Friday, March 30, 2012

Church in Mexico City

Photos from a nice church in Mexico City. My parents had low expectations of Mexico City -- they expected rampant poverty and no tourist attractions. Actually there are many palaces and museums! Also churches.

Mexico City: good on culture, bad at marketing.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pi Day!

Homemade chocolate pie from our Tech Ops manager at 3/14 1:59!

The Minted engineering team is so fun! Today I wondered aloud whether the team is objectively hilarious or whether I find them funnier because I am so fond of them. My theory is 80% objectively, 20% due to bias!

Friday, March 02, 2012

fruity drinks in Shanghai

Watermelon / mango juice with sago!  We ate at a cafe called Bellagio.  They insist that all of their waitresses must cut their hand into a pixie haircut.  It looks very androgynous to me.  What an extreme request to make of your waitstaff!

fresh air

While doing strength exercises in a buddy personal training session.

Nam: "Do you want to take a spinning class with me?"

Me: "No."

Nam: "But I thought you like biking."

Me: "Biking outside is fun.  Biking indoors in a class is painful.  It's like how I always want to go jogging at Crissy Field with you.  But have you seen me on a treadmill?"

Nam: "No."

Me: "If you see me on a treadmill...  it's not me.  It's some other Asian person, and you're being racist."