Friday, October 05, 2007

hate mail

Recently my humor post "Why I Don't Date Asian Men" has been linked from a number of forums. I've been getting long comments (and email) every day for the past month, accelerating this week to every couple of hours.

Thanks Niniane. You pretty much helped contributed to undo all the efforts many Asian Americans have worked every hard to fight stereotypes in this country. As an Asian woman, you should be ashame of yourself to contribute to more stereotypes.

Wake up and realize jokes like this are not funny especially when Asian men have been butt end of the jokes by the white society for years. Finally, I have no idea why you dated so many losers. I know many Asian men and none are like what you described.

asian girls like you are embrassment

Some of the hate mail contain their own generalizations. They seem to center around white men forcing their women to financially support them. Does this really happen?

Asian men: Graduted from Harvard, makes 100K+ plus a year, and doesn't expect you to cook and clean like a house slave because his salary will cover the house maids and cooks.

White men: Dropped out of University of Pheonix, makes below $16,000 a year, expects you to cook, clean, work, and act as a slave because he doesn't have the salary for the house maids and cooks.

From what I've seen, white men:
1. force their Asian girlfriends to cook.
2. talk down to their Asian girlfriends.
3. ask her to wear a kimono, even if she wasn't Japanese.
6. make her pay the bills, while he earns his degree in Art History.

I was puzzled by the recent plethora of hate mail, because my article begins with a whole paragraph where I say I would love to date a chinese guy if only he were sweet. But I suppose if you're coming from a forum like "Chinese Unity Forever!" or "People Against Asian Females who Date Fat Bald White Guys", then you'll skip any contrary evidence and go straight for the blood-boiling sections.

This reader was the most reasonable, I thought:

However, after reading your post again, I do realize that you meant no harm and was just looking to playfully poke at Asian men.

The part that annoys me is that your attitude on this subject is very reckless in the fact that other non-Asians are reading and watching. Some are just using this as ammunition to attack Asian men, a group your own brother belongs to.

I've already noticed that your post has sprung up on other websites with your explanation on how this was just a joke edited out.

I'm not going to remove the post, since that will just fuel more comments, as people dig it out of the Google cache. Also I stand by how it was meant in fun.

I suppose when I return from my camping trip this weekend, I'll have a hefty stack of hate mail in my inbox to read.


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Anonymous said...

*shrug* I can just tell from your posts that you're a bit self-hating. It's quite common in the Bay Area -- Asian women who for whatever reason have such a negative view of Asians, that they almost seem to wish they were white. So they try to distance themselves from their own culture by only dating white men, hoping that they can have a white baby and get rid of that pesky Asian heretige.

I find your attitude especially disturbing because you have a brother that you seem to like. Do you think it feels good for him to know that he's not desirable because of his race? No matter how many times you tell him he's a great guy, he's gonna see your anti-Asian male bias, and that bias is going to have a stronger impact on him.

I'd feel the same way if you were black and you posted that you don't like black men because they're all uneducated thugs who just want to be the next baby daddy.

Anonymous said...

"Asian men: Graduted from Harvard, makes 100K+ plus a year, and doesn't expect you to cook and clean like a house slave because his salary will cover the house maids and cooks."

Damn I gotta get me an Asian man!

Anonymous said...

Not to add more generalization, but maybe someone can point to real statistics on this: More times than not when I see an Asian female and non-Asian male in a car, it is most likely the female is doing the driving. While if both are Asian, then the chances of the guy driving is much higher. Anyone else noticed this?

Anonymous said...

Well, duh, the non-Asian guys haven't wised up yet about the risk of an AFD.

DWO said...

Last time I let my Asian girlfriend drive she got a DWO

Driving While Oriental...

Porn * ................... said...

I love porn..

Especially when the woman is Asian and the man not.

It takes her 2 small hands to handle his whopper.

100% Asian porn sucks.

The movements are so small. No long hard banging motions.

If the girl even uses 1 hand she cannot perform oral sex on him because that one hand covers his enire member.

And that whiney nose that Japanese women make while having sex.. That must be learned. eh eh eh

OK OK I am rambling

Anonymous said...

I bet one day you will wake up, just like a lot of asian females, and realize that their husband is an asiaphile...

I am joking!

You will probably just wake up and never realize a thing!

And divorce the guy and think hmmm must have married the wrong non-asian guy. The next one will surely not be an asiaphile...

And then you wake up...

gentle blogger please realize I am just joking.

Have a wonderful life.

John said...

We've gotten our share of "hate mail" on, including my posting/link to:

where I did link to some of your postings. Hopefully you have not gotten any hate mail from that posting in the past. This was in the context of other postings on inter-racial dating/relationships.

It just comes with the territory of blogging.

Have a great weekend camping.

I love Asian Women said...


I'd fuck ya..

I wouldn't marry ya...

Anonymous said...

To Porn *

lol. Why not just skip non-asian male/asian women porn altogether, and watch solo male porn. That way, you won't be turned off by those feminine hands covering that delicious cock, and can feast your eyes on not just the head, but shaft as well!

Different tastes, I guess. 100% Asian porn made in Asia likes to focus on the women. Whereas the white male consumers in the US need to see dicks much larger than their own to get aroused.

Anonymous said...

I bet your brother is still a virgin isn't he? LOL.

Keep being the White men's sperm receptacle. You excel in it.

Anonymous said...

I am a White guy. Stop giving a shit about those small-penised Asian losers, like your dad and your brother.

I have looked through some of your photo galleries. You seem to have a ton of Asian men in your circle. If these "men" has any pride at all, they would've dropped you like a used tampon. Despite all the put downs and your Chinese-Exclusionary Act in dick selection, these Asian dickless losers still hope to be yours. LOL. So why are they complaining? Geez.

I will certainly have you love me long time when I come down to SF.

Get ready. Love ya.

jon said...

Nice. You actually used my quote!

I would like to say I feel sorry for you and your influx of hate mail but like they say, if you fight cannibals, expect to be eaten.

You should know better than to scratch a wound that has been festering in the Asian American community for decades.

This issue has been a huge circle jerk.

AF: "I don't date Asian guys because they're insecure."

AM: "Well, maybe a large part of the population is insecure and lose confidence because they only always see Asian women with white men which causes them to question their own attractiveness and quality while also being told by a white controlled media that Asian men suck. This then causes you to seek out more white men."

And for the Asian men, such as John from, who claim this topic isn't an issue for the Asian American community, do yourself and do us all a favor. Dig your fuckin' head out of your ass and look at the situation objectively.

While you sit there and pat yourself on the back in lame attempt to make yourself look like a emotionally "secure" male, the fact that this topic has been a sore point since the 1970s and hasn't been resolved proves that this is a very divisive issue and whatever the community has been doing to address it...




When all else fails, try fresh tactics.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, as an AF married to an AM, I must say I disagree with your observations, but I guess they're your own. My guy tells me Im hot, and he doesn't insult my cooking, because he does the cooking. He doesn't expect me to do "traditional" subservient women's things like my white exes expected me to do. They thought because I was Asian I would be their maid/cook/whore all rolled into one. But I guess that's just me, Im sure the white guys who are propositioning you for sex on your photo gallery must be real gentlemen, not traditional and sexist like those horrible backward Asian men! Aiya!

Stick with white guys, it just means more successful modern and gorgeous AMs for AFs who know how to appreciate their man.

Anonymous said...

You know wha is so sad? After reading all kinds of posts around the Internet blog-sphere on this AF vs AM divide, AMs are always the second choice. Because even when the rare AF comes to defend her AM boyfriend or husband, it is always after she had sampled her share of White dicks.

The funny thing is, AMs are always there to catch the tossed-away used-up AFs. Asian men has zero self respect.

As a White man, I am glad that I am not an Asian man. I have seen more then a dozen ... whose counting ... of my AF exes getting married to the loser AMs over the last decade. I am just enjoying the ride.

Anonymous said...

To Porn:

Check this link out for white men's big dick:

If you gonna use porn as measurement of penis size, then 99% of white men have small dicks.

Advice to Niniane - Next time you do another blog on dating, you might want to consider statement like "Why I don't date these type of men" vs. "Why I don't date Asian men". It is never a good idea to stereotype whole race of men especially when many men don't fit what you described in the first place. What you stated could have applied to men of any race and I wish make your point vs. trying to putting men of races on a pedestal when many of them are fucking losers in real life.

Tim said...

Wow.. I laughed and appreciated the humor in the original post. And I knew you were just poking some fun.

But damn.. How do these people "who all graduated from Harvard and make $100k" find the time to obsess on your small post so much, comment all over forums, and fill your email with vitriolic bitching and moaning? :)

All good humor is usually at someone, or some group's, expense.. Most of comedian Carlos Mencia's comedy material bags on my particular ethnic group and gender, but I can still appreciate the funny stuff, dangit.

Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. :)

Anonymous said...

To Tim -

This is why most Americans are clueless what Asian Americans have to deal with.

White people can afford to make fun of each other because regardless how many negative comments are made about white people, there will always be a zillion positive images of white people in the media to counter it.

The problem with Asian Americans are we are constantly being stereotyped with ZERO positive role models in the media. It is not funny to Asian Americans when we are being made fun of all the time. THIS IS HOW STEREOTYPES HAPPEN. If the the media is more fair and there are plenty of positive Asian images and negative ones, then no one will complain.

That line "relax it is a joke" just don't have the same meaning when you dealing with certain negative stereotypes.

jon said...

Apples to oranges, Tim.

While everyone deserves a playful jab every once in awhile, the problem is that there are positive media counterbalances to negative portrayals.

