Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gratitude day 19 part two

Today I am super happy!!! Maybe from exercise. Maybe because the engineering team were such goofballs today.

Our syadmin wore a Santa hat that automatically flops from one side to the other as he wears it. It is hilarious when he gives an update on a serious topic like migrating a server, and halfway through, the hat re-flops itself.

T learned about the video "Shit Girls Say" and has been gleefully shouting "Twinsies!" at all manner of appropriate and inappropriate times. He sent J an email with subject line "Twinsies!" and no content in the body. We were getting a photo at a "welcome new engineer / goodbye interns" circle-of-life lunch today, and he shouted "Twinsies" right before the photo was taken. I was laughing so much.

Soon I will get to see my brother. We are taking the same flight to and from Seoul. I am excited.


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