or Southern Europeans

b. Northern Europeans (think Heidi Klum) have 'cleaner' facial features than other Europeans.

c. Middle Eastern, Mediterraneans, East Indians, and Nordic Redheads and Blondes (!) are hairier on average than other Western peoples. Blacks are not hairy at all.

d. More western dark haired than fair haired men are featured in western media as being attractive.

This media focus is for a tall, hairy perhaps heavyset male to be a model of sexual attractiveness. Despite this, both genders of the ethnotype exhibit the same physical traits.

The Asian male, due to the average lower height and less hairiness, is not portrayed in the western media as being sexually attractive.

The Asian female, on the other hand, with the smooth skin complexion (cited lack of freckles and sunspots) and lack of body hair is seen as feminine and physically alluring.

In some cultures female hairiness is seen as a sign of fertility, chasteness, and sexual potency and attractiveness - only with advent of western media invading every corner of the world is this idea no longer valid in those cultures.

I would not blame the poor author of this blog for her humourous attempts at divining mating (perhaps sexual) attractiveness but look to the media for images that re-inforced or devalue and in some cases create 'ethnotypes'.

One would also question why a few particular physical ethnotype has been advanced by the media as being sexually or otherwise attractive?

3. While it is true that China has had a long history and different language, writing, and food customs, the asian males on this blog should not 'navel gaze' themselves to death. This cultural isolation is no longer the case in this modern age. Look around and date people of other cultures and ethnicities and look beyond th e physical traits. If you feel rejected by attempts at dating - too bad - everyone has been rejected at least once or twice - unless you're David Beckham (sports analogy and anyway he's taken)

3. I've been in a few locker rooms and seen a few porn films in my day (hehe), I offer the following insightful comments on the size of the member -

a. when not aroused is much different (wee smaller as my Scottish friend used to say) than when excited.

b. the African unaroused member is visually larger than the white or asian version.

c. height does make a difference in member size (small correlation - not scientific)

d. Muscularity (not fat) plays a large difference in member size (more androgens available when needed?) More muscular >> larger member. Want a larger member > press some weights at the gym and bulk up.

4. The asian guys who posted 'doth protest too much' worry too much about their own image when not taking consideration of their date. Based on Niniane's observation (I know its irony but ...) the western guys she's dated did not worry about their image but thought about her on the date (I know it could be 'scheming') but it does make your date feel good.

5. In my humble observations, a lot of nerdy white guys do get laid when they flatter an asian girl (or an east asian girl or a hispanic girl...).

6. Asian girls think too much about romance, love and their ideal partner - white girls in North America don't have that problem - getting laid (and maybe hook up for good) is just a part of living.

welcome your comments to this thread.

Anonymous said...

You were meant to be funny, but this post was far from that.. learn how to make people laugh, 'cause this post was dry as hell... and not funny..

Anonymous said...

Then don't date any more asian men. In fact, all asian men should not date you & your kind. Few years later, you will realize your non-asian companion does not share your enthusiams in the common things asian people like to do -- watching asian dvds, or shopping in dirty asian grocery store, or greasy asian food.. All your non-asian companion want at the end of his day is his wine + cheese...

Kenny M said...

While this post was meant to be a joke, as "unfunny" as it was, the comments are a tad harsh but the last one about "his wine and cheese" was pretty damn funny.

Anonymous said...

let's leave the "funny" racism back in the 1940's.

Anonymous said...

Oh, COME ON! You expect people to fall for your crap? I don't believe a word of what you wrote! I can't believe that a White guy would call you pretty every 5 minutes since most White guys are not attracted to Asian women.

Admit that you are a White supremacist. You wish you were White and you want to have a little 1/2 White baby with a White man and you will do ANYTHING to get a White man to date and marry you.

If you think that Asian men are "not as sexy" as White men then you should also admit that you are "not as sexy" as a White woman or a Black woman; you simple-minded hypocrite. Why would any non-Asian want to date you (or even any Asian man at this point)?

phaelun said...

im really amused at how a simple post could stir alot of reactions. give her a break guys, she's just pouring her heart out.
funny cause i have the same experience although i haven't ruled out dating them (asians) again. Base from my own calculation, i think dating a 'white' is better for the same reasons stated by niniane. Now, im not saying that there aren't any caring and sensitive asian guys but from my experiences... they are few and usually taken. So, to the guys who obviously took offense, why not tell us where we can find guys like you (sweet, caring, sensitive etc...)

Anonymous said...

Is it the size of my penis that bothers you? It doesn't bother me!

Anonymous said...

I'm an Asian man who only dates Asian women.

I'm an Asian man who only dates White women.

I'm an Asian woman who only dates Asian men.

I'm an Asian woman who only dates White men.

I'm an Asian man who like other Asian men...

Whatever makes you happy. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm an Asian man in my 30s who came to the U.S. as an adult, and I have to tell you that I'm an equal opportunity player. I'm not dating one race exclusively over others just because others say I should date this woman and not that woman. I date who I choose. I date who I like. Period.

I understand that there are also stereotypes against 1st generation Asian men for their mannerism and cultural differences compared to that of the mainstream, so called culturally seasoned American-born-Asians. Although it may be generally true, I’ve also met some intelligent and very open 1st generation Asian men. It is sometimes just a degree of fluency of English that makes or breaks. Yes, although I try hard, my English isn’t sometimes working out perfectly in certain social settings. I'd have to say that when I first moved here, I didn't have a clue as to the degree of complexity and prejudices that have been instilled deeply in American culture.

Interestingly, my first girlfriend was a blond girl from France. I was an inexperienced virgin at the age of 26. It was not that I was looking for a white woman at that time, but rather she came on to me. It just happened. Before I met her, I was just a typical, traditional and shy Asian boy. Ever since then, my dating life has literally exploded. I've dated Japanese, Taiwanese, Russian and South African and have found some Indians and Jewish women quite attractive. I’ve also dated some typical (ok, prejudice right here) white American women.

I don't know hot it happened. I'm just an average guy with average looks, rather taller than average Asian (close to 6'), small penis but possess ample amount of CONFIDENCE. 

I'd also have to say that it has been a really great experience to meet and date girls from all different backgrounds and national origins, and it has opened up my eyes. I feel I can date pretty much any woman in any race as long as I treat each with respect and try to communicate honestly and confidently. Yes, there are times that I get rejected and sometimes I get disappointed due to their engraved prejudice, but that hasn't stopped me from asking girls I like out for a date.