Asian men have all the negative portrayals in mainstream North American media but no positive ones at all. When do social revolutions happen the most? When the divide between rich and poor increases. The more of a gap, the more of a danger for revolt.

Everyone knows about Yin/Yang where balance is needed for everything. Currently, there is no balance. There's actually a huge imbalance between the interracial dating ratio between Asian women and Asian men. Add in the huge mispresentation of Asian women and Asian men in North American media and you have a recipe for disaster.

Eventually, as the gap increases, the Asian American community will collapse. There were several female Black Panthers who stated that in order to destroy the black race, all white men had to do was drive a wedge between the men and women. They never fell for it. Apparently, Asian women aren't all that socially wise. Throw them a bone and they're all over it like white on rice. Do I hate Asian women? Nope but I do resent them. I even dare say that the only thing holding Asian men back are the "anchors" known as Asian women. The backlash against Asian women has always been present and with the advent of the internet, it's going to get far worse.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You've seen here photo gallery. She FUGLY. No one wants her except old, bald, and fat white guys.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous AF,
I was with you until you mentioned white exes...You KNEW they are with you because of the stereotypes of AFs as subserviant maid/cook/whore and probably masseuse and ATM rolled into it as well. It's good you can tell the difference between a quality AM and a loser WM, but I guess the lesson was a hard one since your experiences were, naturally negative. But why a WM in the first place? Does your husband know about your past? Were you older or youger when you dated them? I have never had the desire to go out with a WM so never have. Got harassed by some, but never actually went out with them.

Im an AF with a AM husband,too. he takes good care of me and I take care of him. He also cooks for me, he is a professional chef so it just made sense that he do the cooking since it's 2nd nature to him, and treats me like the way a lady is supposed to be treated. He is attentive and says Im pretty even first thing in the morning, but I don't need constant reassurance, Im not that insecure.

Another bonus? He understands me, he understands what it is like growing up Asian American and Im not some exotic thing. White people can never understand it, no matter how much they "try". He understands my family and I don't feel any shame that my family is not like white families, I am actually proud and want to raise my kids with a strong Asian American identity.

except for the white ex thing, I swore I had a long lost twin out there.


Anonymous said...

To jon,

You are right that whatever the Asian community is doing about this IR issue is not working. You also that with the Internet, the backlash against Asian women like Niniane is going to get worst.


You said that the sign of a defeated people is when its women heart is not long with the people.


It is great to be a White man.

Anonymous said...

seal and heidi klum are going to have beautiful mulato babies!

Anonymous said...

To the stupid white man above,

Why don't you look around? I see plenty of black men with white women. Does this mean white men are defeated too?

Yes you are have those sellout bitches. We don't need them in the Asian community anyway. I wish there was a race changing surgery where these bitches can change their race and be over with. Loser white men like yourself can have all those sellout bitches.

Youtea said...

It's an f-ing joke! If the Asian people is truly secure about their status in America, we should not be offended by that post.

Yes, being a CHINESE male I've made fun of my race all the time. Com'on, don't tell me you have not called other Chinese, FOBs? Or you have not give the evil eyes to the "Gu Wak Jai"? I do believe that we need to get out of this stereotype.

How else we're going to do that -- humor! Just like how black comedians make fun of the African-American race. They point jokes at each other. It's not OK, but there's some truth to every joke, and someone needs to point them out and set the wrongs, straight.

Seriously though, how many Chinese guys you see makes 160k and hires maids? In the US? You're kidding me right? Isn't that's another generalization?

Look around SF's Chinatown, com'on, seriously, do you think that 50% these low confident, scrawny Asian guys can score?

Pump some iron, get a haircut, buy some fashionable clothes, Read a book... read a book, read a mother fucking book!

Youtea said...

Asian Female with White Men...

Why get jealous? If the Asian guy is really a guy, he'd not get jealous and find himself a white girl. Don't tell me that's not in every Asian men's head.

A white men can have chances w/ females of anyways.

An Asian men is kinda stuck w/ only their own.

Be a man, grow some balls, go out and meet some girls.

joe said...


Apparently you don't have to worry about living up to the stereotypical Asian nerd stereotype considering you have a problem with reading comprehension.

If you read the previous comments, you'd discover two comments that don't have a problem with being the pun of jokes but the problem arises when you don't have positive portrayals to balance them out. Every other race in American and Canada (America Jr.) do.

Reading = win

Bill Nobody said...

I've been in the Bay Area for awhile now, and I've seen so many AF/WM marriages crumble, it's laughable.

Typically it's because the white guy doesn't seem to quite understand what he's getting into. All of a sudden the culture of his wife is no longer a fetish, a mystery, a unique thing that attracts him -- it becomes the everyday. Every day, dealing with the Chinese inlaws, the bullshit superstitions, the money-hungry Chinese culture, all that crap.

Dating a fetish is great. Marrying a fetish is asking for divorce.

Anonymous said...

Asian women are whores who only exist for white man's pleasure. And they seem to enjoy that role, so who am I to complain?

I don't complain when a porn star fucks on camera for my entertainment, so why should I complain that Asian women do anal on the first date for my pleasure?

Anonymous said...

Youtea - learn to read dude. Perhaps you need to get a clue why many Asian Americans are angry. Hint: it is not because some Asian men can't get girls. As an Asian American man, I am tired being stereotyped when someone who has never met already listed bunch of my "traits" whether it is true or not, it does not matter whether this comes from an ignorant white person or an Asian woman who happened to think non-Asian men are the greatest thing even happened since slice of bread.

It is like Asian American men are blamed for years of sexism practiced in Asia when many of us never even been to Asia. On the other hand, white men are forgiven for thousands of years of sexism they practiced in Europe.

If you can't see the irony in this, then you really need to get a clue.

joe said...

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”

-Jim Morrison

To all the white men that don't believe that the media gives them a distinct advantage, I offer a challenge. Give minorities unfettered access and control to America's media empire for 30 years.

Then, let's see how you like it.

It's no coincidence that the area where minorities have the least power is in American media and ad industry. Too bad this is where most of America's racism is born.

Anthony Ciolli said...

WOW, all Asian men are superior because they all graduated from Harvard and make 100k!!!!

How ethnocentric and disgusting, acting like Asians are all that. You Asians act like your s*it doesn't stink and that white people should kowtow to you because of your friggin HARVARD degrees and your 100k investment banking jobs, right?

Anonymous said...

To the angry, defeated Asian men,

Yes, I do see a lot of White females with Black men. It is but an extremely small percentage of them and that does not have any material impact on White men at lareg. However, according to the 2000 census, AFs are marrying White/Hispanic White men 40% of the time (not to mention dating them 90% of the time). LOL.

Also, I have never ever seen a White women dissing the entire White male poplulation because she had a bad experience with her White ex. The same can not be said about AFs. As a matter of fact, AFs loves to profess their longing for the White cock and their distain for Asian men openly on the Internet (as in this case) and in real life (I have ex-AF fuck buddies tell me point blank how they will never touch an Asian man with a ten foot pole.) Now that is White power. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

To the white male above,

"Angry and defeated"? why? What for? You seem to forget there are over 100K of white families that adopt Asian girls who have been exposed to the ultimate white washing.

If your idea is to go after women with low self esteem, who is insecure and hate herself, then you are welcome to all these white cum toilets. Just remember they will go after any ugly white men so you are not anything special. Therefore, don't be so proud of yourself loser.

I personally prefer women who have a sense of pride, a health sense of self esteem and who is proud of her culture instead of being ashame of it.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous virgin AMs,

I don't give a fuck about whether the AF cum dumpsters where I make my sperm deposits are Whitewashed, insecure, have self hat, or have low self-esteem. A good piece of ass is a good piece of ass. The fact that I ain't nothing special but I can score dozens of AFs a year is a clear testiment to White cock power.

When she is swallowing my dong, I really don't care about her respect for her own culture or any culture for that matter. You mean you think about shit like that when you are doing the nasty? I think not--because it is obvious that you are either a chick, gay, a virgin, or just as I thought--a loser AMs. God you are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

To the dumb ass white male above -

Despite some of these AFs are clueless and stupid, do some of them are that desperate they are willing to go out a loser like you? Seriously, talk about total losers getting together for mutual pity fest. Whatever works for you I guess.

Anonymous said...


You see, the bigger of a White loser I am, yet at the same time, I am banging hot AFs left and right, the stronger the affirmation that my White skin can defeat a Harvard degreed AM in the dating game. This fact delights me to no end and apparently, makes you AM virgins bitter with resentment and anger.

I love it.

Anonymous said...

Asian women have huge, flat, moonfaces, slits for eyes, and weird, stumpy, bowed legs. Not to mention that they are EXTREMELY money-oriented. No thanks.

I prefer white women from Eastern Europe. Tall, slender, shapely, naturally blonde, pretty eyes.

I'd like my children to be tall and slender, not short and stumpy with beady eyes. I'd also like my children to understand that there is more to life than money and what your friends/family think of your career. Asians just don't seem to get that.

Anonymous said...

This blog post is getting out of hand, with all the negative and unnecessary comments.
Just because one does not like a specific race does not mean they are racist or bias against them it is call PREFERENCE. You ignorant people are fast to jump to the only conclusion you feeble brains can come up with. Just cause she doesn't like to date Asian men doesn't mean you Asian guys have to turn against her and whine.

Anonymous said...

"I'd also like my children to understand that there is more to life than money and what your friends/family think of your career. Asians just don't seem to get that."

