Thursday, July 13, 2006

Smugmug comments.

I discovered to my great amusement that my smugmug photo gallery was posted along with my bio on a chinese web site, and I now have a bunch of smugmug comments written by chinese people. My favorite ones:

"She is so excellence!"


"is the instinct from the interest of something ? lack always is perfect!" (Any guesses what this one means?)

and lastly, my absolute favorite, my reason for writing those Google China blog articles, the one that means more than anything else:

"After reading your introduction,I think I ,a girl, can also be a software engineer! Thank you!"


ArC said...

Wot's "OGM" mean?

Anonymous said...

My best guess is "Oh God Mine". As opposed to "Oh, Oh, Oooooh, Sweet God of Mine", I suppose. OGM is much more concise.

I feel like some kind of filthy internet stalker now, having seen bathing suit pics of that Google engineer whose amusing blog I recently discovered. I may have to unsubscribe. Or just post the URL to the pictures in public restroooms. I have no idea which one is the real moral high ground. Oh, dear.

Dare I say that it's a good thing [TM] that you are a positive role model for women with poor editing skills who want to get into the software industry? I dunno. Dare. Dare not. I can't decide.

- Drew

Anonymous said...

is it just me or what? OGM to me means ORGASM!

Anonymous said...

i think it was just OMG! typo.

Astacia said...

My apologies since this is not directly related, but I might be in the Mountain View area this weekend and was hoping for an excellent haircut from a gay guy who tsks at my current demise.

You mentioned Scottony in SF a while back, but can you recommend anyone closer to Mountain View in the same $30-40 price range? thx!

Anonymous said...

Astacia: You can call Jordan Lin at 408-383-9706. He's in Cupertino. Not gay but could be mistaken for it.

Astacia said...

Hello anonymous who responed to me - and thanks! =) Hopefully I will return with a much better do.

Anonymous said...

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