Thursday, September 02, 2004

sex in church

My team dynamics have become highly dysfunctional. One coworker is so angry that he has refused to work with us in the past few days.

But there's always enjoyable dinner conversation.

John: "My friends are getting married, and the place they booked provided a room for them for half an hour, between the wedding and reception. It's for 'alone time', to consummate their marriage."

Me: "What? Who wants to have sex then, instead of just holding out for 3 hours for your wedding night?"

DaveM: "I hear that wedding dresses are very hard to get out of."

Me: "Yeah, what if you get a stain -- never mind."

Chris: "You're wearing white..."

John: "People have either had sex before then, in which case they won't want to do it. Or they haven't, and who'd have their first time in this little room for 30 minutes?!"

Mihai: "I think it's a good idea. ... What other time can you have sex in a church?"

Chris: "If you're a young boy, all the time!"


abdulkadirerkahraman said...

wanna meet you

Pleenky said...

I have never heard of a consummation room. Are you for real?

I got married in someone's back yard. They did have a tool shed back there. Or was it a tool shed?

Anonymous said...

Wild sex :-)

masry4ever said...

so strange

Anonymous said...

Woww Niniane ..
thats really a fantasy..

Anonymous said...

God said:" Why excites me?"

Editor said...

Very strange post theme...

SexualFantasy said...

hahahahahah your conversations seeem very familiar to myself lol. I thoroughly enjoyed this. thank you for posting!

Unknown said...

Sounds like that scene from Eurotrip in the Vatican!

(Also the bot-ty comments above are hilarious and Yahoo Messenger-esque )

Kara Mesude said...

Non si svuotò a causa della vecchiaia

Qualcuno si è unito mentre faceva un pompino a suo marito

Ha un chip in testa e ha il controllo.

Goduto il fresco verso il mare

Ha fatto il suo uccello tatuato

Mette il cuscino in una posizione comoda

Porno italiano in alta definizione gratis

Bionda scopa la moglie dal culo

Cazzo il suo ragazzo e la matrigna

Donna bruna che lavorava precedentemente nel team di Brazzers