Thursday, July 27, 2006

gone to waste

Last night my college friends Tao and Sam came to Google for dinner, with Tao's new girlfriend.

Me: I'm really into basketball now! I wish I'd played on the Caltech women's team.

Tao: You would've gotten on the team for sure.

Me: I know!! Most of the women players were 5 feet 2, and I'm 3 inches taller.

Tao: How tall are you then?

Me: 5' 5".

Sam: [bursts out laughing]

Me: [indignantly] What??? I am 5' 5"!

Sam: [in between laughing] I'm laughing at the fact that you said they're 5' 2" and you're 3 inches taller, and Tao still needed to ask how tall you are.

Me: [also laughing] Yes... Good thing we spent 4 years getting that Caltech education.


ArC said...

Was Sam a math major? I ask 'cause I figure the old Tech tradition about who figures out the bills probably came about for a good reason.

Anonymous said...

Sam is probably an engineer (not computer; but, hardcore, electrical or others). This is why he is such a smart-a..

ArC said...

Upon re-reading, I mixed up Tao and Sam. D'oh!