Wednesday, December 07, 2011

gratitude day 4

Today I put on furry boots.  I remembered wearing these boots two years ago with a strapless dress, for Omst's rooftop BBQ.  There were about 15 people there.

An acquaintance Linda walked up to me and said, "Niniane!  Your outfit!"

I thought it was a compliment, so I said "Thanks!" and started to preen.

She said, "Your outfit is crazy!  You're wearing winter boots with a summer dress!"

I began to wilt and said, "It's a rooftop BBQ.  I thought it could be cold.  I also had a coat, but I took that off downstairs."

She said, "But it's so sunny!  Didn't you check the weather?"

Just then, our mutual friend Prasan immediately said, "Looks like a cold front coming in." and peered into the distance where there was the faint stirring of a storm cloud.

I was so appreciative for Prasan's loyalty!

Later he said to me, "I felt like punching Linda in the face and saying, 'Have you looked in the mirror lately at how you yourself dress??'"

I like so much when friends are loyal, especially when they abandon the moral high ground and get right in the mud in order to have my back.


Anonymous said...

i am glad you have a friend like that to back you up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a real moral dilemma...

Yishan said...