I think what gets me going everyday is “Respect and Confidence.” I know the difference between “cockiness” and “confidence.” I want to tell this to all the Asian men out there. I know it's tough to meet women of your dreams when everyday media pounds and brainwashes everyone with images of hunky, sexy young white males as “desirable,” the top of the food chain and the alpha males. Yes, social prejudice is overwhelming sometimes, and the odds are generally against us, but when you try to build your own persona, you will find women of your dreams. So focus on what you are good at and try to work on your weakness.

I admit, after all, physical beauty catches my eyes first. But what boils down to in a serious relationship is that, common life philosophy and cool personality overrides physical beauty in the long run. What turns me off is beautiful women with bad attitudes. I find educated, intelligent, caring women really attractive regardless of their ethnicity.

Maybe I sound too serious about this issue, but I also enjoy all the comedies about ethnic jokes. I think it brings people together as long as the “intent” is not malicious.

So if I, an Asian immigrant, can do this, all of you guys who grew up here, who speak perfect English sure can do better than me, right? It’s all up to you. Fight for your dream, stand for yourself, and women will come to you. Don’t just sit there and complain. Make a difference. Show what Asian men can do for women in any color. They will think again. Am I wrong about this?

Asian Pride (with respect to all).

Johnny said...

I can't believe I read the whole thing, including the comments, when I should have stopped at the title. The story and comments were a great waste of time but I do feel the need to address a few points.

1.) I'm going to echo what Jessica said. Many of the excuses given by Asian women who refuse to date Asian men are just excuses. The great thing is that whenever this topic comes up with my non-Asian friends and other office mates, they've said that this issue is mostly the fault of Asian women, not Asian men. Non-Asians are starting to realize that stereotyping against everyone is wrong, not just against people of color who are protected by our society's very specific rules about political correctness. In today's society, it's tolerated and chic to make fun of Asian men. In fact, Asian women have joined in to show that they fit in. People are always around you during the good times; real friends are around you during the bad times as well. For Asian men, these are the bad times. From what I've seen, Asian women have left Asian men high and dry so the "loserness" of Asian men doesn't rub off on them. The small light at the end of the tunnel is more non-Asians are starting to see through this cheap facade that Asian women carry around. In 20 years, when Asian men are popular, Asian women will come back and shout "We've always supported you! Go Asian men!" I hope Asian men, by that time, will read through these internet archives and throw Asian women to the curb.

2.) Who cares about Asian women who refuse to date Asian men? My friend once said a very politically incorrect term which I'm going to repeat here just to illustrate a point. It's been shown that Hapa children (half Asian/other) marry whites at almost a 90% rate.

"When the Nazis marched the Jews into the gas chambers, they left their bodies and bones to prove to the world that they once existed. Asian women and their descendants eventually get erased and get wiped out by the passage of time."

Look on the bright side. Just think of it as white men pouring chlorine into the gene pool and washing the dirty Asians out of our community. They're actually doing us a service!

3.) The white men who tell minority women or even white women who prefer white men to follow their heart and date who they want to need to shut their fuckin' word holes. I've seen your type. As long as white men are being praised, you're all about supporting the woman. If women opening state that they prefer non-white men or just don't date white men, you act indignant as if it's your right to have unfettered access to any woman.

4.) Asian women should tread carefully to be honest as the backlash will eventually blow up in their faces. Sooner or later, Asian men are going to realize that they're not only limited to Asian women and free themselves from your abusive and hostile attitudes towards them. By then, you'll have no one else to abuse emotionally.

The backlash is already starting from what I've seen. These same angry Asian guys are starting to pick themselves up which is attractive to non-Asian women. If they're good enough to attract non-Asian women, why in the world would they want to be with a woman that belongs to a demographic that has kicked them down at every turn?

Asian women can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.

PS: To phaelun, your ignorance to why so many Asian men are so riled up about this post just proves how blind Asian women are to the concerns and heartbreak of Asian men. It's why the Asian American/Canadian community is so retarded when it comes to fighting oppression. Thank you for at least exposing your idiocy. Also, the reason why you can't find these caring, sweet, sensitive, and angelic Asian men is because they've already been snapped up by non-Asian women who see us for who we are rather than what we are.

I've always believed in karma. Hopefully, in 20-30 years, the fad of Asian women being popular will die out and Asian men will take their place. I look forward to teaching my children to socially ridicule Asian women.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how some of the comments from Asian females, are Asian men are chauvinist, sexist, and are not romantic. While other Asian females states that Asian men are push over and too passive. Seems to me like a bunch of excuses, to make yourself feel better. Sad thing is I haven't read one response from Asian female defending Asian men. Women of other race are quick to defend their counterpart, while Asian women take every opportunity to denounce Asian men. I guess this is a wake up call for all Asian men, that its time to drop those ungrateful Asian women and start dating Non-Asian females. Seriously, I speak from experience, I've stop dating Asian women, and it was the greatest decision I've ever made. My GF(White) is sitting next to me as I type this, and she wanted to state that most of these Asian women dating White men exclusively are not only hurting Asian men, but all women as a whole. She thinks Asian women are setting all women back by playing into the White men' fantasy.

Anonymous said...

I dated a few asian guys and even though things didn't work out, I still think they're great people... just like all of my other non-asian guy friends. Race doesn't really matter so much as respect and character, and even when a relationship doesn't work out, it doesn't mean you can't be friends. It's really just that you get what you give.

P.S. Married to a great Asian guy. Living with other married friends to save on rent. Between the four of us, we represent four different racial cultures.

Chris said...

and here people say i haev an asian festish.. now i know... Y'ALL have a CAUCASIAN fetish.

I feel justified.
write me?

tempas @ dankfunk. com

Anonymous said...

Why do East Asians demean one-another so much?

Jeff said...

I can't believe I read the whole thing. As opposed to Homer Simpson's "I can't believe I ate the whole thing."

That being said, being Asian American myself, there are just so many conflicts in the Asian American community which just happens to be masked by the "Model Minority" myth which causes others to think all is well. When others figure out that Asian Americans are extremely pissed off, non-Asians are caught off guard.

