Sunday, May 31, 2015

San Andreas movie in 4D with Caltech

My brother took me to see "San Andreas" in the only 4D movie theatre in the country!

4D has fog, seats rotating and shaking, wind, and mist.

Caltech featured prominently in this movie!  Tom summarized it as "What's going on?  Only Caltech knows what's happening.  Who can help?  Only Caltech can get the word out!"

I made him sit through the entire credits to see Caltech credited.  This was in vain, because Caltech was not credited.  Various trivial crap was thanked, but not Caltech, which was shown and mentioned 100 times. Tom said "Any resemblance to real persons or universities is purely accidental."

Me: "They must have paid so much to make this movie.  It was all CG."

Tom: "And they had to pay Caltech.  That can't have been cheap."

Me: "Really?" 

Tom: "Ha ha ha.  Caltech probably did it for free." 

Me: [grumbling] "There was no credit.  Caltech's seismology department is so good.  When's the next time Caltech can possibly get credited?  It's going to have to be a movie about a bio-chemical virus."

On a separate note, I had an issue with a certain person going without breathing in the movie for a very long time, like 4 minutes.  Wouldn't brain death have occurred?  I tried googling for it, but all the results are about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Due to an "incident", my car now makes a grinding noise whenever I turn right.  Poor beloved car!

So it seems like I should probably replace my 16-year-old car.  It's a Honda Civic with 110k miles.

The number of choices is overwhelming.

One problem is that I'm going to dent any car that I get.  It's inevitable.  So there is no point thinking about re-sale value, because the re-sale value will be low once I've dented every panel.  I also can't lease, because I'd have to pay a big penalty when I bring it back dented.

Maybe I should just get another Civic.

The most important quality is that it should be black or dark blue.