Friday, December 02, 2011

xmas tree

I completed item #4 from my bucket list by getting a live Christmas tree:

One curious development is that the tree has no scent.  It doesn't smell like a tree.  If I go up to it and vigorously rub a branch between my palms for ten seconds, then put my hands to my face, there will be a slight tree scent.  Otherwise there is no scent.  

I've been trying to figure out why this is.  LG had a tree last year, and he said it smelled like a forest in his apartment the entire time.  The only discrepancy we thought of is that his tree was 8 feet tall, and mine is 4 feet tall, so the cubic volume of his was 8 times greater.

 LG: it should smell like a forest!
 me: it doesn't
 Larry: get another tree!

me: no

LG: replace it
  omg so i'll pay you if you let me throw the current tree out the window
  itll be so great
 me: what!!!!
  open window or breaking the window
 Larry: open window
  you have a great apartment for a good throw
 we'll record it and everything
 me: :(no


marilyn c. cole said...

Did you and he get the same species of tree?

Ling said...

You could hang some pine air fresheners within the tree or else burn this candle to get the full effect of a real tree: