Thursday, June 22, 2006

Writing group.

JTR: I did NaNoWriMo (writing a novel in 30 days) again last year. The first year I wrote the daily suggested amount until Thanksgiving. The second year, until Nov 15. The third year, I lasted 5 days. Last year ...

Me: [bracing myself]

JTR: Last year I finished.

Me: Wow! Congrats!

JTR: Yeah. I copied the "WINNER" banner onto my web page.

Me: So let's meet again with our writing club. I haven't touched my novel in 4 months, and one of my New Year's Resolutions is to finish a draft.

JTR: Okay.

Me: I like our writing club because I can always count on you for honesty. Like the time you told me, "You know how there were redeeming points about my story? Yeah, I can't say the same about your story."

JTR: [laughing] Ah, yeah.

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