Wednesday, June 28, 2006

my 27th

From Tom:

Happy Birthday!! Your brother sends his love from afar.

By `your brother`, I mean me. Unless, of course, I was really picked up out of a trashcan. Oh horrors!

Hee hee. Tom knows I like inside jokes, so he has jam-packed them. When I was 10 and he was 3, I liked to make fun that we found him as a baby in a trash can, hence the trashcan allusion. :(

The "Oh horrors!" is from when we played the video game Pikmin in 2002, and I accidentally killed a third of our pikmin population. Pikmin has a video game diary. That day's auto-generated entry read, "Oh horrors!", and Tom giggled and giggled in delight.

I have 3 birthday resolutions this year (in the same vein as New Year's Resolutions):

  1. Listen to people intently, without interrupting. Pay attention even when tempted by distracting thoughts.
  2. Be punctual.
  3. Sleep enough.

I decided this year not to have a big hullabaloo, and instead do a small, intimate, lovely dinner. We went to 71 Saint Peter:

Mingjing came over beforehand and brought me 3 presents. One of them was ... gummies!!

Thank you Mingjing! You know me so well!

Ode to Mingjing

O Mingjing, bringer of candies!
You've fulfilled my gummy dream.
You knew I wanted them so,
To share them with my team.

Away you drove to Cupertino,
To find the ichiban store.
At last I can slumber in peace,
for I yearn for gummies no more!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Niniane! :)

Hasan said...

Best wishes on your birthday and I hope the next year brings you much happiness!

Vineet said...

Happy birthday to one of the prettiest and smartest bloggers on this planet.

Sagaro said...

belated b'day wishes...

Anonymous said...

生日該與母親慶祝的.. Anyway.., 生日快樂!