As an Asian American male, I couldn't agree with that line more. Asians definitely have this sickening obsession with money, prestige, and status. Asian men in particular (especially Chinese and Koreans) love to show off their Ivy League degrees and their mid six figure salaries working in investment banking, management consulting, and big law firms. To them, have an Ivy League degree is the ultimate path to success and happiness. Ask a Chinese or a Korean what God is, and they're tell you it's a Harvard degree.

Asians definitely have this problem with materialism and prestige. I think this is why so many Asian women are sickened by this attitude. If Asian men actually think beyond money and status, maybe they wouldn't lose so many of their females to white guys. While some white guys may be Asiaphiles, many white guys are also decent hard working men. They may not have the status or prestige of Chinese guys, but they make a living and do well for themselves.

Anonymous said...

To the poster that used PREFERENCE as an excuse, here is one for you: When an employer does not hire Blacks that doesn't mean the emplyers is racist.

Your words: "Just because one does not like a specific race does not mean they are racist or bias against them it is call PREFERENCE."

Look up the definition of bias or racist, you racist dipshit for brains. I pity your parents for having to deal with a braindead piece of shit like you.

Anonymous said...

Asian men's focus on money and career is overcompensation for the other areas of their lives.

They are not respected in politics;
They are not respected in sports;
They are not respected in the media;
They are not respected on the dance floor;
They are not respected in the dating scene.

They are only given the benefit of the doubt in academia, careers, and business. Guess what, that's where they are going to go and they are succeeding with great personal sacrifice and they are going to show it off.

Do you know why Blacks excel in sports? If you have a couple of brain cells to rub together, you can figure it out.

Fucking idiots.

Youtea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Youtea said...

joe, Anonymous

If you're actually confident about your status is where-ever you live, (for example, a steady job, a gf) you won't be here arguing on the internet.

Anyways, the more angry Asian male comment about this post, the more Niniane is right. Why retaliate when it's not true? Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Yo youtea, if people are saying that you raped a little girl, you won't say shit back since it is not true? or that you have a tiny dick, you won't do anything about it?

Wow. Your stupidity is astounding.

Youtea said...

Oh yea, btw the way, Angry Asian Men, before you say anything, go back to Asia and see how many beautiful, single, Asian women are single because 30 year old Asian men are spending days either at the arcades or comic book stores. I already know a handful of these girls.

You think Japanese wives are the only race that's repressed? Think again. I already know a handful of these girls.

Niniane joked about these stereotype. But like I've said before, there's a truth in every joke.

Be mad, Angry Asian men, you're just ignoring the stereotype with your Asian pride.

Youtea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I've lost track of who is claiming to be white and who is claiming to be Asian here , but you're all incredibly pathetic bastards.

I strongly doubt that any of you ever have sex with women of any ethnicity without having to hand over substantial amounts of money immediately beforehand.

Youtea said...

By statistics, Asian men do have a smaller penis. I'm ok with that because I know how to pleasure a woman.

Raping little girls? Dude, where you get that? Have you watched "To Catch a predator?" By percentage, I haven't seen much Asian men... I've seen a lot of programmers and engineers though.

Stereotype? Ok with it? I'm above it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not asian, but I'm very similiar to the asian guy in your original post. - I don't see the problem. If you were brought up pampered, then you'd expect others to pamper you. ;) I guess everyone in the world should take a class on 'How to Pamper"

Anonymous said...

Youtea - show me one scientific statistics that shows all Asian men have small dicks. If you got one, then deal with it and quit pushing that stereotype against rest of Asian men. I happen to have way above average dick size and I am Asian, what does that say? Show me one real statistic and I can show you another claiming something totally different. Men of every race have big and small dicks. There are more likely to have wide range within the same race than within different races. If you are insecure with your little penis, please don't try to create another stereotype unless you have personally seen every Asian guy with a hard on in the world.

You are dumb and lame in that you missed the whole point of this discussion. Yes stereotypes all have some truth to it, but there are a lot of people don't fit the stereotypes. When people make stupid comments like "All Asians .." that's just lame and not true. You obviously don't have a clue so go get one.

Why don't we start stereotypes like all white people smell like skunks cause many do? How about white men have penis as soft as jello cause many do? How about many white men have hairs like an ape and smell like one too? Why don't they have these stereotypes? Many white men fit that too. Why? Because white men don't want these stereotypes out there and they only impose that on minorities. Bottom line, stereotypes are designed to take away your individuality and lump you into some categories.

Sadly, some AFs obviously could careless about how Asian race are perceived in this country and only think for themselves. If it is easier to be lapdogs for white people, they gladly do it vs. try to dispel stereotypes. Some prefer to spread more stereotypes because it makes easier for white men to accept them.

Youtea said...

Anonymous, show me scientist proof that Asian doesn't have a smaller penis? It's good that you have an above average penis... but so what?

I think we all miss the whole point what Niniane's post. Let's put our elite Asian pride aside for a second.

She DOES want an Mandarin speaking guy. However, with her failures meeting such a guy, her patience turns into anguish, leading her writing an "catchy" article to get community attention. If she is really goes only non-Asians, why the hell would she write an essay about it? She does care, she does want a sweet, attractive, Mandarin speaking guy. Does this person exist? So far, a lot of the guys who post in this comment does not consider "sweet."

Sweet is not just giving someone flowers. It is a way show your passion and feelings to people. I think the Asian people are very poor at such task.

The point some of my comments are to point out the Asian people's flaws, and propose to change them. Nothing else. Still, pride gets in the way.

Oh, guys, I don't think she goes for only white guys. Her post was "Why I don't date Asian guys," not "Why I date only White guys."

Oh, Asian men, if you read her Party pic posts, that's where she said she wants an sweet Mandarin speaking guy w/ good abs.

Oh yea, I'm a big idiot that hates my own race, yup. Oh, and I can't read also, yup.

joe said...


I see all the white men who prowl Craiglist have finally weeded their way back here.

youtea, I'm perfectly fine with myself and how I am doing in life. If you read the other posts, Niniane used my quote as being the most reasonable. My gripe wasn't with the fact that she wrote the article to poke fun at Asian men but rather the fact that she doesn't seem to understand that white men having been using examples such as this from Asian women to degrade and trivialize Asian men. The proof is right here in this thread!

In fact, I dare say that almost all the ammunition that white men get are from Asian women. After all, who's opinion is more trustworthy than the female counterpart to Asian men?

Also, when I said you needed to attended remedial reading comprehension, it was because you stated a specific point which has already been addressed. Twice.

Also, regarding stereotypes, while there is some "truth" to them, the real issue is how much of a difference that stereotype actually affects total picture.

For instance, a Swedish condom maker reported that there is almost no difference in penis size. It was also noted from Trojan that Asian men, on average, are 1 centimeter shorter flaccid. So, if a woman makes that much of a difference, I dare say she has more problems to worry about.

It's comforting to know that all white men have to do to destroy the Asian American community is to drive a wedge between the men and women. Just as predicted by the Black Panthers during the march for civil rights.

Anonymous said...

I am a white man and I love to drive a wedge between AFs' leg and any orafice there is on them.

Good times.

Me..... said...

Holy 55 comments already...

Be nice people...

Asian women have the stage for this generation.. Why???

No idea...(though I prefer them)

In Paleolithic times portly women were in style.

In the 20's waif sized flappers were all the rage.

Let Asian women enjoy their popularity while it lasts...

I am curious as to what is next..

Who knows...

Niniane and I will have produced an entire football team by the time the tide changes...

Niniane... marry me while Asian girls are still in style :-P

hahahh Kidding..
I love you for your mind...

Your cute bum helps too :-P

niniane said...

Kai Chang..

Did you write the above post?

Anonymous said...


So what are we waiting for? Let's go date some white girls and do the same thing! Here we are discuss about WM dating AF, while the WM are banging AF. We gotta put the whities in their place! Stereotype, no such thing on the bed.

Haha, I kid, I kid.

But anyways, WM date AF because they don't have the confident to date WF, and to make their penises look bigger.

Haha, I kid, I kid.

Niniane said...

Ah, this thread makes me LOL.

Also, that comment above about Kai Chang was written by an impersonator, not by me! Freakin' hilarious though.

me..... said...


So sorry to impersonate you...

Just trying to make you smile...

So when can we get started on that football team :-P

Philipp Lenssen said...

How about for a change we don't separate the world into people of different colors, but people who comment *anonymously* versus those who put their real identity behind their words?

Phil and I.......... said...

Philipp Lenssen said...

How about for a change we don't separate the world into people of different colors, but people who comment *anonymously* versus those who put their real identity behind their words?

Hummmmm!!!! Phillipp.. buddy..

I just didn't have the guts like you do to show the world my
"Cat Blog"

But after your prodding I guess I'll come out of my shell.

Philipp Lenssen said...

Heh... that Cat Blog post was actually done for a screenshot for a multi part article on Blogoscoped.
(But you can actually comment with your full name and not link to your page by checking the Other button in the identity selection.)

Anonymous said...


oos said...

Currently, Asian women are more socially acceptable. If you look all around in popular American media, all of the Asian women seem to be assimilated individuals whereas the Asian men are still viewed as the perpetual foreigner.

This comes as no surprise as Asian women are viewed as less threatening to the white male power structure. Imaging if Asian men were portrayed as loving people, they would be perfect to compete for power in America.

Instead, you have blacks who are portrayed as physically strong but stupid and poor and Asian men are vice versa to black men.

Anyway, my point being is that Asian women have much more social clout than Asian men in North America. This gives them power. To quote Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. Asian women have no responsibility in this respect at all.

As long as white men will treat them as another hole to put their penis into, all is good in the world according to them. This seems to make both white men and Asian women happy.

