Sunday, December 04, 2011

lillers cake

I signed up for a cake-decorating class.  The class is 2.5 hours long.  The cake itself and frosting are pre-made, and the class just focuses on decorating it.  I figured it's a long time just to decorate a small cake, so the resulting cake must be full of sprinkles and little frosting curliques.  I told my friend Lillers that I'm going to write her name on the cake.

Studio where cake class is held.

Cake in-progress.

I'm really glad that in an earlier blog post, people suggested that instead of my original idea of proving that I made the cake by putting a pistachio or metal bolt into the middle, I could also just take a photo of myself with the cake in-progress.

It ended up that we made a very pristine elegant cake.  I blurted out to the teacher that I already promised a friend to put her name on it, and he kindly melted chocolate so that I could fulfill my word.

Lillers opening the cake box.

Lillers' cake and Lillers.

Eating the cake, woot!

Now I know how to decorate a cake, and I feel very empowered with this knowledge!  I have a dream that I'll make awesome cakes to bring to people's parties.  I can make taro-flavored cakes, and almond cakes, and coffee cake!

One problem is that cake is quite unhealthy and I'd like to make a healthier version.  Maybe I can substitute whole wheat flour, and use dates instead of sugar.


Wanda said...

The frosting is probably the unhealthiest thing on a cake, and I'm not sure what you can do with natural ingredients to make it healthier. Also, if you make the cake itself less sweet but still have a very sweet frosting, the imbalance is very jarring.

Jeremy said...

The least healthful part of the cake is the wheat itself so whole wheat is not likely to help - read Wheat Belly for more information.

ArC said...

Eat less cake, but please don't make cake 'healthy'! Blech!

Niniane said...

Healthy cake can still taste good.