Saturday, December 17, 2011

Survival school worries

Things to solve before I go:

1. Blister prevention. Last time I had no blisters for 6 days and then several big ones on day 7. But it was the last day, so I just powered through it. This time it is 14 days. How to prevent blisters?

2. Sunscreen. Despite using copious sunscreen, I worry about the skin on my face developing sun spots and blemishes from being in the sun. Cannot let that happen! My face needs to look the same until I am 50!

3. Remember to take chapstick this time!

4. Learn to make a fire before I go.

Last time there were 4 women and 2 men, which created such a bonding nurturing environment. This time they warned me it is likely just one woman (me) or at most one other. I hope there is one other woman! A warm friendly person, not cold.


mandarine said...

Blister prevention:

Anonymous said...

Blister prevention: compeed

I use them when I am dancing every night for weeks.

Sun prevention: Wear long sleeves and a sun hat...