The fact of the matter is that Asian women who date and marry white men cannot say they also stand up for Asian men. The social situation makes it impossible.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the ride Asian women while it lasts.

I am sure enjoying it with my happy penis.

White power.

BMC said...

It has been normal through out history that women assimilate easier into a new culture.

There are many reasons for this.

They are more open to change and accepting of new things.

Women communicate more verbally and learn to speak another language easier because of it.

Compare any brother and sister and you will see USUALLY the girl has a more socially diverse network of friends...

In brief....

Women learn more languages and have a bigger social network so that they Bitch Moan and Complain to more people...

joe said...

Asian guys need to stop reading stupid opinions such as this. It's psychologically unhealthy and a waste of time.

We have infinitely more of these types of idiotic ramblings than we have of support. Just go out there and change things on your own because we sure as hell don't get support from our corner.

Anonymous said...

I had an epiphany about all this time AM's have on their hands. After the Iraq War broke out, there has been an enormous wall of prejudism that has moved into Boulder, and those who were once friendly to me, are now my enemies. I didn't even have to do anything, or say anything really. Anyway, with all the time on my hands, I finished two books, one of which is being reviewed by a midlevel publisher.
The epiphany came after some of the posters wrote God is not an Asian male. I'm beginning to think perhaps otherwise. Maybe God wants us to have lots of time to get our projects done, do things that are going to change the world. We all know that Asian men are fantastic people. But in the GW world, we hate smart people. Maybe there is a reason for this. We know God works in strange ways. Maybe we all have to just keep working on our advances and do something that will change the world, or something else. I can't be sure. Women are going to come no matter what. This time of adversity is for our benefit. Before all this began, I never had time for projects. It was career, and friends, and amatory relationships. But now I have time to write, for the first time ever, and it is incredible, raw, and real, like there is a purpose. Why would God waste all of these high IQ's? We have things to invent. Who cares about a plastic dating scene. From what I hear, when they are being honest, I mean really honest, the White guys are hurting too. We are dealing with a bizzare change in male female dependence. Women are changing, their needs are changing, and being blonde isn't everything anymore. Just listen to them when they are being honest. Feel the hurt. Get away from it. And don't catch it. Just keep working on those extra things and watch for the good women, who are willing to help. Good women are out there, and they aren't stupidly dating to please their friends. Also, I doubt they hang out in clubs either. You find them in bookstores.
Keep working boys, and lift ourselves to heights never seen in human history. We are the way.

Anonymous said...

^What on Earth did you just mumble out?

white_jenny said...

LOL no matter how much this colonized Asian tool sucks up to her white masters at the expense of Asian men, she'll still never be equal to white women. You're nothing but a stereotype of exotic Asian massage parlor prostitute sucky suck long time, in the eyes of Mainstream White America and Hollywood. Figures that someone with a 3.9 in Computer Science is a clueless child when it comes to understanding race issues or the effects of Hollywood on the way Asians view themselves. Asian men can do better than a shallow, clueless whore like you anyways, especially since Asian women who live in Asia are for the most part easy prostitutes who have no social power in a male-dominated society. Don't inflate your value in this world now, Chinese are still 3rd world trash in a white dominated world.

White_jenny said...

Chinese who look exactly like you, and i've seen your pics to know that you aren't exactly a looker, are 3rd world trash in a white dominated world. And every time a sell-out like you shits on their own people to up their own low self-esteem, you only make Asians as a collective whole look even more pathetic. Many Jews did the same thing during the Holocaust, when they would intentionally report other Jews and catch them for the Nazis in order to save their own asses. You're nothing but a shallow, self-righteous, snob who wants to deceive yourself into thinking you're too good for Asian men, because deep down you're ashamed of being Chinese and just another ugly chink in the eyes of White Power. Tsk tsk use your head.

Niniane said...

You did enough research on me to know that I have a 3.9 GPA, yet you ignored the sentence in my original article about how I've dated Asian men both before and after writing the post.

Anonymous said...

That hurt!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fun read. I'm so glad all my (male) asian friends aren't like the losers who post here. I'm not sure if I've ever read so many racist posts in a sitting. I can see why those asian females don't want to date you.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon posting above,

This is the exact reason why many Asian Americans hate those WM/AF relationships. People like you will never understand where Asian Americans are coming from. Most don't care other than doing whatever they can to gain access to Asian women. Most could not careless about many Asian American issues plaguing the community.

See here is a hint for you, only white people can afford to preach let's be colorblind blah blah blah. Why? Cause the system is already set up for you and you expect everyone else just fit into their little category and shut up. I got news for you, as a minority we are reminded constantly of our skin color and it is impossible to be colorblind in the USA. Although it would be ideal for USA to treat every human being as a human being, you must be real ignorant if you think that's the case. Media is the biggest evil in this country and it always will be until all people are fairly represented in America. For example, do you realize there are over 100M non-white people in America. BTW, that's 1/3 of the country. Do you see 1/3 of characters that are minority in Hollywood or on major TV stations? You don't need me to figure out the answer.

It has nothing to do being racists stating many facts when it comes to Niniane's post. In fact, most of the WM/AF relationships are just another reminder to many Asian Americans that racism against us are alive and well in the good old USA. Love is not colorblind and it is so far from it is not even funny. In fact, many of these relationships promote more racism because it is so unbalanced in the USA.

As a white man who has an interest in Asian women, don't you think it makes sense to try to understand the world she is from? If nothing else, don't you think your mixed kids will have to deal with the same shit when they grow up? If getting laid is the only motive, then I guess you don't give a crap and those AFs that date men like you are even more pathetic. For Asian women that sold their heritage down the toilet to date a WM only, I hope karma comes back and bite you in the ass. In the war times, traitors are usually the first to pay for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

I'm a white man, and I find Asian women as a rule more interesting (and attractive) than any other race of women, including white/mixed women. In my experience, Asian women are interested in the world, interested in life, family and the future. They care about their bodies, their minds, and their relationships. They are contributors to society, deeply committed to friendships and their families, loyal companions, and dedicated to growing and building a future for themselves and those they care about.

I have also had many Asian male friends over the years. They too, are family-oriented, interested and interesting.

From talking about this subject with my Asian male and female friends, it appears the primary reason Asian women do not date Asian men is physical - pure and simple, as well as their sense of entitlement (I'll get to that in a minute). They tell me that compared with men of other races, Asian men are comparatively smaller, more slender, and less "manly". Asian men have round, soft, mostly child-like faces compared with other races. Their hands and feet are small - like a teenagers, or a child's. And they have high voices. When was the last time you heard a bass or baritone voice on an Asian man? I've never, and I'm in the music business.

The other reason most of my Asian female friends do not date Asian males has to do with their sense of entitlement. They tell me that Asian men feel they are entitled to whatever the women offer, and do not do anything extra to make them feel comfortable, to show their interest in them or to support them.

Anonymous said...

^ this has to be the fat white bald guy who lives in Boulder. Yes? I'm five foot eleven and am actually a tenor in the local choir. I can sing baritone too, but that slot is taken, and not even by a white guy.
I find that racists are always trying to dispel our beliefs, because it threatens them. This is consternation being delivered.
What an idiot. I bet he wouldn't know an Asian male over five two if he bit him on the ass.
I notice that this so called colorblindness works in many ways. When you are Asian, and taller than the bald fat white guy, they are always surprised, even unwilling to believe it, having to joke and ridicule you without even knowing you for what you are.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wish I could see this bald white hair caucawhoremonger and bitch smack him with my giant, but slender hands. And then I would stick my small size eleven shoe up his ass.

Anonymous said...

I've been notice that the White guy who are dating Chinese girls are either fat over 40, and the girls are like 19, or the guy is the same height as her. I see them having five foot white guys, and saying they hate short ASian guy. ???? Why always the bullshit justifying, when teh truth is clear-they only like whiteah guy period! It makes them feel more white.

Anonymous said...

To the white guy above,

And you wonder why Asian guys can't stand stupid fucks like you. I guess stereotype is alive and well with these women and idiots like you.

Have you open your eyes and see the white men these Asian women are with? They are not exactly tall and handsome or anything. They are usually fat, bald, short and ugly.

If you consider smelling bad, fat and over weight, bald, geeky, nerdy , ugly and being white attractive, then I guess you would believe anything out there. I got a swamp in Florida I want to sell you too.

Or maybe these women are just out there justifying their reasons with yet more stereotypes because they are white-washed?

BTW, I am 5'11" and 195 lbs of muscle and I bench over 375 lbs. Do I fit that description too?

Anonymous said...

Asian women . .interesting?! AHAHAHA AHAHAHAHA. If you like them because they are small and slender, fine, but INTERESTING??!!

Asian women are the most BORING PEOPLE ON EARTH. No personality, no sense of humor, no opinons about anything political or otherwise.

If you think Asian women are interesting, you must be the most boring fuck on the planet!

Anonymous said...

To the ignorant white guy above,

If you believe these Asian women and their statement about different body sizes, then why aren't these women out there dating big black guys? Seriously, aren't black guys stereotyped as big, athletic etc.?

I got a hint for you, it has nothing to do with body size or whatever you want to believe. It has everything to do with plain old racism. Preference my ass. If people are truly colorblind, we won't see all these gender specific issues within minority populations.

Justifying racism and sugarcoat it with preference is just sick. Get a fucking clue.

You can spin it anyway you want, but ugly white men with hair like a gorilla are not attractive.

Anonymous said...

Most AF/WM pairing are gross..I don't even try to make eye contact with them when I pass them on the street. I no longer respect AF that date WM.

Anonymous said...

