Monday, October 31, 2022


I'm going to Antarctica in a month!

I previously tried to go in 2009, but that boat sank before my trip. (All the passengers were rescued.)

When friends hear of my Antarctica plans, their reactions are divided. Some immediately say it is a dream of theirs. Others say it sounds cold and unappealing. There are few reactions in the middle. 

I started packing already and reading about historical expeditions to Antarctica. 

Currently I am reading about the Belgica ship from 1897. To my surprise, there was mutiny, mass firing, and the ship getting stranded on rocks before they even rounded past Argentina. 

I have also been binging Great Courses audiobooks in the past month. My favorites were about the Berlin Wall, Japan, the Civil Rights movement, and Beethoven.

I will download so many audiobooks for the days at sea through the Drake Passage!

Saturday, October 01, 2022

Mint ice cream

I made mint chip ice cream from real mint leaves! 

It's good.