It's weird how the Asian Americans have managed to stay intact for so long with all the issues going around.

1. Gender animosity
(men vs women)

2. Pan-Asian animosity
(Asians vs Asians)

3. Immigrant and native animosity
(US and Foreign born)

4. Political animosity
(Democrat vs Republican)

5. Cultural animosity
(FOB vs whitewashed)

6. Class animosity
(Rich vs Poor)

We have more nuts than a fruitcake. Whatever issues other racial communities have, we have the same and then some.

I do have to state that the idea of non-Asian women standing up for Asian men more often than Asian women does have truth to it. At least from what I've seen.

Asian American women have generally been more socially accepted, especially in the dating scene. Since they no longer need Asian men, they carry this huge chip on their shoulder and pretty much badmouth Asian men. Until Asian men are more receptive in North American life -or- until white men stop caring about Asian women, this will continue forever.

What happens when one has an inflated ego because everyone wants you? You act like a tool. It happens to every person and demographic.

What can you do? It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Another issue that I think faces the East Asian community is an apparent lack of consciousness. By that I mean that some members of our community seem to have a need to bring personal and private preferences to the attention of the masses, where it does not belong. A person should not be attacked and judged for having preferences that make others uncomfortable (as long as no-one is hurt). They should, however, be called to task when the preferences that are being expressed can increase the burden of another person's life. My issue with this article (and others like it) is that the ramifications of celebrating the "Asian women want white men" scenario can be carried to ugly and obscene extremes. For instance, throughout SE Asia there are thousands of child prostitutes (male and female) whose clientele consist of European and North American white men. My argument is this - if a white man who makes trips to SE Asia to visit 8 year prostitutes were to read this article, would he be lead to believe that his actions are somehow legitimate because "Asian women love white men"? Are such men encouraged and motivated by this type of article? There seems to be no thought (or care) given to the potential fallout from such apparently attention and controversy seeking articles. Do the members of the East Asian community have a consciousness - i.e the insight to step back and see a bigger picture that goes beyond their need to express their own personal desires?

Anonymous said...

Go and change ur skin colour like Micheal Jackson =D

Anonymous said...

Niniane, did you have eyelid surgery yet? You don't look white enough.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to state my race. However I am neither white nor Asian.

After traveling to both Asian and European countries, I can't bring myself to generalize or stereotype any group of people. To say the entirety of one race's sex is "nicer" or better is ignorance.
This is simply objectifying men and women based on the color of the skin, or the shape of their eyes.

Next to that, I hear several complaints from Asian-Americans such as, "Why do Asian girls date white guys?!" However my question is, why is this even a complaint in the first place? Just because they are the same race as you does not necessarily make them "yours". In the vastly multicultural spectrum of the world, a person's race (especially in America) is only a small prime factor of who they are personally, compared to the dire magnitude of everything else they experience.

Alright, I made my point.

jenny said...
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jenny said...

I agree with you. Too shortcomes in Aisian men, especially Chinese men. I would like to find a woman to be my partner:). I'm viewing a site FindBilover.com, I found I'm attracted the women more than men.

joe said...

I understand how chic it is these days to be "colorblind," but it's inherently stupid because it only works on paper.

Recently, my cousin told me a story where he was taking part in a sociology experiment at Princeton University which helped explain why people who claim colorblindness are, in fact, naive. On the desks in a 400 seat auditorium, the professor left wooden blocks that differed in size, color, shape, and texture. The room was empty when the students walked in with only a message left on the board.

"Group yourselves together using the blocks. I'll be in shortly."

After a chaotic 20 minutes, the professor walked in and noticed that each student picked up their blocks. Not surprised, the professor noticed that all the students grouped up based on the color of the blocks without being told how they should be grouped. He has repeated this experiment for the past 18 semesters and every single time, the students grouped themselves up by color.

I understand this pie-in-the-sky dream of being completely colorblind but it's a fool's errand to believe everyone will play by the same rules. It's not practiced in daily life; especially it's most vocal proponents, whites, especially white men. The only reason non-Asian men aren't complaining is because the same situation isn't happening to them. What would happen if every other white woman was with a minority? Or every black woman was with a white man? I can pretty much guarantee black and white men would be burning cities down. Learn to see things from a different perspective.

Additionally, there is the issue that Asian men, who are already emasculated in North American society, are even further emasculated by Asian women dating out because it pushes the image that Asian men just can't compare to white men. Had Asian men been portrayed as fairly as the next man and weren’t severely emasculated in popular culture, you wouldn’t hear many complaints.

In contrast, the same situation wouldn't happen to black men if black women dated outside their race because black men aren't emasculated in North American society.

But hey, in your eyes, everything is comparable and there are no gray zones.

In conclusion, it sounds good to be colorblind, gender blind, and religion blind. However, there is a word in there that is troublesome; the word is "blind." It means you can't see. I'd rather see everything and make my judgments based on all available information.

Colorblindness also prohibits one from understanding the problems that stem from race but hey, thanks for offering simplistic solutions to complex problems you don't understand. The only people that preach colorblindness are whites and ignorant or whitewashed minorities.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for continuing to creating negative stereotypes of Asian men. Seriously, I read this comment but I can't understand how in the world any human being can saying Asian men are all like that. You are telling me men of other colors don't behave that way? You really need to get a clue. You honestly think all white men are not like that? Perhaps you should talk to some white women and ask their experience with white men.

This is how stereotypes happen. An Asian American man faces prejudice from the day he was born. The white society always created plenty of negative stereotypes of Asian men. It does not matter if an Asian guy is romantic, kind and treat women like gold. He is automatically labeled certain way because that's the mass stereotype. White people can afford to be individuals in this country while minorities are lumped into groups without personalities.

The saddest thing is some Asian women are the ones out there perpetuating these stereotypes. Whether it is due to their own limited exposure to Asian men or they just want to make excuses not dating Asian men, they come up with all these excuses to justify their actions.

What does it say about these women? They are bunch of insecure racists who brought into the white-washed mentality and have turned their backs on their own race.

Thanks Niniane. You pretty much helped contributed to undo all the efforts many Asian Americans have worked every hard to fight stereotypes in this country. As an Asian woman, you should be ashame of yourself to contribute to more stereotypes.

Pray to god you won't have a son someday. I wonder how he will feel when you stereotype your own son from the day he was born.