LOL the white guy is a pure idiot. Many Asian men have deep, baritone voices. Yao Ming is one example that comes to mind. If anyone has a high-pitched girly voice it is white men who sound like they have no testicles (e.g. David Beckam or Justin Timberlake who sound like 10 year old girls when they talk). No wonder sophisticated Asian women wouldn't date a white guy like you, you're clueless and a bigot to say the least.

Anonymous said...

And if you want to generalize Asian men as "smaller" than white men, which is false, then you can also generalize Asian men as being smarter and better educated than guys like you who work some meager job in the music biz and drives a Hyandai sedan since you can't break into the six figure bracket. A lot of Asian women who state "Asian men are small" are full of shit because their white goober boyfriends are scrawny dorks themselves who get receding hairlines at age 35, with a limp dick. (its true that white men have limper dicks and Asian men have the hardest dicks which ultimately feels better for women during intercourse :)

Anonymous said...

I hear Asian women complain about the sort of resentment against them from Asian men.

Let's all take a guess as to why. Not only are we getting stabbed in the front by white men, we're getting a sharp jabbing pain in the back from Asian women.

Asian women make better neo-nazis than white men do.

Anonymous said...

Whoops. I made Godwin's Law come true.

Anonymous said...

When an AF dates an AM, it means: they go out to spend the AM's money on flowers, dinners, movies, concerts, gifts, and travels but no sex.

When an AF dates a WM, it means: she sucky fucky with the WM in 5 minutes after they get together and she pays for the condoms.

Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

You know why AM not wanting any sex? Cause your sister was providing the service. BTW, it only took her 1 min to get down on her knees and start blowing. Now deal with that.

BTW, paying a woman for sex does not make you a man. It just means you are a fucking loser.

Anonymous said...

To bald fat white guy in the music biz, I'm sure Godwin's Law follows you around like pigpen's dust cloud. You are a goddam Nazi, and I doubt very highly that you have any Asian friends, male or female. What music do you work with, The Mein Khampf symphony? Your sister is dating a Black guy, and you want to push down someone smaller? You would never stand up and fight someone your size. When I think of the guy I was beating up last night, I hope it was you. I'd like to stick a nice black clarinet up your ass. I love white guys. They squeal like pigs. They are so tall and dreamy.

Anonymous said...

For all you liars and those who beleive them, who say that whitah guys are less controlling, please read up on Kevin Strom, the leader of the National Vanguard movement. His wife says here that he was very controlling, and . . . well just read it. I am going to try to get it posted on every site where this exact discussion is occurring.

Kevin Alfred Strom was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1956.

Strom's marriage to his first wife, Kirsten Helene Kaiser, produced three children.[8] Since their marriage ended, Kaiser has spoken out about her life with Strom in several interviews.[8][9] She has also written a book on her experiences with Strom and the National Alliance entitled The Bondage of Self (ISBN 0-9720705-5-9). Kaiser claimed that Strom was an extremely controlling husband who forced her to abstain from meat, forbade her to wear blue jeans, and predetermined her favorite music, Mozart.[9] She has since disavowed the racist beliefs she held while married to Strom and has summarized their years together: "Hundreds of women like me have gotten hooked up with some man from a racist group who controls their lives. I want them to know that if I can escape and regain my soul, they can too."[8]

Yan said...

here is a bitch website, which Asian girls only data with white people, what hell ...

Yan said...

Anonymous said...

What about those WM who date AF that were born here in the USA? Culturally, they are more likely to be the same or close.

I noticed a few Asians posting about how the "system" is. I have friend who are black, asian and (east) indian, they are all quite successful and never complain of their set-back because of their race. It's not like white males get everything they want. Just because you do not get something, maybe it's just back luck or maybe you weren't the right man for the "job". It has to be nice to have something to blame it on though.

Anonymous said...

That's because institutionalized racism is no longer about "I'm not going to hire him because he's blah." It's "I'm going to hire him because he's blah."

Anonymous said...

Hi Niniane,
Ignore the ignorant haters. The world has its eyes way more open. The position that asain women should only date asian men, cos how are asian men gonna have sex is just so much BS.
Be yourself, love yourself and show no fear. The stereotypes are only created to make you conform to their ideals. AM haters will never be happy until there's an Asian James Bond, made by Asians, with NO references to popular Asian culture... then all the white chicks will want them and they won't notice you're dating whoever YOU wish. Until then, they only want you to date who THEY wish!

Anonymous said...

^Way to comment on a subject you know nothing about.

This has nothing to do with controlling how Asian women date. It's about 1.) promoting stereotypes or airing dirty laundry against a demographic that is already socially oppressed and 2.) stating that the social dynamics are set up in that if Asian women date white men, they cannot, in any way, claim to state they support Asian men.

It's impossible.

The reason being in that white men have set up a system where they're viewed as romantically inferior. Thus, if Asian women date white men in droves, it serves to prove their point.

Therefore, Asian women are willingly or unwittingly assisting in the emasculation of Asian men.

Yay! See how easy it is to understand once someone has the most basic grasp of racial sociology in North America and just a little bit of realism instead of saying "race isn't important as long as Asian women or white men aren't losing out!"

And to prove that it's not just a Asian male issue, black women have always had this problem as well.

See, I thought the individuals that commented on this blog were actually intelligent to understand basic social concepts.

Anonymous said...

What is racism? If we simply examine the structure of the word, it would appear obvious that the word "racism" should be interpreted just like all of the other "isms". Just as humanism upholds the importance of human rights, nationalism upholds the importance of national differences, and theism upholds the importance of divine beings, racism upholds the importance of race.

Does race matter? In an ideal world, it wouldn't. The fact that I am of Asian descent shouldn't mean anything to anyone, on any grounds, except as a point of purely academic trivia. But that's an ideal world. In the real world, have we been moving toward this ideal, or away from it? Does the "political correctness" movement help, or hurt?

I feel that modern political correctness, far from reducing racism, is actually increasing it. One example is the politically correct terminology for visible minorities. In America, people of African descent are referred to as "African-Americans". People of Asian descent are referred to as "Asian-Americans". People of Indian descent are referred to as "Indian-Americans". Some of these terms are championed by members of those races, but I strongly object to them. If a young black man traces his American lineage back for ten generations, grows up in Detroit and never sees Africa, why should he be referred to as an "African-American"? Doesn't that imply that he's half-African, and half-American? Why isn't he all American? Why aren't the descendants of European settlers referred to as "Anglo-Americans", or "Aryan-Americans"? When I hear one of these hyphenated race names, it implies to me that the person has recently immigrated from Africa, or India, or Asia. Therefore, I see no justification whatsoever to apply such terms to people whose grandparents were born here. It accentuates the differences, and implies that they are "imports", rather than a natural part of the local culture.

The politically correct media is constantly reminding us of the distinction between the alien cultures of non-whites and the presumably domestic culture of whites. The television is awash in documentaries and soundbites about "black culture" or "asian culture" or "latino culture", and people proudly demonstrate their "racial sensitivity" by "respecting" these various "cultures." What a crock ... this show of "respect" is completely racist, no matter what the politically correct brigade may say. To even describe something called "asian culture" is to subtly make two claims:


All people descended from Asian immigrants act the same.

People of Asian descent have different cultural values than "we" do.

The same is true whenever someone talks about "black culture" or "latino culture". The none-too-subtle implication is that members of visible minorities have conflicted cultural and national loyalties, torn between here and their "homelands". To put it another way, why don't we ever hear about "white culture"? No one talks about "white culture", because everyone knows two things:


There are many different types of "white" culture. British, French, Irish, Italians, Germans, Russians, etc. are much different from one another.

Once people have been here for more than a generation or two, we should assume that they've adjusted to local cultural values.

Why don't we make those same assumptions about people who aren't white? Are we supposed to perpetuate the notion that all asians act the same, or all blacks act the same? Are we supposed to promote the notion that members of visible minorities are incapable of accepting local cultural values, or that they have some unbreakable spiritual connection to the birthplace of their ancestors which will forever separate them from white people?

Oh, I know, the politically correct brigade might point out that white people aren't the only ones who talk about "black culture", or "asian culture". Well, that doesn't prove anything. No one ever said that white people are the only racists in the world, so you can't prove that an act isn't racist by showing that a non-white person does it. I've seen black people accuse other black people of "not acting black enough", and I've seen asians accuse other asians of "being yellow on the outside, and white on the inside." It's truly disgusting to me that a member of a visible minority can actually be criticized for not conforming to racial stereotypes.

So if you want to be racially sensitive, don't bullshit me about your great respect and admiration for "asian culture". Asian culture does not exist. I don't know of any such thing. People from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and China have markedly different cultural values, and people from different regions or different social groups within those countries also have markedly different cultural values. As for me, I don't belong to any of those groups. I love burgers and pizza. I watch NFL football on TV. I only speak English. I drive a Mercury. My dog is a family pet, not a snack. I laugh at water, er .. American beer. And when someone asks whether I'm Chinese or Japanese, I tell him I'm neither. I'm a Canadian. End of story.

Anonymous said...

my above posting is in response to the person who replied to my first posting" "^Way to comment on a subject you know nothing about."

Anonymous said...

To the poster above who wrote a long winded piece of garbage on political correctedness, you still know nothing about racism in America.

You are a red-neck want-to-be.

You are all messed up and don't even know it.

LOL. You will never be like me--White. Your efforts are amazingly funny.

Anonymous said...

clearly that last posting was some non-white trying to stir up more trouble.

Anonymous said...

RE: fat bald white guy replies:

Even though you are posting anonymously, my little Asian friends, your IP address is showing, which means I can figure out who you are.

