Sunday, June 04, 2006

perhaps love

I have a new Favorite Movie of All Time.

During the flight from Tokyo back to the US, I chanced upon the film "Perhaps Love" (如果*爱). It tells of a love triangle between an actress & actor who are ex-lovers, and the director who the actress is now dating.

When the movie was over, I sat in shock for an hour and a half in my airplane seat, thinking. Then I watched it again from beginning to end.

The music is riveting. The acting is spellbinding. It brings such joy to be in the hands of a true master.

The only 美中不足 (imperfection) is that the girl is so petite and babyfaced that without makeup, she looks like she's 13 years old. It was extremely disturbing to watch a scene of the hot, hot actor 金城武 (aka Takeshi Kaneshiro):

in an underwater kissing scene with what looked to be a 13-year-old girl:

Later, in one of the most poignant scenes in the movie, he convinces her to return together to their old haunts. She's wearing short hair and no makeup. He wraps his arms around her from behind, and narration plays about his long 10-year wait for her.

They both tear up. She turns and kisses him.

I would've been bawling right there in seat 62A, except that I was too busy RECOILING FROM WHAT LOOKS TO BE A GROWN MAN FRENCHING A THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD BOY.

Regardless, this movie is my new favorite movie. The weirdly gorgeous hairpieces! The pining for a lost love until you despise them! The subtle dialogue! The beauty!!!!

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