Monday, August 15, 2005

Dead Man Eating

I came across this interesting web site about the "last meals" of prison inmates before being executed on Death Row: dead man eating

Since these are primarily from Texas and surrounding states, most entries look like this:

gary lynn sterling, texas, august 10, 2005
chicken fried steak, fried chicken, mashed potatoes,
French fries, pecan pie, sweet tea and a vanilla milkshake.

kevin conner
july 27, 2005
from Dairy Queen: four chili dogs, onion rings, a banana split
and an Oreo-cookie Blizzard ice-cream drink.

Then I came across this entry. I like this guy's taste:

robert dale conklin
july 12, 2005
a filet mignon wrapped with bacon; de-veined shrimp sautéed in
garlic butter with lemon; baked potato with butter, sour cream,
chives and real bacon bits; corn on the cob; asparagus with
hollandaise sauce; French bread with butter; goat cheese; cantaloupe;
apple pie; vanilla bean ice cream and iced tea.

Prison officials said he ate the entire meal, cleaning two plates.

Vanilla ice cream is very popular as part of the final meal. I bet it's because vanilla ice cream is soothing in that mother's-milk return-to-breastfeeding type of way.