Monday, July 06, 2020

One per day

I read a quote that I liked. (Can't find who said it!)

It said how there are so many overwhelming societal problems, and the speaker would just try to do one thing every day to make the world more fair.

I worry about climate change, police brutality, voter suppression, unfair workplaces, domestic violence, covid, and so many other things. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. 

So I have been doing what I can, a bit each day. I pushed for a racist logo to be banned [1]. I urged my professional networks to commit to challenges like the Pull Up or Shut Up. I met virtually with young Black women in STEM. I tried to convince Asians to focus on legacy admissions as the true unfairness in college admissions, not affirmative action.

It feels inadequate, but hopefully it accumulates over the years. 

[1] Sam's Club and Walgreens responded that they're looking into it, and then went silent for weeks. Costco has been the most responsive, and pulled the product with the racist logo from their warehouses within a few hours of my email!