Friday, June 23, 2006

self removal

I took down my most recent post, because one reader made a point that writing about being considerate is not very considerate. It is a good point that I agree with.

So you could say that I filled out the blog removal form on myself.

However, taking down a post removes associated comments, and I would like to preserve the comments. Here they are for posterity:

"I feel sorry for the poor fellow who'd be interested in someone so self-absorbed."

"From the pictures on the blog, the attraction must be something other than physical. Is there such a thing as an ego-fetish?"

"Crazy self-limitation. One day you'll wake up having missed a great opportunity. Or several. "


Anonymous said...

Looking forward for your job related howto posts :)

omar said...

i guess the blog, ultimately, is your's, and you can do whatever you want, but personally just keeping the comments loses the context. imo, responding to the comments, or putting in an UPDATE, is best. Actually, i think UPDATE, at the end of the original post, is best, because it leaves everything in tact, and shows how things have changed.

Right now those comments you have in this post are sort of dangling... mind you, since i archive all things i've read, i still have you on record. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't self-remove next time, Niniane. Let the "mistake" as is. You'll see some years later how silly you were. ;)

Anonymous said...

You know what? Kudos to you.

It's not necessarily needed to take down the post, but it takes a big person to recognize and admit they made a mistake ... publicly, no less.

(Haha, as I hide behind anonymity because I don't use blogger.)

Regardless, impressive. :D

Anonymous said...

why would you remove posts on your blog? i wouldn't do that. At the end, it's your blog and you have all the rights to express freely here.

mtbouchard said...
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mtbouchard said...

1) The motto of your blog is "the truth shall set you free". I happen to agree that being considerate is not an easy task. Same goes for being a "good" person.

2) I thought you would have read "What do you care what other people think?" but maybe you only read "surely youre joking".

If you ever gaze into the mirror of how other people perceive your truths, you'll just end up in an infinite cascade of inconsistencies, a bit like Godel's incompleteness theorem asserts.

But if 'your' truth changes, by all means update, though again as Godel's theorem says, truth trumps completeness and consistency; other people must deal with that. :)


Anonymous said...
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