Monday, June 26, 2006


Yonatan's dogs are at doggy day care. While we were talking, the day care dog-sitter called to ask what type of dog food to feed them. Fancy names were bandied about -- California Whole Dog Food or some such.

My reaction was my usual surprise that someone would spend so much time and energy over a dog.

But then I remember how I feel about a pig. Two years ago I researched a half dozen web sites about owning a pig. Pigs are so cute! Their little snouts and ears, and they have no fur, and their little tail, and little hooves. They oink instead of bark. Pigs are the bomb.

I was concerned because pigs grow to be 75 to 150 pounds. I'm worried about having a pet that may weigh more than I do. But then I read this:

The weight of a pig is deceiving because they are so hard-bodied. A pig who measures 14" tall by 24" long and weighs 60 lbs. takes up very little space (about half the dimensions of an ottoman) and is a manageable size for a house pet and travel companion. Compare this size pig to a 100 lb. German Shepherd who is taller and longer than a coffee table, with an extension (the tail) that is capable of knocking everything off the coffee table.

This is very exciting to think about! I would have a warm cuddly pig to sleep with at night. This could be me:


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Anonymous said...

You can own a pug, it's just like having a pig.

Adam Crossland said...

It may be time to reconsider this not having a boyfriend thing.

Anonymous said...


What's the difference?

Anonymous said...

what about a guinea pig? check out the long haired ones. they are the cutest!