Monday, July 31, 2006

too vague

Me: [... long tale of my weekend ... ]

Dan: Sounds like an emotional roller coaster.

Me: Yeah. Too much drama.

Dan: Want to see a movie?

Me: Sure. Something distracting.

I should have specified that by "distracting", I meant "hilarious and action-packed" in the manner of "Home Alone" or "South Park: The Movie".

Instead Dan took me to see "A Scanner Darkly". An hour into it, I was recoiling in my seat away from the three onscreen drugged-up men ranting about conspiracies and threatening to fight each other with hammers. For the next 20 minutes, I debated leaving the theatre because the characters were so out of control. I stayed, which was fortunate as the ending was satisfying.

Walking out of the theatre...

Dan: Was that sufficiently distracting?

Me: Uh ... in the "fighting fire with fire" sense.


Moral of the weekend: Use more specific words when speaking.

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omar said...

while in barcelona now, i've been thinking a lot about language and communication. for instance, i ordered strawberry icecream, the waiter repeated strawberry, and then brought we chocolate, which i subsequently realized was exactly what i had wanted.


in terms of walking out of movies, i've only ever walked out of one (there were like 5 of us, and it was unanimous agreement). the movie was batman 4, the one with the governator and poor uma.

the real problem: why did dan want to see that movie! :)