Monday, June 12, 2006


Tonight half my bathroom floor went missing.

My 2 bathroom granite countertops were installed shortly before we left for Japan, to my great delight.

And then ...

Both countertops developed wide cracks around the sink area.

The company sent a more experienced contractor Nat, who told us that the first contractor Dugsy put insufficient plywood underneath them. Nat would have to replace them.

While demolishing the downstairs countertop, Nat didn't cover my new marble tile floor with a protective cloth. Shards of demolished granite fell onto the floor. He then stepped on them, gouging little holes in 4 of my marble tiles.

While taking out the 4 to replace, Nat's assistant broke 4 more tiles and accidentally took out one that wasn't gouged.

The previous floor was a pattern of tiles that I carefully assembled to look artistic. Tomorrow they bring 20 tiles, and I'll pick 9 to put onto the floor.

At this rate, tomorrow I will return to find an impeccable countertop and marble floor surrounded by charred wooden posts where my walls used to be.

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