Monday, June 12, 2006

My weekend in photos

Asian Art Museum statuette of a Thai multi-armed Buddhist figure getting it on with a multi-armed Buddhist goddess in his lap (he's kissing her in this photo):

An awful, awful literary reading in the Mission. How many times can you get away with describing people as "blobs of bio-mass" before it stops being cute? My answer: Zero. The rest of the audience: apparently at least 20.

I did walk out with a bounce in my step and a smile on my cheek, because if that caliber of crap can get published, then I need not worry over my own writing dreams of getting my novel published!

Interesting art on the wall of a bar. 'Tis the weekend for seeing art.

House Party!

Haight Street Fair. I clutched a decaf chocolate cappucino and my Dell laptop, standing in high heels amongst a sea of Haight-Ashbury grunge and tie-dye. Oh how I stood out, and oh how the times have changed:

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quinten said...

Is that guy wearing a t-shirt on top of his untucked shirt or is he just a fashion mistake?