Monday, July 17, 2006

witty line

Me: I heard a good line this afternoon.

Alipé: Oh, what was that?

Me: I was walking down Haight Street, and two tall black guys were coming from the opposite direction. They were chatting with each other, and then one of them looked at me and said loudly in freestyle rhythm, "Asian Persuasian! And I'm not Caucasian!"

Alipé: [chuckling] Ha ha! I'll have to remember that one.

Me: But Alipé, you ARE Caucasian.


Anonymous said...

Could you explain your story/joke/conversation/bunch of lines for me, dear Niniane?

American race relations are so complicated. I don't understand these witty lines. What is Asian Persuasian?

RC, The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Many caucasian men in the Bay Area find asian women's exotic looks and feminine demeanor irresistible. The ensuing obsession is commonly referred to as "Yellow Fever".

It's sufficiently endemic that most of the Bay Area's asian women rate caucasian suitors, genuine or not, somewhere between pond life and the substances that can be found in the enclosures at San Francisco Zoo by the end of a hot day.

So the guy's comment could be translated as "I generally find women of your ethnicity more attractive than other types of women, but I'm not a pathetic white guy".

Parchandri said...

Possibly endemic is the wrong word.