Saturday, July 22, 2006

Unmoving rock.

I was wrong last month when I attributed a day of slug-like slow movement to
Asian alcohol intolerance.

Today it hit me again, worse than ever, and the only alcohol I drank in the past week is a tiny amount of champagne yesterday afternoon.

This morning I sat for 20 minutes unmoving on the couch, staring off into space, because anything else required too much energy. Then I went downstairs, where the temperature is cooler, and impersonated a wax statue in my armchair for another 15 minutes.

Why is this happening? I don't feel ill, and even the times when I've had a fever I had more energy than this. This morning I woke up after 6 hours and despite being exhausted, couldn't fall back asleep. Am I dehydrated? Is it sleep deprivation from the past week?

Is my blood sugar too low? Maybe it's because the only thing I've eaten in the past day were some snacks at TGIF at work. Maybe my eating philosophy of following your body's hunger has its downsides. I'm going to try eating some food and see if it helps.


Josh said...

Maybe you're hypoglycemic.

Kunal said...

I tried the "I'll just eat when I'm hungry strategy" and I felt like I was losing energy every other day. I now try to eat three meals a day (this is a stretch sometimes) and do plenty of vitamins, etc. I feel a lot better now. Anyways, let us know once you figure it all out.

Anonymous said...

You probably work too hard during the week. It builds up.

Anonymous said...

Did you ensure you have proper blood flow inside your body? I had my hand stopped from receiving nerve signal every time I put my head on the arm over the sleep. The feeling of an uncontrolled hand was really terrible. I just suspected if my hand was cut off.

If your whole body was unmoving, you'd better consult a doctor or perform a body check.

Take cares,

Anonymous said...

Hypoglycemia generally has additional effects (tingling in the extremities, confusion and distractibility) as well as lethargy. However, if you blood sugar gets below the normal range it can turn off feelings of hunger (one reason it's sometimes hard to get diabetics to eat when their blood sugar is low).

There's also CFS, which affected a friend of mine for a while:

exitMusic said...

This has happenned to me twice. Its like anemia symptoms but even when being completly relaxed. You can notice anemia when when you have a really big down while practicing a sport.