Finally, next time you have to deal with real life racists, please don't run back to the Asian community for support. I hope all the Asian men turn their backs on your sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

Just because you add the words "I might be generalizing, but...", doesn't make it any less racist. You are a sorry member of the Asian race.

What if I said, "I might be generalizing, but [insert color] people..."

I know TONS of white men who treat their women like crap. However, the media bombards you with a positive white image, and therefore, you're more forgiving towards them. You've been brainwashed.

Another Asian Man said...

Ok, from what I've seen, white men:
1. force their Asian girlfriends to cook.
2. talk down to their Asian girlfriends.
3. ask her to wear a kimono, even if she wasn't Japanese.
4. tell her she's beautiful, just so he can get some.
5. make slanty eye jokes about other Asians, when she's not listening.
6. make her pay the bills, while he earns his degree in Art History.
7. distance himself from her family, because he feels uncomfortable around nonwhites.
8. devalue her oppinions, because she's just an Asian doll.
9. get drunk like a frat boy, even though he graduated from college 15 years ago. Even if he never went to college, for that matter.
10. put in a half assed effort at work, then complain that Asians are taking their jobs.

Oh, and just because someone keeps telling you that you look nice doesn't mean crap if all he's doing is trying to get you into the mood. Words like that mean 10x as much if used when he's really feeling it in his heart at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Niniane -

You really have no clue about men in general do you? How do you go around stereotyping Asian men like everyone is the same? It sounds like you only dated bunch of losers? Maybe you attract losers? I know a ton of Asian men and NONE is close to what you described?

You think other men are all that? You seriously are clueless. I grew up with bunch of white men and trust me, they are nothing like those guys you keep seeing on TV. Most of them don't even pay for their girlfriends on a date.

Get yourself a clue and quite put all Asian men are the same.

How about make a statement like "I hate men who are like..." vs. a statement like "I hate Asian men..". In the end, you sound like a stupid racist and I hope most men will see right through you.

Have you ever thought of treating men as individuals vs. lumping them into a narrow little group? What a concept right? The way you think is exactly how racist white men think about minorities.

Get a clue please!

joe said...

Being a proud Asian American man, Chinese American specifically, I was furious with this post.

Who are you to talk down to me with a condescending attitude and lump us all into single group of people? You've decided to speak for us and remove any type of individualism we fought so hard for.

However, after reading your post again, I do realize that you meant no harm and was just looking to playfully poke at Asian men.

The part that annoys me is that your attitude on this subject is very reckless in the fact that other non-Asians are reading and watching. Some are just using this as ammunition to attack Asian men, a group your own brother belongs to.

I've already noticed that your post has sprung up on other websites with your explanation on how this was just a joke edited out.

Thank you for handing out a loaded gun to a group of pre-schoolers.

Sugarshark said...

I like your Sept 05 cartoon entry,
and your married WM stalker exercise room story.

it is sure lucky that white guys have this "unexplainable" attraction to asian girls that they'll drop their wife for them.[even if for a few minutes, hopefully more plsplsplspls]

you're like a guy who buys a mail order bride; because of the power of attraction your shared fetish possesses, you dominate the WM[sure you do] rawr! you avoid dating inherit equals, that's too hard it seems.

I don't know satire haw haw
I wish I could get my wedding band off then I could hit on you and fill your cup for a minute.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving white boys more reasons to stereotype Asian men. I have no idea why you wrote something so offensive in the 1st place, but your post is being linked to all over the Internet using by white boys to put down Asian men. Even though you are clueless about all Asian men in general, but your words are taken as bible to racists because the fact you are "Asian".

Thanks for helping out all the racists so they can create more bad stereotypes of Asian men. It is not like Asian men don't have to deal with enough shit growing up in a white majority society as it is.

I guess your own father and brother are losers like you described. What a lovely family you have? You mother must have your father and brother because both of them are losers and incapable of having relationships with women?

Wake up and realize jokes like this are not funny especially when Asian men have been butt end of the jokes by the white society for years.

Finally, I have no idea why you dated so many losers. I know many Asian men and none are like what you described.

Jenniefromtheblock said...

My boyfriend is Asian/Chinese, and he's nothing like what you describe. He is by far the sweetest and most thoughtful man I've ever met. Perhaps you should evaluate your motives for writing such hatred, and slander towards your own people. I've dated many White men who' idea of a hot date is buying me a slice of pizza if I was willing to play my part. Even though these encounters have left a bad taste in my mouth, I would never go so far as to lump entire group of men into one simplistic role. As for your little disclaimer bit, you should stick it where the sun don't shine sweetheart.

Yours truly,
soon to be Mrs. Chen.
05/25/2008 woooohooooo!!!!

Anonymous said...

From what she says, it seems like an egregious part is missing from her commentary about Asians. When a woman gets hit on by men, 8 out of 10 times, she is giving some body language to make him feel comfortable. It's no wonder that no Asian man would ever hit on her in a public place, since she is giving mean looks to anything remotely Asian or non white, while giving every over forty bald white guy the side glance, the slight smile, the flicking of the hair. Any guy would be driven to come on to her when she is giving so many non vocal signals. Her argument is lame, a cop out for the real truth. This girl is just striving for acceptance, which she thinks she can achieve with her vagina.

Anonymous said...

Sellout whore. When China becomes the most powerful nation in the world, which will happen soon, all you American Asian prostitutes will be sorry. It's people like you who further the anachronism of Oriental stereotypes, don't you realize that white people will only see you as a whore, a slave, and a sex object, but never accept you as an American or an equal?

Anonymous said...

Niniane is the resident whore at Google.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't really care much about yokojohns. People can date and marry who they want, and that's fine. What I find puzzling is the need to hate on Asian men. Is the yokojohn relationship not complete without this element?

If you don't date Asian guys then that's fine. I don't care. I do care when racist hate speech is made against Asian men in a public forum. And make no mistake about it, that's what this is. The "it's just a joke" disclaimer is a total copout and a lame justification for making racist remarks.

So date who you want. Just shut up about how much I suck because I'm an Asian guy.

joe said...

That's another good point.

If some Asian women hold stereotypes about Asian men and refuse to date/marry out, that's fine. However, leave Asian men out of it and stop badmouthing us just because you'll win points with white men.