I am white, but not bald, 198cm tall and definitely not fat.

Anyway, I wasn't saying in my opinion Asian men are short, skinny and look gay, I was saying the Asian women in my life think that.

Personally, I have no opinion about whether someone "looks gay" or not. I could care less. Some of the best musicians out there are gay and I have a lot of respect for them.

Anonymous said...

^Clearly an example of a white male that can befriend Asian women and belittle Asian men.

Also, regarding the person who doesn't "know anything about this particular subject," your long winded post was exactly that. Long winded.

You're attempting to explain the issue with political correctness when we're talking about racism.

Two different topics.

Anonymous said...

Also, you mentioned that Asian women, in your experience, don't date Asian men is because of their sense of entitlement and don't support Asian women.

Maybe the reason is also ten-fold. Asian men don't support them because Asian women are so willing to backstab them.

It's one huge circle jerk.

I just wish Asian men would stop paying attention to Asian women as the only resort. I mean, Asian women are wanted and have grown a large chip on their shoulder. Now, they're the ones that have a spoiled sense of entitlement. Funny how fast things change, no?

Anonymous said...

Hey shitty, little, bald, uninteresting white guy, who thinks he can scare someone, I hope you do have my IM address, and know where I am, so I can stick my little foot up your ass.
Come and get it music industry guy, which probably entails you pirating music off the internet and selling burns in Chinatown.
Ever wonder why all the pedophiles on dateline are white? The same reason they like Asian women. So they can feel BIG. And they like to dominate. Typical for a person who is so small inside.
Say hello to Bundy and Gacy you dumb ofay sicko. You know you can't get a girl, Asian or otherwise, so you try to belittle Asians in general. When you get through reading Stormfront tonight, go and check out my website on fat bald white predators. One in the back of the head is what you need.

Anonymous said...

Another satisfied lady writes:

What I hate is the stereotype that asian men cannot lay it down in the bed because...
When I first met my man...things were not very serious between us. Honestly,we F'd on the very first date. Oh well, thats how it went. We met, and we had sex...we were both extremely curious as hell, and it turned my little world completely upside DOWN!!!! I felt like I lost my mind! Like I WAS HIGH from some crazy unknown drug or something! He made me crazy as hell!
And it affected me so hard and soooo wild that I found myself at his sushi bar searching like mad crazy for him the very next afternoon!!!!
And the bunch of white guys that worked there were asking me if I needed help. I was so dumbfounded, and out of my mind I was like,"Could you please find Maung for me?" they were like,"The little asian guy with the glasses"? I was like,"HELLL YEAH!!!!! HIM!!!!" THey couldn't understand what I wanted. They asked me,"Did you F" him or something? WHATS THE DEAL WITH YOU?"
I was like,"Yes, and its completely driven me out of my mind!!! Do you know where he is? Because i think i'm going completely insane or something" and they were soooo shocked that he had completely satisfied me in so many ways. they were actually trying to hit on me,, but it did no good because only he could satisfy that need in me. and it blew their minds that a 5ft4 asian guy with glasses and a little slim build had turned my world upside down in the bed on the very first date...and i am 5ft5 130 pounds 38-24-36 puerto rican and mexican and they were mesmerized like crazy!!!!!!!! you see, they believed in some stupid retarded stereotype that asian men were not the bomb in bed. one of them actually had the nerve to ask me,"how the hell did this happen?
as though it were a freak of nature or something. damn, he had noooooo idea of the reality of the situation!!!!!!
and honestly? he drove me so crazy...that i cannot stay away from this guy. its been 6 years straight now!!! him and noone else! stereotypes suck! and they are definitely stupid and faker than hell!

Anthony V.G. said...

You guys are making no sense. I am married to an asian wife, I'm Italian and my wife has dd fake boobs, tatoos and piercings and all that crap. I don't have any tattoos,piercings etc. I am a powerlifter and I am 5'9 and 235 lbs so we're both looked at as freaks.Asian males are afraid of her, call her a whore and her own family calls her a disgrace because she has the "porn star" look yet she's a great mother and she isn't into drugs etc. We are together because we "fit". I take no pleasure in feeling like I took a women from an asian male.My wife loves her asian brothers and I love her father who just passed away.Her sisters were bitching and complaining about her during the buddist funeral because she is attractive and has large breasts, even though she was "covered up" in her funeral dress. They kept complaing the "monks" could see the shape of her body.I go through judgemental crap like this all the time, if not from people in the family it's from other asians who portray her as a whore.I think asian males are disrespected in the media, but start within your own families and look at the judgemental attitudes.If many of these asain males brought home a white girl the parents would be judgemental.Yet I've seen asian parents who want their daughter with AM's but if she's with a white guy with money they seem to forget all about it. Everyone puts the wrong expectations on everyone else. I have no "fetish" with my wife, I was married to a white woman who looked like Jenny Mcarthy before her and she decided she liked black men (not one, the whole black race) That doesn't mean I'm a loser who can "only get asain women" which is the crap a lot of AS's say. I think as long as people are treating each other right then who gives a damn? I have two AM stepsons and another son and daughter. You think I want any asian or half asian child that I love dearly to be disrespected by ANY female? The thing you have to remember is that you are a minority in the united states and being a minority anywhere has it's issues.Asian males are respected greatly in their home countries in most cases.But just look at some of the attitudes and expectatons AM's tend to put on AF's due to a strict cultural upbringing.There are some bad habits and attitudes towards women that some asian males have that aren't accepted in this country.Now I am not saying this justifies ANY MISTREATMENT of asian males but ask yourself"maybe the norms of this country are different than my parents". As a white 2nd generation italian american male my mother raised us quite differently than many white females I have dealt with. Our women have "modern woman" issues just like asian women do.DO you not think there are a majority of women who are throwing traditional values down the toilet in all races? This is not just a problem for asian guys, it's and issue for many guys. Even black guys have trouble getting dates with black women who are obsessed with "thugs" or "ballers" and educated black men are called "uncle toms" by their own people.There are many women who have their shit together who still want a "bad boy".People need to get that their are some things that go beyond race.

Anonymous said...

To Anthony above,

I understand where you are coming from. Sure, there are some genuine relationships between AFs and WMs out there, but there are so many with excess baggage that people will always question.

For most AMs, I think many of us just want to be treated as men vs. as "Asian men" constantly in the public. People act like all Asian men are like this or that (case in point, author of the blog above) and constantly stereotype us negatively. Believe me, Asian men get no break from the media and they certainly don't from white-washed insecure Asian women. The funny thing is the only Asian men those women have experience with are probably their fathers and their brothers. Other than that, it is what they see on American TV. Is it right? No. Because they look Asian and talking shit about Asian men, people think they know what they are talking about.

I also want to let you know that many Asian American men are just as American as next white guy, but we are constantly being treated as foreign. Even in your own note above, you bring up Asia and how they treat women. Many of us never been to Asia. So, for you to bring up sexism in Asia and how it applies to Asian American men yet let all the white men off their hook for their thousands of years of sexism in Europe etc. is yet just another stereotype. This is the main reason why many Asian men are angry about this society and its media stereotypes. Believe me, whether a kid is full Asian or half Asian they will have to deal with this same shit over and over again until America change.

At end of the day, most guys just want to be treated as an individual vs. some stereotypes. Is that too much to ask?

anthony V.G. said...

I totally understand what your's saying. I never meant to say that asian men treat women in any certain way, but I continually hear this from AM friends who have certain expectations on asian women based on their fathers or mothers etc. Actually most of my close AM friends ONLY date white women (especially my brother in law)because they are Americanized to the point of not "feeling " asian women. It seems like when AM and AF couples get together they BOTH expect this certain "traditional" thing that they wouldn't if they were with another race. It's the same with whites.I have dated white females that would think me a loser if I don't make the most money, have the best body or the biggest penis and the best job. Yet the SAME WHITE WOMEN will date a scrawny jobless black guy and put NO EXPECTATIONS on him.This happens in every race. White men are portrayed as oppressors and the "reason for the world's problems" (IE the hatred of the US being portrayed as a white run country)yet in China you can have communists who cause great suffering (my father in law died I feel due to conditions in China)or africans who promote genocide yet WHITES are the oppressors. We all have sterotypes. I see the pressures asian sons have on them from family one of my wife's brothers constantly gives and gives money and payes for everything yet he is never "good enough" My wife's mother was treating him like shit after he gave her 20 thousand dollars and payed for his father's funeral.He even has an asian wife that my wife's sisters constatly talk crap about even though she helps run her husband'd business and they BOTH work their asses off.I see what ASIAN PARENTS put their kids through but yet they tend to spoil the hell out of the girls. Don't think as a white male I don't see things. I'm just saying don't totally blame these values on white people they are form a lot of other sources as well. I myself love my wife's brothers like my family and they have always treated me with the utmost respect. Some of her sisters however are another story.ANd I have treated them with repect as well.There is just one sister who tries to run the whole family and she got mad becuase her daughter is marrying a white male. She started going off on me about white people one day while I was visiting and my wife took a nap at her house.She was like " why do white peole do this and that etc. and I could't say anything right. I tried to be nice and explain to her that whites don't hate asians like she thinks and she just wansn't getting it.I think white people don't like her becuase she is just a mean BITCH, not because of her race.SHe was actually mad because her future son in law's father tried to give her a hug.SHe made whites out to be some kind of animals.SO don't hink because I see some issues with asian people I am "stereotyping" because I see good issues and bad. This is just from personal experience but it doesn't mean I judge everyone that way. But just like people can generalise white "norms and values" and never be accused of sterotyping sometimes you have to bring up cultural attitudes to that actually do exist to make sense of the issues. It's different when you actually HEAR and SEE things being said on a regular basis by a particular group than just repeating what you've seen on TV or been told.It's so hard for wites to discuss anything about race because we can be accused of all thinking one way and be generalised to death but the minute we try to repeat any common thread withing any "minority" community we're quickly told we're "stereotyping" because WE"RE sterotyped as the "priviledged enemy" .People act as if we have no right to say anything because we're all the same and have the same evil plan to "destroy and opress all other races". At least asians and blacks and hispanics are actually ALLOWED to have their own cultures without being expected to leave it behind or be called "racists". The only "white culture" that comes from Europe left in America is the stupid "olive garden" or "sopranos" Pizza maker" garbage that Italian whites have. Or how about the "redneck trailer trash" sterotypes? whites have to be portrayed as villians or idiots to please everyone else.Even the "hero" in an action film is usually a guy who couldn't hold down a marriage. You tell me where a white man is allowed ot be anything without being accused of racism or being told off by a woman or black man in every movie or TV show?Go to Korea and AM can be love interests and heroes. For a white man to be an actual "hero" in Hollywood he's got to be appear almost half gay (Brad Pitt, George clooney)and then give to liberal causes and constantly be concerned with Africa and all the world's minorities to even be accepted.Whites are expected to be "the world's saviors" and let every minority and sexual orientation have a voice while we are blamed for every single problem since the beginning of time. Everyone is a victim except the white male.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please tell me you didn't just go along the route that the white male is actually oppressed in the world because I can honestly tear you a whole new hole. Actually, several holes.

