Monday, July 10, 2006

World Cup.

Today I watched soccer for the first time in my life, and I LOVE IT.

The reason is that all these tough men are showing massive amounts of emotion. In the finals, one Italy team member reached out and ruffled the hair of a French team member to show good sportsmanship. It was so sweet! Right before the penalty kicks, the goalies embraced, and patted each other on the neck in goodwill, and I was really touched. When else do you see grown men doing that? I certainly don't see Joby patting Alipé supportively on the neck before we go into our VP reviews.

When they lose, they kneel on the ground in agony of defeat. When they win, they hug and run screaming around the field.

Also, I discovered to my pleasant surprise that soccer players have beautiful, tall, lean, tight bodies.

Next World Cup, I am watching every single game.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that we have a new soccer fan here =) Too bad soccer is not a main stream sports here. But in my opinion, it is one of the most exciting sports in the world!



Anonymous said...

It is nice to hear of a new point of view on socfootcerball but I'm completely bored with the game after some 20 years watching.

It is time for more goals and better referees. The referees should by aided by electronic video tools (cameras). There are far too many cheating and diving players. It is time for a big change.

The most positive of this tournament is that people all over the world finally see and openly say and write that Germans are nice people and friendly hosts.

More and more people in my country (including me) start to watch hockey (field hockey, not ice hockey). Have you ever seen a field hockey game? Do socfootcerball players have more beautiful bodies than field hockey players?

RC, The Netherlands

Jacky said...

Pretty woman likes the most exciting sport
I like England though they havn't got the chamption

Anonymous said...

Like the friendly hug and encouraging words Zidane and Materazzi shared in 110th minute of the final? So sweet...

Jacky said...

I'd like to make friend with you
I'm a chinese boy,and now working with a software testing job

You're so pretty :)

Z said...


I dont think Niniane actually cares about the goals and the video replays!

Anonymous said...

to Z

But I do care about the goals, or better, I did care about the goals.

I'm not physically attracted to men unlike Niniane.

Instead of watching the game, I started reading blogs like Niniane's blog.


Josh said...

And disputes are settled with a nice friendly headbutt.