To be quite honest, I find that Asian women are just as responsible for the stereotypes about Asian men than white men are.

Leave us the fuck out of it.

In fact, the stereotypes of the Asian whore is perpetuated by Asian women as well as the asexual image of Asian men.

My buddy said it best. "I know for sure God isn't an Asian man or he wouldn't have placed such a huge practical joke on us in the form of Asian women."

Anonymous said...

Let's review some facts here:

1. White men have controlled the media since day 1 and have pretty much only put attractive white people in the media everywhere. TV, Hollywood, magazines, TV ads etc etc.

2. There are a ton of white women/black men relationships in real life, but you will never see it on TV. You know why? Cause white men don't want to see it. Also, white men don’t want to see Asian men with Asian women on TV either. Last year was the first time two Asian TV couples actually kissed on TV in the show LOST. When I first heard it, I thought it was a joke. Asians have been in this country over 100+ years yet we have a long way to be accepted as individuals vs. get lumped into some stereotypical grouping.

3. If there is ever an interracial relationship where man actually kisses a woman, is it any wonder 90%+ of the time the man is white? The man in most TV interracial relationships are always white. Why? Cause that's how white men want it.

4. White men have hyper sexualized Asian women while emasculated Asian men for years. Asian women are sexy geishas are there to fulfill white men's sick fetishes while Asian men are viewed as not as men. Some Asian women actually think attention from creepy white men are flattering while most educated ones know the truth behind it. After all, it is much easier be lapdogs for white men than band with Asian men to deal with real issues facing Asian Americans.

5. Certain Asian women have believed the same stereotypes of Asian men preached by the white men. Whether this is due to self loathing, white dominated media brainwashing or general ignorance due to lack of exposure to Asian men in general, the fact is some of these women have gone public in their bashing of Asian men because it is considered by white men as “hip”. Perhaps it is their way of trying to be more white and gain acceptance into the white dominated society. Growing up in a total white neighborhood is not an excuse. Being total ignorance of your own identity and become racists against your own race is not an excuse.

6. For example, you will never hear a white woman stating “I would never date a white men because they remind me of my brother”. Why? Because white women don’t stereotype all the white men as the same. They know the 5 bad dating experiences they had with white men are just because they are bad experiences. Not the same for Asian men, an Asian woman can have 1 bad experience with an Asian man then all suddenly every Asian man on earth must behave the same. This is why these women make these statements like the one above so casually because in their mind they already have stereotyped Asian men and pretty much took away all Asian men’s individualities.

7. I would say white men are doing a great job keeping the minorities down in the country. I mean causing great gender divide among a minority by treating men and women of that race differently is a great way to cause division and confusion. When Asian men and women are at odds with each other vs. working together, it is easy to keep Asians as second class citizens in the America. I think this is exactly the result white men are looking for. In war times, countries that invade have used this tactic to control colonies. After all, when Asians fight among themselves they will never work together to deal with real issues like discrimination and racism faced by Asian Americans in this country.

8. Don’t even get me started when it comes to people who preach love is colorblind and why can’t people just accept people for who they are. The truth is when it comes to interracial dating habits of Asian women, all minority men don’t need to apply. The interracial dating trend for Asian female is colorblind as long as the man is white. Is this really colorblind or just yet more examples of racism in this country?

9. While racists have made fun of Asians and make statements like “hey that was a joke, why can’t you take a joke? Why do you have to so sensitive?”. The truth is Asian Americans (especially men) only been butt end of jokes in their country by the white media. There are almost ZERO positive images to counter it. White people can make fun of each other because no one would make statements like all white people are like that. People can make white hick jokes all the day, how many people actually think all white people are dumb hicks with IQ of 2? When these racist statements (like the one this author has made), white people think this is the truth about Asian men and will use it in all of their new stereotypes.

10. Like other posters said, if you are into fat bald white men, then fine. However, is it necessary to constantly make bad statements about Asian men? What’s the point of it? To justify you are not a race traitor? If you want to be a white-washed banana, just come out and say so vs. trying to justify your actions by putting down Asian men. At least people would respect you for telling the truth vs. it is Asian men’s fault you are doing what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

This is yet another example of things against Asian men. Asian men always have to constantly defend their manhood. It is like somehow to many people in this country we must all behave and act the same way. We are not individuals but a group that act like robots. Statements like "All Asian men behave ...." by this author is one of the many examples Asian men have to deal with in Anglo-Saxon USA.

Last I checked, I have no idea I behaved the same way as some random Asian guy on the street when it comes to dating women. I don't even think I behave the same dating women when comparing to my own brothers. But to this author, we must all behave the same.

Yea, haha, it was real funny because you said it was a joke.

steven said...

Hmm Niniane If you don't like asian men then don't date em, join the millions of other asian women who are white washed. It dont matter really, whats one more. I think it really stems from the fact that whites have pretty much degraded asian culture, you never hear about the details of the opium wars but you hear about the details of greece rome britain all the time. You rarely hear about the Vincent chan injustice yet you hear about rodney king nation wide. It's just that the asians in america have suffered a great deal, and racial tensions fly but no one does nothing substantial to correct this. Asian culture is suppressed under the hidden pretense of communist propaganda and this can lead to a lot of confusion for asian americans. Jokes ridicule and make it so bad that many have chosen to become totally uninvolved with thier heritage. Things need to change, I believe violence, gruesome unrestrained violence is the only answer. Then again, who knows maybe talking it out might do us some good, look at the opium wars and the unequal treaties.

steven said...

to the above post above me, It's not funny. We need to win a war, kill some people to show we are not a bunch of sissies. Cmon fellow asians pick up some guns and kill some whities.

Anonymous said...

To the post above, you don't sound very Asian. You sound more like a red-neck pretending to be Asian. If you are in fact Asian, I don't agree with your pseudo-sadistic-solutions, and you do as much to damage the reputation and humanity of Asian men as the original post. It's a good thing that Niniane doesn't date Asians - if she ever married you, then your offspring would be demented.

Anonymous said...

To anon above.
Niniane would marry him if he is white; regardless if he is demented, old, fat, or bald.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous response to my anonymous response...

" Niniane would marry him if he was white, whether he was fat, bald....."

Then shouldn't we have sympathy for her rather than hate? Let it go and move on. The only power that any entity can have over you is what you allow it to have. If we allow ourselves to believe that others can determine how we feel about ourselves then we have allowed our minds to be colonized.

