Tuesday, December 06, 2011

gratitude day 3

Today in the afternoon, many people at Minted helped out with customer service for an hour.  It really exceeded my expectations of being very enjoyable!  We were excited when customers came onto live chat, and were jealous of each other when someone got a live-chat customer.

Annie (director of design) said one customer opened with "I love all your designs, and I love your company."

Doing customer service is an activity that is really fun when you are doing it with people you like.  It's similar to going to the grocery store in that way.  I am grateful to work with people I like so much!

Also today I received in the mail the Minted notebook I ordered for my mom.  It's so gorgeous!  She's going to love me more when I give it to her, ha!

Lastly I asked my very fashion-savvy colleagues if they prefer my hair as it is in the notebook vs now.  They said now is better.  Whew!  I don't have to grow it out and highlight it.  I'm grateful that my hairdresser knows best what to do!

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