Friday, January 15, 2010

potential dilemma

Over instant messenger with my friend Nehster.


niniane: i <3 kindle
Nehster: but you use the library
niniane: omg what if there is fire and i have to save you vs kindle
niniane: oh noooooooooo
niniane: let's hope it never comes to that
Nehster: i will hold the kindle
Nehster: you will save me.
niniane: ok do you want to practice a few times
Nehster: or i promise, right now
Nehster: if there's a fire and you have to choose
Nehster: i will buy you a new kindle if you save me.

This promise is now recorded.


ArC said...

Wait, wait, let's hear out Amazon's counter-offer before rushing to judgment.

N said...


That's one of funniest comments I've seen from you. Haha!

hmf284 said...

LOL @ArC! Both you & Neha have such consistently interesting, diverse & funny blogs.

Yishan said...

I like how you are the "male" in this scenario, valiantly saving the female (and technology) in distress.