My theory is that if you had to experience what minorities experience on a daily basis, you'd probably fall on your own sword in the streets.

You were doing well up until that point.

If you're one of the enlightened ones regarding race in this country, I shudder at what the ignorant people sound like.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Anthongy, get over your White Knight Savior complex. Fucking ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I hope Niniane has gotten to see all those eharmony commercials. It must be a real slap in the face that her media master has not given her the AFWM representation. Because in eharmony they are talking about COMPATIBILITY!!!!!!!! HA HA bitch.

Anonymous said...

eHarmony? Get a fucking clue you moron.

anthony vg said...

Everything I said can be proven by simply opening your eyes instead of always crying about how "oppressed" everyone else is. Yes I get up every morning looking to "oppress" some minorities. YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHAT MY LIFE IS LIKE. I have been married twice.MY first wife I met in church.She did no drugs, was college educated and well spoken.My first wife started using heroin during pregnancy becuase she started hanging around black men to be "trendy" and "shocking" because she was brought up in a rich white family. I had to drag her out of the projects to save our unborn son. SHe shot heroin once and dropped the cellphone while I was pleading with her to not use the drugs.All I heard in the background was how "that stupid white motherfucker don't understand you like we do". She was so high she left the phone on.I listened to 45 minutes worth of racial insults and laughing at me while my ex wife probably had black men raping her .SHe was raped once and thrown out by a Kroger grocery store and the cops that found her were laughing at her.Her sister was raped by a 40 year old black male at 13 and yet she hates all white men and has 3 kids by three different black fathers. My first wife also bore us a heroin addicted child who I have had to take care of alone because she ran off the do interracial gangbang porn movies -look up - MY OWN MOTHER HAD TO SEE HER DAUGHTER IN LAW WAS DOING. My son hasn't seen her in 6 years and she has 3 more heroin addicted children by 3 different fathers as well.I remarried an asian girl.SHe had a son from her first marriage.She also had a half black daughter by a drug dealer when she was abandoned by her first husband who was asian and cheated on her with underaged girls and got caught.SHe started using drugs because she was young and stupid and the black guy pretty much used her BECAUSE SHE WAS JUST AN "ASIAN WHORE" to him. She cleaned herself up. She left that life and got her shit together and now she's in her 30's and we've been friends and dated and then married for 5 years. I NEVER JUDGE MY WIFE. I raise 2 kids who were basically the product of drug addiction every day.We have 4 kids between us. I don't hate black people or asians or anyone other than people who try to destroy other people's lives. I also have almost been killed in 2 hispanic gang shootings I had nothing to do with.I am in the nightclub and bar business and I've had black guys shooting at me for no reason and almost been killed about six times due to gang fights and I am not a security guy, I run /own the business. On sunday my lawnmower was stolen by minority gang members , the third one in 4 years. I grew up in little italy and lived with violence every day when I was a kid. SO I FEEL IF I CAN PUT ASIDE THE IGNORANCE AND HATE THEN MAYBE SOME OF YOU "PERSECUTED MINORITIES" CAN AS WELL.This is all TRUE. ANyone wants thew whole story I'll even give you contact info for me and you can speak to my friends and family who saw what I went through.

Anonymous said...

How has your story proved how white men are as oppressed as you claim?

Oh, that's right. It doesn't.

anthony vg said...

My point is that everyone regardless of race goes through adversity.I myself don't "blame" the race of the people who are causing me problems,such as the many black males who have said/done racist things to me and based their hatred of me on my race alone.I have never oppressed, nor does any white person I know go out to oppress people. Yet fidel castro murdered adn oppressed his people, the chinese government, saddam hussein, countless governments in africa all have murdered and oppressed their own people yet RACE is never an issue.But we had slavery here in America over 100 years ago and now we have every program and all races are allowed to blame the white man on any problem they have. I have nothing to prove to you as you are probably a young kid who knows everything. You're probably pampered and buy into the who "America is bad" thing. Get out and travel. My wife came from a country where Vietnamese, not WHITES murdered one third of the population.My father and mother came from a country with a facist government and live a much better life here in the US.If any white person does anything here, from a dj saying "nappy headed ho's" or a bunch of lacross players who are falsly accused of rape, all whites are under the microscope. How many valid points by white people are buried by racists claims? How can OJ Simpson be let go partially due to a white officer telling a "racist joke" many years prior to that? How can blacks call women ho's and bitches and say "nigger" over and over but then a white person says it their career is over? At least in this country their is an overlying attempt to stop all forms of racism and hate towards anything and everything.The liberals take up for everthing from child molesters to convicted murderers.If you're gay, asian , black, female , anything but a straight white male or a christian people are constantly worried about you getting "offended".Here's what I say to you. I put up with the drug infested garbage in this country but I still know this country is great.People's problem is they are spoiled. If I step foot in any other country they could give a damn if a white american male is "offended". And no this is not due to "America hate" this is due to it's always been that way in other cultures.Do you think the chineese give a damn if someone mistreats a white guy in their country? People need to grow up and quit focusing on how bad they have it here. Whites left europe because of oppression. If it's so bad then go to another country like africa or china or cuba and see if you get treated better.YOU WON'T.

anthony VG said...

