Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Saturday night in pics

The San Fran crash pad is serving its purpose. I went to 3 parties on Saturday night. The no-drinking embargo has ended (duration: 1 month).

8pm: Girls Night at Shirles' place.

10pm: "Single & Fabulous Party" thrown by Ingrid's friend Anna (who is no longer single). Ling dropped by, bringing 3 Asian girlfriends and a Caucasian guy with an Asian fetish.

Humoring the guy:

At this party, I meet 2 friends of Ingrid's: one English and the other Irish.

Me: Did you meet each other by standing at opposite ends of the English Channel and sending messages in a bottle?

English Bloke: I canoed over. [mimes paddling a canoe]

Me: [to the Irish bloke] So what do you do for a living?

IB: [with foreboding] You don't want to know.

Me: It can't be as bad as what I'm imagining right now.

IB: Trust me, it is.

Me: Really, it's as bad as the zookeeper who has to manually give the animals their suppositories? [using right arm to demonstrate shoving a pill up a large elephant]

IB: What is that job called?

Me: I have no idea.

IB: A zoo-supp. It should be called a zoo-supp.

Ingrid: [wandering into the conversation, casually] What are you guys talking about?

IB: [matter-of-factly] Zoo-supps.

12:30am: "An Evening at the Dolores Estate", a preppy house party. In the kitchen with my friends Ingrid (left) and Sara (right), and Sara's new roomie Karey (middle):


Anonymous said...

Katey was pretty and your white area was so outstanding.

Adam Crossland said...

White area? WTF, Anonymous?

Dan said...

The English Channel is not between England and Ireland! It's between England and France. The water between England and Ireland is the Irish Sea.

Kids these days.

Anonymous said...

i liked the "white area" too. (new code word)

Alison said...

That guy on the left (photo of you between two guys), looks a spit of Colin McAllister.

(He's a TV presenter in the UK, focus on interior decorating. Perhaps that's what he does?)