Anonymous said...

I saw this pretty Asian gal, about 29, come into Ca. Pizza in Boulder CO. on Fri.night with a two hundred fifty pound, unathletic, balding, white haired guy who was no less than fifty. He was dressed in denim that looked like he slept in it. He was without doubt a redneck. Now I don't think there is anything wrong with it, except for the fact that she looks at me while I'm sitting with my daughters like I'm a bug. I wasn't staring. I was smiling and laughing with my girls. I even smiled when our eyes met. I guess they were looking for my look of disapproval, but in Boulder the smile is the look we give for everything.
She just looked so unhappy. How can they think being with any white guy, anything they can get their hands on, will make them White?
The funny thing about these relationships are that the Asian woman is always walking a few steps ahead of her bald fat white guy, hmm, kinda like the stereotype of the Asian man. Maybe they are more like Asian men than they are willing to admit.
I think the older Asian women who have married these lumps should warn the younger ones about the results. I work with a lady who is married to one, and she still complains about unnacceptance, having to walk with her head down, more so than ever, because her husband is a repub and offers no help. In fact I think with many of the older ladies, the self esteem meter just stays stuck on the left side. I know two such couples in Boulder, and every once in a while either one of them will come in to work hissing, DONT YOU HATE LIVING IN THE WHITE WORLD! When I ask what happened, I just get silence. If I bring up any issues of my own, I get branded, and they use their rebuke of my opinions to get favor form their husbands-I suspect.
To comment on some who said we should leave them alone, it just hurts to see them sell themselves, not even for anything worthwhile. It almost seems like flagellation of sorts. Please come home. Not just to Asian men, but to yourselves.
As far as the idiot who said the lets pick up some guns thing, we don't do that. Yeah, there was the Virginia kid, but he was crazy and everyone knew it. They ignored him like the media instructs.

Anonymous said...

Group mentality dominates but there are good and bad in all groups. I never envisioned myself marrying a Asian lady and I was her first white date but the sparks flew and here we are together. One never knows where cupid's arrow will strike but strike it did and strike it will in your case. He may be white or Asian or whatever but in the grand scheme of things it should make no difference. Eurasian kids do tend to be quite striking if I may say.

All I can say is I give thanks everyday for the privilege of having my beautiful wife in my life and being my Rock of Gibraltar.

I don't think I could survive without her.

Anonymous said...

Ok, enough with the whole "joy of being colorblind" in this society because it just doesn't happen. Being colorblind is a privilege of white people. Minorities can't afford to be colorblind as their race is factored into many social constructs.

The fact that we're having this discussion is proof of that. This reminds me of the quote as to why everyone hates America.

"The reason why everyone hates America is because we don't know why they hate us."

Second, stop praising mixed children as some sort of superior form of life than any other race. It's a sick form of eugenics and I'll spare you from an example because I refuse to give into Godwin's Law.

Anonymous said...

To above

You sound like a prick.

Anonymous said...

Why's that?

The truth hurts, don't it?

1.) The only people that benefit from colorblindness are whites because they're the only ones that can afford to. Chris Rock brought it up in that blacks must know the difference between JFK and some random individual on the street because you never know who they might be and how powerful they are. Minorities are a different story. Just the other day, the CEO of BET was confused with being a random limo driver.

Also, being colorblind allows whites to ignore the problems that stem from race.

2.) It's stupid for people to say that Asian/white children are superior in some way. Is it any different than saying whites are better looking than another group? Or vice versa? Why are so many people attempting to discern race as something trivial?

Oh, that's right.

It's because you don't suffer from institutional and social racism so you can afford to dismiss it outright.

Again, colorblind people are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Did I say you sound like a prick?


You are a prick.

Anonymous said...

I agree, saying that mixed children are better looking is racist. I was hanging with my friend in Boulder and we were watching Kill Bill, and as we both agreed how beautiful Lucy Liu is, he also made the comment that she must be half white. I disagreed immediately, having no way to prove it, other than my expertise. I don't even need to check to see that she is pure Chinese. When I talked about it at work the next day, I found that just about everyone there thought the same thing. They all had the same ridiculous thought, She has freckles!!
I think women like Lucy L. and Niniane for that matter are very beautiful. They are pure and there is nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Niniane is ugly on the outside and inside!

Anonymous said...

White guys tell you your beautiful, then they tell your sister and a hundred other women they see on the street the same thing. They call you to tell you they miss you, then they call their other 5 Asian playthings to tell them the same thing. Then they call and tell their buddies how easily they score ASIAN women and how tight they are. Asian guys sit back and play video games. Such is life.

Anonymous said...

I sound like a prick?

Heh. As if I cared what some anonymous clownshoe thinks.

It's always great that you can't even refute a simple argument and pretty much resorted to ad hominem attacks.

I'm a prick but at least I'm not a socially clueless moron.

Anonymous said...

NO. You ARE a prick.

Anonymous said...

One interesting fact I see is that white men usually have the asian women that asian men don't like anyways. So, no conflicts at all between these 2 groups. For example: a below-average looking engineering asian women who don't know how to cook but know how to program well. You want these kinda ladies to be your gf? Well...I don't...you want them? Go ahead and feel free to help yourself please.

Anonymous said...

I already acknowledged I'm a prick but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think I love you.

Anonymous said...

Who is uglier Niniane or Sandra Oh? I say Niniane.

Anonymous said...

For all you liars and those who beleive them, who say that whitah guys are less controlling, please read up on Kevin Strom, the leader of the National Vanguard movement. His wife says here that he was very controlling, and . . . well just read it. I am going to try to get it posted on every site where this exact discussion is occurring.

Kevin Alfred Strom was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1956.

Strom's marriage to his first wife, Kirsten Helene Kaiser, produced three children.[8] Since their marriage ended, Kaiser has spoken out about her life with Strom in several interviews.[8][9] She has also written a book on her experiences with Strom and the National Alliance entitled The Bondage of Self (ISBN 0-9720705-5-9). Kaiser claimed that Strom was an extremely controlling husband who forced her to abstain from meat, forbade her to wear blue jeans, and predetermined her favorite music, Mozart.[9] She has since disavowed the racist beliefs she held while married to Strom and has summarized their years together: "Hundreds of women like me have gotten hooked up with some man from a racist group who controls their lives. I want them to know that if I can escape and regain my soul, they can too."[8]

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Niniane would marry this Kevin Strom.

