Saturday, March 19, 2016

Microsoft still being sexist

Wow, it's 2016 and Microsoft is still throwing sexist GDC parties.

I had this exact experience in 2006: here's my blog post.

At least this year, Microsoft was forced to apologize.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

A good week (we launched Evertoon!)

It's been a fun week!

We launched Evertoon.

We were written up in Forbes, TechCrunch, Fortune.

Users are making very creative videos!  They're adding their own music, audio clips, doing voice impersonations.  It's what I always wanted to happen!

We won an award at LAUNCH conference.

Chicken and waffles at the conference Winners Dinner.  Service was slow, but you could get unlimited portions.  Overeating occurred.

Me to our team: It's winner winner chicken dinner, literally.

Our advisor CP sent us cupcakes and cake pops, as a launch celebration.

We moved into a new office!  It's next door to our old office, which means everyone's commute stays the same.  But now we have windows looking onto a view of trees, and it's quiet.

Here we are goofing around with our cake pops.

Outside of work, Aff made me three batches of carrots and handmade guacamole (amongst other food).  That also made it a good week.

Now go download Evertoon from the App Store!