Thursday, June 01, 2006

more anti-Japan

The longer I hang out with Chinese people visiting Japan, the more I find out about anti-Japan sentiment in China happening right now.

Tall Guy from Taiwan: You know Vicky Zhao, who played the sassy princess in the mini-series "还珠格格"?

Me: I vaguely remember seeing her on TV.

TG: Yeah, she did a modeling shoot where she wrapped a Japanese flag around herself and wore it on the runway. People were so pissed off that they threw ... [looks down at me eating ramen] rocks ... at her.

The next day, walking in a market.

Dad: By the way, it wasn't rocks that people threw. It was manure.

Me: Well, maybe she wore the flag unintentionally and wasn't trying to make a statement.

Dad: Of course it was unintentional! If it was intentional, she'd probably be killed by someone by now!

Me: ...

Dad: Also, Korea withdrew from the theatres all movies that star her.