Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gratitude day 18

So many things to be grateful for today!

1. My brother's friend KW is a really upbeat person, and we have "happy chat" every few months. We write things like "KW, you are the best!!!!" "Tom has the best sister!!!" in long repetitive threads that I find deeply fulfilling.

2. Minted's executive coach is amazing. She has helped me become a more mature person, less judgmental, more relying on my inner compass and ignoring distractions. She has worked with leaders from Sequoia and GAP, and is so great! (If you want her contact info, email me.)

3. Azer visited yesterday and made a big fuss over my cooking. It was glass half empty, as in loud lamenting of "why didn't you start this cooking obsession when we were housemates??". But it was still sweet.

He asked how many kids I plan to have. I said maybe just one.

Azer: But you love having a brother!

Me: Azer, my brother and I are in the top 1% of sibling relationships! Our bond is like XXX (ex-googler), where everyone who sees him thinks he is good-looking, regardless of race or taste preferences! Anyone who sees me and Tom has to acknowledge we are the creme de la creme of sibling relationships. I can't bank on my kids being as lucky as my brother and me.

So I am grateful for Tom too.

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