Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Braveheart Conclusion

We continued debating whether Braveheart had the moral right of way to knock up a French princess after vowing to love his wife forever.

Niniane: I don't know if he said the "till death do us part" line.

Peter: I'm going to check this.

He begins to watch the video, rewinding and forwarding to find the scene in question. I leave the room. A minute later, I hear a muffled anguished groan from the computer room. Tom and I dash to the room.

Me: What, what?

Peter: Okay, watch the scene.

The scene shows William Wallace standing with his dark-haired love at their secret wedding, as a priest wraps a cloth around their two hands.

William Wallace: [solemnly] I will love you for all my life.

Me: All his life! Not her life!

Tom: He doesn't say he won't love oth --

Peter: There's more.

William Wallace: [looking intensely into his bride's eyes] You and no other.

Me: Bam! How can it be more clear than that? You and no other! No wonder I was pissed off at this movie.

Tom: [looks very nonplussed for a minute] Hmm... [scratches head] ... [realizes there is no loophole through this ironclad agreement] ... [shrugs] Well, not my problem! [jaunters off]

Friday, November 25, 2005

Post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

Today I woke up at 11:55am (before noon!). We ate lunch at the Paris buffet, then visited the Wynn Collection.

The Wynn Collection is a beautiful dark blue room with 10 paintings, followed by a red room with 5 paintings. An audio track describes each masterpiece. There were 3 Picassos (two of his 22-year-old mistress, painted when he was 51), a Matisse still-life of a woman in a Persian robe (Peter's favorite), a Monet water lily scene, and my favorite -- a Renoir painting of a woman in her garden.

I learned from the audio track that Picasso started painting when he was 7. He never used posed models, but instead painted his mistress who is also his muse.

When we got home, Peter popped in a DVD. "You'll like this. It's about a writer."

The movie is Secret Window, a suspense movie. I jump every few minutes as the antagonist looms out of shadows during ominous music. Halfway through, I get so scared that Peter has to come and hold me.

The movies I find most frightening are ones that depict people in their own houses, being assulated by spirits or robbers, because I can relate to it happening. This movie was one of those.

"I can't believe you! A movie about a writer? That's like saying, 'Honey, you like houses, right? Let me show you this movie. It's called Poltergeist'!"

A quarter of the way into a movie, I whispered to Peter my theory to explain the plot -- the antagonist is a figment of the protagonist's imagination. A little while later, I amended it to add that the bodyguard was another figment of the protagonist's imagination.

Tom: "I don't believe it! I'll bet you a dollar."

Me: "Okay, a dollar betting that the essence of my theory is correct."

We shake on it.

At the end of the movie, dramatic twists reveal that indeed the protagonist and antagonist are the same person.

Me: Haha, I win!

Tom: No, your amendment was wrong.

Me: The essence was correct!

Tom: That's - that's like saying the essence of the Constitution doesn't include the Amendments!

Me: That's right!

Tom: Fine, then you just lost yourself the right to vote.

... Moments later...

Peter: What movie should we watch next? The Mexican? Braveheart?

Me: I hate Braveheart! When he marries his wife, he swears he's never going to love another woman. Then what does he do? He knocks up that other woman!

Tom: His wife died!

Me: So? He said he's going to love her forever. There was no clause about dying!

Tom: Except the vow ends with 'till death do us part'.


I want to buy this dress but it doesn't come in my size! It's marked down from $270 to $126.

I also am very tempted by this dress, but it might be too long for me. The web site does not list the length and this model looks tall:

Shopping online has its downsides.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Google-Video cameo

I went to the Google video site, and one of the "popular" videos on the homepage happened to be 2 Googlers during the company Halloween costume contest.

I have a cameo! See if you can spot me:


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Walking back from Harry Potter 4

"Why do they call him Dumble Dwarf when he's so tall?"

"It's not Dumble Dwarf, it's Dumbledore!"

"Oh, but he's the really tall one with the bushy beard, right?"

"No, that's Hagrid!"

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I owed one of the Google recruiters a favor for backing out of the Waterloo/Toronto tech talks, and she called it in a few weeks ago by asking me to fill out a list of questions for a Q&A article. Since I love writing, I was happy to do it, and didn't think much of it afterwards.

Earlier this week, I started receiving emails daily from strangers who saw the article and are now inspired to apply to Google. Some of them seem very capable, and others less so. But the article is doing its job!

Today one of my ex-coworkers from Microsoft told me that the interview was sent around the Flight Simulator team.

"How can it be getting around to so many people?" I wondered. So just now I went to and there is a blurb about it on the front page! See if you can find it: