Sunday, December 04, 2011

Gratitude day 0

Matt Cutts did a 30 day challenge where he posts one thing each day that made him grateful. I decided just now that I will do this too, for 30 days. If it works well, I will do it for even longer.

I called my dad today. He and my mom are going to Hawaii next month, and I told him to visit Pearl Harbor. He said that China intercepted info about the Pearl Harbor attack and told the US. But the US didn't believe. China kept warning, "hey it's scheduled for xxx date." "it's happening day after tomorrow" "it's happening tomorrow!" but the US ignored it.

He said it in a funny way and I was grateful that my dad is very funny.

Also he described how Steve Jobs was probably depressed getting ousted from the company he started in his dad's garage. My dad clearly has a warm feeling about kids doing things in their parents' home, because he kept saying "his dad's garage".

My dad said he is pretty happy with things because our family goes on overseas trips annually, and my mom cooks for him every day, and the two of them go on little nearby trips.

It's nice to have a good peaceful conversation. I spent 1.5 hours on the phone with my parents today and it was harmonious. They were cheerful and funny.

I might take them to Euro Cup next summer, if I can figure out logistics.

I hope we can be harmonious when we all go to Seoul over New Years.


Blog Reader said...

Do you need a guide? Not on weekdays but maybe on a weekend?

Niniane said...

Yes, maybe! Are you a guide?

Min Zhong said...

Great you are doing this! My 4 year old son Andy and I have the ritual of talking about things we are most grateful for (along with things we like, dislike, funniest, most beautiful, etc.) every night. It's a great practice, makes me more appreciative and be more aware of whatever I participate in (since it might get on my most ... list).