Saturday, June 24, 2006

My gummies!!! A poem to you, my dear sweet gummies.

Dan worked out of Kirkland today, and I'm also in Kirkland for the weekend and then working here Monday. We met for dinner at the Great Wall shopping mall near the Seattle airport.

Walking through the mall to the restaurant, I saw a store selling ichiban gummy candies. "My team will like those!" I thought, and bought 20-30 in different flavors.

We ate dinner, drove off. Half an hour later, I suddenly turned to Dan with horror. "OH NO!!!" I shouted.

"What? What?" he said.

"I FORGOT MY GUMMIES in the restaurant!"

My chinese anti-food-wasting side kicked in with vigorous force, and I've been lamenting them since. I decided the only way to get over them is to write a poem.

Ode to Gummies

Oh gummies, my gummies,
Your luminiscence once filled my heart.
Lychee, peach, melon, and grape.
How it pains me to see us apart!

You laid in a white plastic bag.
I took you out to dine.
I placed you on the cloth chair,
Right beside mine.

I sat and chatted and as time passed,
Gradually you slipped from my mind.
When I left, I forgot you!!!!
Oh, how could I be so unkind?

Now I lament thee! I miss thee!
Your smooth skin and sweet taste.
Oh gummies! My gummies!
What a terrible and tragic waste!


KL said...

Don't be sad... just think of the waiter's and waitress's kid that'll be enjoying them for the rest of the week... :p 30 bags of gummies would make them oooo so happy... :)

Anonymous said...

(Burp.) Thanks, Niniane.

L. Wu said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This was the worst poem I have ever read. My dog can write a better poem and he is illiterate. I really wish you would take some courses on writing or even grammar. Don't you know not to use multiple punctuation marks together? Wow. If I were to sum this poem up into one word it would be - actually I can't sum up this poem into one word, it is too terrible.