Anonymous said...

We can just prove how sexist and controlling Asian men were. After all, they were the ones that constructed laws that prohibited Asian women from marrying white men and continue to socially ostracized white men in America.

Oh wait, that wasn't Asian men, was it?

Anonymous said...

Posts like this have only one purpose - to get as much attention as possible whilst expending the least amount of brain power. Isn't there something more substantial and important to be discussed? Is this the best that an obviously well-educated Asian woman can come up with?

Anonymous said...

I thought your blog was funny and I agree on everything that you said, well except for the last part because I'm not Chinese, I'm Vietnamese. But the main reason why I don't date Asian men is because something that an Asian man did to me as a child, tramatized me for life. I also think that Asian men look down on Asian women as to white men compromise with their women.

Anonymous said...

I like this very much, and I didn't find it in any way offending at all.

I am an Asian female and I wouldn't like to date an Asian man. I have before, and there were many things I didn't like about him, not sure if it was purely the fact that he was Asian....

However, if I did date an Asian man again, he would have to pretty much be Westernised, rather than be a typical Asian. Maybe that is due to the fact that I am quite Westernised myself. I think it just depends on the person; or the couple, in fact.

I think first priority would be to find an Asian man, for my family's sake. And actually.... some of the things you mentioned in your blog are quite true, regardless whether this post was meant to be humourous or not. I find it so sweet, how they would tell you you're beautiful or really special, all the time. I don't think my ex, who happened to be Asian, ever did that to me. I'm having this thing going on between myself and a non-Asian friend right now and he's saying all these gentleman-like things that just melt my heart.

But anyway, your post was very enjoyable, thanks a lot for that. ^^

Anonymous said...

I've never had a problem with ignorance and racism coming from one individual. However, I do have a problem when that ignorance and racism has the potential to corrupt and influence other innocent people.

This issue is no different. If these Asian women don't wish to date Asian men because of some god awful stereotypes assigned to them by white men, that's fine. However, don't go around spreading our bullshit with a bullhorn and hurt our chances with other women who may like us for us. Ironically, all these Asian women who hate Asian men and refuse to date them sound like they have an axe to grind.

The proof of colorblindness being non-existant is I always hear about Asian men and their stereotypes while white men don't have the same issues with stereotypes.

That's a racial injustice. Why does it affect one and not another? Oh, that's right, it's because as long as white men aren't losing, it's fine to be colorblind. If there is a specific problem affecting only white men, then we'll see how fast they change their tone about being colorblind.

Anonymous said...

To all you women who sit like Ono next to her boyfriend and break up the beatles because you have no life of your own, and just want to sit like a damn fixture, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Every man is gentlemanly when you first meet them, and you like them. You wouldn't give an Asian guy the time of day. Stop your stupid little fear ploys and ploys of disgust around Asian guys, just for the sake of building up your short fat white guy's ego. ITS BIG ENOUGH!!! Your only hurting yourselves. Let's not forget that hald of all the racist jokes on the media are specifically about ASIAN WOMEN! White women think you are all ridiculous. You make one little infraction in any friendship you have with a white woman and she will kick you to the curb, lickity split. In social circles, the Asian woman is equal to the fat girl with the pretty eyes. She's there as a substandard fuck, for drunks at the end of the night who are reaching for anything. And to top it off, they are giggling and saying, oh he so sweet, just because he's saying she's pretty.

Anonymous said...

LONDON — An Eminem fan who beat a female law student to death and stuffed her body into a suitcase was sentenced to life in prison Monday.

Christopher Duncan, 21, pleaded guilty last week to killing Jagdip Najran, 26, a law student and aspiring singer.

Prosecutors said Najran, who studied at London Metropolitan University, met Duncan at a karaoke bar last year and was smitten with him after watching him perform. On May 13 at his apartment, Duncan, who has the same hair color, style and tattoos as the rapper, beat her with a metal baseball bat. Medical experts testified Najran did not die for at least an hour after being struck.

Duncan, who reportedly told police he was high on Ecstasy and LSD at the time, then stuffed her body into a suitcase. The scene was reminiscent of a murder played out in Eminem's "Stan" video."

"You have an abnormal and unhealthy interest in violence and in particular, sexual violence toward women," the judge said in passing sentence. It is possible, he told Duncan, "it will never be safe to release you."


Anonymous said...

Aha, seems wrong place for me! Im an old American single guy dating Asian woman at http://seniorwoo.com.

Jacob said...

Asian women and White men are equally guilty/responsible for all the negative stereotypes about Asian men. Truth is, most of the AF/WM couples are horrid looking, unlike the AM/WF couples. In the end it's about quality not quantities. To all the Asian men out there, STOP praising Asian women. Most of them are ugly, ungrateful, and undeserving of your affection. Date White, Hispanics, Blacks, Arabs etc.

Anonymous said...

I hope Niniane has gotten to see all those eharmony commercials. It must be a real slap in the face that her media master has not given her the AFWM representation. Because in eharmony they are talking about COMPATIBILITY!!!!!!!! HA HA bitch.

Anonymous said...

eHarmony? Compatibility? Are you fucking braindead?

Máximo said...

Why I don't date Asian women: Their tits are too small.

Anonymous said...


Just to balance out your perspective on how perfect your AW/WM relationships are:

1) Divorce rates among whites are 50% , interracial divorces are even higher ~ 60%-80%. You will mostly likely be divorced.
2) Say you have an asian looking son with a white man. Won't he have a great laugh reading this blog knowing the prejudice women like you have against guys that look like him?
3) If you have a daughter, she most likely will inherit you self loathing and pursue a white dilution path. Your great-grand children, will most likely have no significant trace of asian DNA left and will even deny any asian heritage. Congrats you just achieved genetic oblivion
4) Your influencing other women to the dangerous myth of the WM perfection.

