Wednesday, January 26, 2011

pot of meat as art!

J Michael designed how the "pot of meat" photo could be artistically made into a series of panels!

Also, my colleague suggested that I color-correct and crop the photo:

Here's another suggestion from the comments, courtesy of Jordan Brock:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

photos of where I live and work

My former colleague from Microsoft came to visit this weekend. He took some photos that I quite like.

View from my window.

Candid shot at Minted.

pot of meat as a canvas print

I'm planning to make a canvas print to hang in my living room or kitchen. I'm thinking about this photo that my brother took of my mom's cooking:

Would that look good as a 16" x 20" canvas on the wall of my kitchen? So far, two people I polled said that it's unappealing to have a large photo of food up-close.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


We only stayed in Luxembourg for one day. I really liked our hotel. It had nice lighting, and a free mini-bar of sparkling water and juices. I tried to drink everything in the mini-bar.

Fruit at the breakfast buffet.

Waffles and jams at our breakfast table. We sat and ate for over an hour.

A pretty church we went to. It was snowing outside.

In the afternoon, Tom decided that he wanted to see a museum with great architecture. We could spot it in the distance but couldn't see a straightforward path there. We started to walk in that direction.

We walked for 45 minutes. One cab passed us during that time but wouldn't stop. Finally we came to a set of ice-covered steps. A sign indicated these were the right steps to the museum. But when my brother tried climbing the steps, they were too slippery from ice.

We kept walking, up a snowy incline, which eventually led to these train tracks. We could see footsteps leading to the tracks, and the other side of the tracks seemed to be a path to the museum. We then had a debate about whether to cross the tracks.

My mother thought it would be fine. My dad loudly proclaimed that it was an absurd idea. He said, "Tomorrow the newspapers are going to carry the headline 'Chinese Tourists Found Dead on Train Tracks; Motives Unclear'. They'll speculate on why this Chinese family was crossing the tracks. To steal a national treasure? Suicide? No one is going to guess that it's to see this museum."

Finally we gave up, and walked 45 minutes back to the hotel.

My brother and dad sitting in the lobby of the hotel.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My bucket list

Last night I had dinner with Elizabeth.  We went to Press Room and had flights of wine and carpaccio.  She pushed me to make a bucket list.  Here it is:

1. Take my dad to Russia on a trip.
2. Read a bunch of books.
3. Have a family.
4. Eat at Gary Danko.

I hope I can do these! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The most striking thing about Zurich is how expensive and rare the restaurants are. There are few restaurants, and almost none open before 10am. A bottle of water cost about $7. A slice of bread and some cheese would cost $12. We were torn between hunger and sticker shock.

A church next to the train station. We walked along this path every day.

The fruit is actually made of some other substance. The oranges seem to be really oranges that were scooped out and filled with cream.

View from our hotel room. We were very jetlagged and slept from 2pm to 8pm every day, then went to forage for dinner. We woke up at 4am every morning and waited for the sun to rise.

Fondue! We ate cheese fondue, meats with oil fondue, and meats with broth fondue. It was as tasty as I dreamed it would be.

My brother photographing the dessert at the fondue restaurant.

We went into Spr√ľngli, a chocolate shop. My brother drank hot chocolate and ate chocolate cake. My parents drank nothing and ate nothing, because the shop was so shockingly expensive.

A champagne-flavored ... I forget the name of this type of pastry. It's very small. This single-bite pastry cost about $3.

A fountain which has frozen over.

My parents on the train to Luxembourg. There are a lot of little towns in the European countryside. I thought it would be a beautiful view of snowy mountains, but instead it seemed to be one beige-colored town after another.

Me and Tom on the train.