Tuesday, June 27, 2006

B of the B

Lunch at Cafe 150.

Max: Over the weekend I was hanging out with my friend Eric, who was a character artist on Tomb Raider 2.

Me: Oh, he'd get along great with George. (George is an engineer who enjoys ample-chested female game characters.)

Max: He didn't create the original Tomb Raider character. He just did improvements based off the original model.

Me: Okay. [pause] You know what, I'm going to write a game where the main character is a guy with a really huge bulge.

Max: [laughing while shaking his head]

Me: That's right. He'll run around in tight pants, and I'll make a level with a bunch of cold water pools that he has to avoid falling into.

Max: Will that appeal to the ladies?

Me: Sure, why not. I'll call it "Battle of the Bulge".


Josh said...

I thought girls didn't play action games.

Anonymous said...


The idea of B of the B is great. Don't forget to make a post here if you really finish it.

Anonymous said...

haha lololorofl :)

Sissi said...

@Josh: depends on what they're about, I think I'd play a game like that... :D