But, lets see some outcomes of real AW/WM relationships:

WM Kills AF he Met at a Night Club
WM Kills AF Girlfriend, Dumps Body in Garbage Can
AF stabs white bf at MIT 7 times

Hopefully for your sake, your Asian male coworkers at google have a good sense of humor

bruinpride said...

i found your post after looking up some opinions on why some asian girls don't date asian guys. i thought it was pretty funny actually. particularly the point about asian guys asking you constantly if you're warm, cold, etc. i could totally see that. asian guys tend to put girls on a pedastal, but perhaps to an annoying degree and somehow lose the little things that are really important to a girl. everyone has their own bad experiences, so i don't think it's right for anyone to point fingers at you. i just wanted to say thanks for the post, i think i learned at least one thing about the subject. but, i do buy flowers for girls that i'm really interested in. =)

-the other chinese guy

유진 said...
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Anonymous said...


it sounds from your post that you want romance no matter which race it comes from.

everyone deserves a little love and romance, no matter what his/her race or sex. i wish you the best of luck in finding this.

Niniane said...

Finally, a comment that has some sense.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Finally a comment that has some sense."

This is obviously a sensitive subject for many people.

Why would you expect an article like this to return any sensible responses?

Free speech is a good thing but it works both ways.

Anonymous said...

That's a funny comment that Niniane is agreeing to since there was a recently released study that shows that the Asian female demographic doesn't prefer it's own men. Additionally, it shows an severe bias against black/latin men.

Again, it must be nice to live in ignorance. I mean, colorblindness. Then again, the only party to not lose out on this exchange is the white male demographic since white women are less apt to date Asian men.

Had the situation been reversed, watch how fast white men shun the idea of colorblindness. The lopsidedness of the disparity further serves to prove that colorblindness doesn't exist.

For people that are "smart," you're all pretty stupid.

Anonymous said...

I can simplify your entire blog into two lines.

"I live in this area where Chinese men are abundant, but most of them are not American."

"Besides, I like how these guys spend their money on me!"

Anonymous said...

The situation has improved recently for Asian men. Five years ago I noticed much fewer Asian men with Asian women. Also, I now see much more Asian men dating Caucasian women that I did years ago.

I'm a Caucasian man who has dated a roughly equal number of Caucasian and Asian women. Though I'm aware of the Asian women stereotypes regarding personality and demeanor (all the ones mentioned in responses here) I haven't experienced it with any of the Asian women I've dated so far. For example, they are all assertive women who would never date a domineering man. Most of them tell me that they only date Caucasian guys, but when I ask why, it's clear from their answers that they themselves don't quite understand why. I know why I date Asian women. While I'm actually a bit more attracted to Caucasian women's faces, I have a hard time finding ones who are thin and in-shape. But, I'm constantly noticing Asian women who look fantastic. Ultimately looks are only part of the initial attraction, and what's inside quickly becomes just as important, but I'm not going to be with someone who doesn't turn me on physically in the first place. Furthermore, since I'm very much in shape with completely flat abs, I don't think I'm being unreasonable expecting my girlfriend to me in-shape as well.

Having said that, I've noticed Niniane at work, and I'm not going to ask her out until she firms up her upper thighs.

Anonymous said...

Let's put this whole issue in perspective ... Most of the progress that has been made in the last millennium has been a product of western culture. One consequence is that the best and the brightest from all over the world have been for years coming to the United States to study. This mass migration to the US has given asian women choices they wouldn't have in their home country. Women tend to prefer more masculine men, so it's not surprising that many asian women go for caucasian men over asian men. At the same time, this mass migration has given caucasian men choices they wouldn't otherwise have. Men tend to prefer thinner women, so it's not surprising that many caucasian men go for asian women over caucasian women.

This mass migration is not apt to change soon. While China has made much economic progress in recent years, this progress benefits just a few in the big cities, and overall China remains a third world country. Consequently, the US remains the land of opportunity for so many Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Every white guy I know who dates Asian girls, makes fun of the face she makes when she gets angry. Every Asian girl (who only date whiteah guy) knows what I'm talking about. And they ALWAYS cheat on the Asian girl without having the slightest guilt. Otherwise they wouldn't get away with it EVERY time.

James said...

I'm an asian guy. I do all of these things, and why? I do it for the lulz.

Kinny said...

maybe you're expecting too much.
maybe you have been "westernized".
for that matter, I am CBC, but my friend calls me a FOB. So, I understand both worlds.

I will sing for you, be affectionate, give you hugs and kisses, txt you love poems and more.

...wow, sounds too good to be true huh? well, I guess we'll have to meet up first and then carry on.


Take Care! =)

Jessica said...

Maybe you will find you sweat heart online? If interested, just try interracialchats dotcom, there I found my real love.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many people have chimed in on this--I thought it was a pretty funny characterization--not serious, just having fun. I'm white and have such a crush on a Chinese man...he's very civilized, perfect manners, educated, passionate BUT, a wee bit misogynistic-and he's second generation. He's "the man" and that's that---so, I found the characterization somewhat accurate in my own situation.

Anonymous said...

Wow you must be a very shallow person to not date asian men just because of those points.

Anonymous said...

Niniane is a self hating bigot.

Anonymous said...

Check this video out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ8xDSEqzto

This is how most WM treat their AF girl friends.

Horace Rumpole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I married to an Asian man. And I think I am very lucky. My husband has everything that I wanted in a man. You don't have to be non-Asian to be a very good man. But you have to be a very lucky woman to find such a good man - Asian or not.

I don't really agree what you said about Asian men. I think you just need some luck to find a good one.

surgeon_urmc said...

I guess the reason you do not want to date asians is that you are not very confident about yourself. Let's face the music--- you are not pretty but a kind of belongs to the other extreme side. Your face looks more like something familiar---satellite dish? And your wrist---the size of your pants should be at least 38-42. Please don't be mad at me. I am just telling you the truth, seriously.

surgeon_urmc said...

I guess the reason you do not want to date asians is that you are not very confident about yourself. Let's face the music--- you are not pretty but a kind of belongs to the other extreme side. Your face looks more like something familiar---satellite dish? And your wrist---the size of your pants should be at least 38-42. Please don't be mad at me. I am just telling you the truth, seriously.

Anonymous said...

Yes, to most Asian, Niniane is fugly.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone had one or two bad experiences so they're going to stereotype an entire race. I think that's very ignorant, especially to write an entire blog. I think this broad never dated many non-Asian guys if she thinks they're so damn perfect. Dumb broad...give me the 5 minutes of my life I spent reading and replying to this bs.

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