Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Removal Form.

Today Peter asked me to remove some of the posts featuring him. "You compared me to a monster in a movie!"

Later Dan asked that his picture be changed. "My eyes are rolled back so much that you can hardly see my pupils! I look like a monster!"


To make future requests easier, please use the following form:

Niniane Blog Removal Request Form

Select the action you are requesting:

Remove post.
URL of post:

Change my pseudonym.
Current pseudonym:
New pseudonym:

Remove this "Blog Removal Request Form".

Reason for Your Request:
It makes me out as a monster.
It has me making out with a monster.

(Criticisms of my HTML form writing abilities are not welcome.)


Anonymous said...


Piotr Szulczewski said...

As much as I enjoy being compared to a fictional diabolical character one of your 200 readers/day might not have the insight to see the "positive light" emitting from my horns.

I hate censorship, but I must applaud and thank you removing that entry. I hope that via your editing you will make entries relating to me less fictional and more accurate.

Shadow.King said...

I've been reading your blog since your 三八婦女節 post on google blog... always find it more interesting than those political/IT/news blog... too bad you have to censor your blog now...