Monday, April 06, 2015

Hiring a games engineer who likes animated films!

We're hiring an engineer with 3D games experience, who likes animated films!  Please share with your game-developer friends!

Evertoon lets users create 3D animated videos by taking regular text in an iMessage-like interface and automatically turning it into a movie with avatars acting it out. Like this video.

We are a small team with experience from Disney, Moonbot (2011 Oscar for Best Animated Short), Microsoft Games, and Google. The company has raised money from Greylock and other notable investors.

  • Design and develop features in Unity3D C#, including avatar customization, camera movements, user inventory, UI, audio / music
  • Implement an user experience for using photographs to personalize avatars and backgrounds, and automatically creating a movie from written text 
  • Help build a two-sided artist marketplace where third-party artists can sell 3D models, animations, and videos to users 
  • Develop social features including sharing, commenting, and integration with social networks 
  • 4+ years experience with object-oriented programming 
  • 1+ year Unity3D experience. 
  • Bonus: Objective-C / iOS programming experience. 
You will receive a competitive salary, benefits, and significant stock equity. Please send your resume to jobs AT!