The whole point is that assuming you're an asian male "anonymous" , I understand that asian males get ridiculed on TV but so do white guys- I POINT IT OUT TO MY WIFE ALL THE DAMN TIME. I GENERALLY LIKE ASIAN MEN , have nothing against them.I know many of them may have problems with me being married to an asian women but every asian guy I know says they wouldn't deal with my wife after they meet her. She's not the kind of girl asian parents accept too easily.I'm not some asiaphile with a fetish. What makes me sick is I don't stereotype all asian men, I state that many of them DO HAVE cultural issues with their parents. SO do I being a second generation Italian American imigrant.But It's OK for asian guys to call me an "asiaphile" with a "fetish"- if anything I have a fetish for physically attractive women. ANd saying things you say makes all asian women who date white guys look like idiots or whores or "self hating". Why is it that every asain woman is supposed to be "self hating" who dates a white guy? Seems like when they (asian girls)date blacks in my community a lot of asian guys kiss the black guys ass because they think they can get some kind of "street cred" that way.A lot of white women go around talking about how they "hate white men" and "all white men are perverts/child predators" COME ON THEY SAY WAY WORSE SHIT ABOUT US when they date outside their race.The child predator thing kills me because culturally most blacks I know accept their girls getting preganant at 11-13 years old. Are they getting pregnant by 11-13 year olds? No it's grown black men. But you never even hear the world "pervert" ever used to describe a black male.Now I myself think that if a realtionship is based on a real thing other than hate for one's race/men then I could care less. Not all interracial dating is based on self hate etc.I have never heard my wife say anything derogatory about asian males other than when they say somthing bad about her.SHe told me how she was talking to an asian guy and thought he was cute before we hooked up . A guy she met at her brothers shop. But he found out about her personal life and started talking a lot of crazy shit calling her a disgrace because of being divorced from a phillipino guy. To be honest most of the negative things I've heard from Asian females is about things asian guys say to them. It gives me the impression that some AM's want it both ways, they seem to want some traditional asian wife while being Americanized themselves.I had a girl I worked with complaing how her man was always out with his friends and messing with his car. I saw this when he came by , he totally ignored her and I've seen a lot of AM's ignore their women and be more concerned with friends and hanging with their boys than dealing with their realtionships.Now I also see this pattern in older asian marriages, many of whom are arranged. It seems like in many asian realtionships the parents seem sort of distant or each has a seperate life. But in America women are taught to be "needy" and a lot of asian girls I see dating white guys are the kind who need constant attention.Not that this isn't sometimes a bad thing as well.I also see a lot of asian females datingwhite guys expecting money/possesions/taking care of family problems etc. Many asian women seem to be about using white males for support. My friend recently dated an asian female who basically used him because he was white an owned a business.He is white, never dated many asian girls.He thought she was sincere and race wasn't the issue.She saw him as a money tree. She would throw fits and demand a new car from him and he was always getting her parents stuff.Now this is not a healthy relationship nor a way to look at people. My wife and I work together as a married couple and we don't use each other.Not all relationships are healthy on any side.If people use people due to racial expectations, whether it's a white girl dating a black guy because he sells drugs to a white guy dating an asian women because he thinks she's a whore or she dates him for money, it's morally wrong.But you can't say all AF/WM couples are asiaphiles and the women are self hating.My wife is not self hating.SHe loves me, I love her. We fight sometimes.Sometimes her culture clashes with mine. Sometimes we misunderstand each other due to the way we each learned to speak English.But we try to raise our kids right and we try to take care of each other.I hope if you're an asian male you do find someone who will respect you and not treat you like a stereotype. If I followed the stereotype of white guys going out to the ballgame and having a beer with the guys my marriage wouldn't last. Because my wife and I have to have a cooperative marriage.We have to be there for each other so family comes before friends and we are each other's best friend.I look at some of the negative things that white guys are "supposed to do" and if it isn't working for me then I don't do it.Same thing for any culture.I know black guys who think cheating and impregnating multiple women is what a black man does. I know black men who culturally see single black mothers raising kids without a father is OK because it's done so often. (85 percent illegitamacy rate is a real statistic, not my personal stereotype of black families) And they make fun of black men who are doing what they're supposed to do.On my block there are about 16 black families.One has a father at home.Same thing applies for any culture. If you're asian and you see your father ignore your mother and do his own thing, that doesn't
mean you should treat your woman the same way.If you're white and everyone you know is cheating, don't cheat.In white culture it seems like every well off guy I know is cheating because white culture teaches women to withhold sex and use it as a barganing tool.So my advice is to look at what in your behavior may be creating the situation or making it worse. If I acted like most of the Italian guys I know my woman would have cut my dick off a long time ago. I see asian guys all the time who have better hair than me, look like soap opera stars, have better incomes, there are a lot of asian guys who are doing great. I was a stocky Italian kid so I started lifting weights, dressing well, working hard.I'm no pretty boy but I've dated all races of women and I went bald a few years ago so now I look like a bigger version of Vin Diesel crossed with a well built version of Tony Soprano. I got an Italian nose, I look like some gangster movie guy.I see asian guys who are way better looking than me looking at my wife. But I have personality and I work with what I have. If you're and asian male and feel like you have problems with women due to stereotypes then MAKE YOURSELF THE BEST YOU CAN BE.Someone will like you for you. There is nothing wrong with pushing yourself to be better. I personally think a lot of asian guys I meet are more interesting than some of these sports obsessed white guys I know. I am muscular but I'm also an artist , a computer programmer, I am in the club business and I strive to be better and learn more every day.I don't look like I'd know how to turn on a computer.I think some asain males are limiting themselves to who they can be due to listening to all the crap out there.Look at any confident asian male who has his shit together walk into a club or event with a mixed clientele.I have seen a lot of asian guys get attention because they are confident.I know live in the south now where the asian population is way less than L.A. so where we are an asian guy who has his shit together can date anyone from any race and no one cares.In fact as I said before most asian guys here date white/black women. This is why I see statements form asian guys all the time about dating and I try to tell them it's not that way all over.

Anonymous said...

anthongy v. g.,


Writing your life long fantasy on paper feels good doesn't it?

anthony said...

It's obvious you're no more than an idiot in your approach to whatever I say.Go ahead and blame everything in your life on white men. Do you really think bitching anonymously about white men is going to change anything? Keep playing the victim. You don't even have the courage to put a name down because you live in fear and self doubt. Now you can keep on playing this role or you can get some balls and prove you're not the "weak asian male" that you see portrayed. Do you have problems with women? Well big deal .We all have. Pick yourself up. See when I had problems with women I'm not supposed to blame it on any race lke you seem to be able to do. I have to be a man and deal with it. I could have cried about how my ex wife left me for black drug peddlers. But I got back up. I've been in a lot of realtionships.When it's not working I deal with it.You act as if you have no chance in life because the white man exists.You are the kind of man who is probably spoiled by your mother and expect women to kiss your ass and when they don't you blame it on America and whites. I have no "FANTASY" going on here. Your fantasy is a world where white men are murdered and killed and then who'd you blame then? Maybe you should spend more time working on yourself instead of trash talking people who are trying to speak positively about asian males.Here I am not saying anything bad about asian males but then still I get shit because you feel powerless and blame it on us. I don't agree with the portrayal of asain men as negative. I'm saying the only feasable solution there is. Asian women are going to fuck/marry and have kids outside their race ands so are whites and blacks and NEITHER ONE OF US CAN CHANGE THAT.You give me a better solution. What you going to do? Educational programs for asian females on the dangers of interracial realtionships? Even if you "changed the media" in America asian women would still be attracted to whites and still date white guys. The only way women (those who buy into the stereotype)will not see asian men in a negative light is if they ASSERT THEMSELVES AND LET WOMEN KNOW THEM.Bitching in the corner about whitey will not solve the problem.I mean come on black guys were portrayed as dirty and nasty and everything else but it hasn't stopped them from getting women.Keep on talking trash if you want. I'm done with you and I'll tell you you'll never have anything unless you stop blaming everyone else.

anthony said...

By the way idiot 1) I wrote nothing on paper.This is blog comment area.2) yeah it was all a fantasy that there are actually secure asian males where I live. Maybe you should take a lesson form one of my asian male friends here and learn how to get women instead of spending time complaining about white males on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Blogs and the comments on them are frequently referred to as ePaper, guy.

Anyways, I actually took the time to skim through your entry, which can stand to benefit from paragraph breaks, and it doesn't address anything anyone has asked or will ask. The rub some of the comments have is your assertion that white men somehow suffer from discrimination just as much as minorities. This is utterly false. White men and to some extent, white women, all benefit from "White Privilege."

In fact, your comments are actually employing one of them. It's the ability to tell minorities to just get over racism or a type of social antagonism that doesn't affect you personally.

Who are you to dictate what minorities should and shouldn't find offensive?

As someone else said in a previous post, it's clear that you have absolutely no understanding of the Asian American community at all but proceed to use your ass as a megaphone. PS: The Asians you hang around also seem to be just as clueless.

Anonymous said...

Also, since I have a few more minutes to kill, your gripe with how whites are mistrusted both in North America and the rest of the world is by your own actions. Or your ancestors action.

While many countries still possess a colonial mentality, which was left over by white Europeans colonizing and enslaving colored people, there is still a real hatred and mistrust of whites.

I was reading a story by the BBC where a rumor was floating around Africa that American and European made condoms were being deliberately infected with HIV to kill off Africans.

This story sounds insane but why does the rumor fly around so quickly? Why do the Africans choose to believe it?

Here's a hint:

It's because whites have a long history of killing people of color, that's why.

Your reputation proceeds you. If you keep screwing people over, they're not likely to trust you and let me tell you, whites have had centuries of employing this trait.

Rest in the fact that your ancestors killed and pillaged in the past so you can exploit white privilege all over the world. However, rest in the fact that it comes at a price; the mistrust and hatred of people of color everywhere.

Except for Asian women, they tend to be mentally slow in grasping this social injustice as you can plainly see. However, I don't pity the kid with Down's Syndrome wearing the bicycle helmet.

anthony said...

the only reason whites are blamed for anything is they are at the forefront of trying to do anything about any social injustices they've commited and they actually admit to committing them. Meanwhile all other races can keep on killing or seeling out their own.Africans sold and continue to sell their own into slavery but never admit to any social injustices they've regularly committed for thousands of years. The Vietanmese can kill 1 third of the population of Cambodia, Communist countries in Latin america can continue to oppress their own as well. WHO INVINTED WHAT YOU CALL "WHite Privelege"? Were whites just given some privelege by God himself? No we made out own success. We developed great civilizations and now are expected to give everything we have to everyone else. Well maybe the chinese government needs to do the same and give back to their people.Or the wealthy africans who hold back on their people an starve them out.I'm not going to apologize for being born white. You simply are poorly traveled and assume whites are in control in the same way they are here, This is a country founded by whites,sorry we're not going to just up and leave. We have to live somewhere.I could never go to Korea or China and expect ANY PRIVELEGE. You're not white so YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHAT WHITES EXPERIENCE. I don't get any more chances than anyone else.You have an extremely narrow minded racist view and will never get it.Go to a country with no whites. Why are we constantly expected to lay down for every minority and have no rights for ourselves as a people? WE ARE A MAJORITY HERE. Why can every other damn country be allowed to have their own culture and be run bt their predominate foinding race yet if that country be white run they're racists? We only get the image we have because we ADMIT TO COMMITTING SOCIAL INJUSTICES AND TRY TO DO SOMTHING ABOUT THEM.EVERY RACE COMMITTED THEM BUT ONLY WHITES ADMIT THIS.And as far as all the conqering whites have done, well what were we supposed to do, lose every war? Give away all our land to everyone else? You damn type of people expect all whites to lie down and die for you.Go stop communism is Korea and China who'd rather build a military than feed thier own starving people.Who's giving these countries food and they give it to the army? The good old whitey run USA.You want to talk injustice? Look at how many baby girls are slaughtered every year in China. Look at how women are devalued there.Maybe start with your won before you try to tell me how to live my life.

anthony said...

Also, many asian ameriacans come over here and are so easily led back to communist ideas throught the socialist or marxist college professors.It's all many of them knew before their families came over here.Then they hear all this crap about American Imperialism and how capitalism is bad (But I've yet to know any asian who would't take full avantage of capitalism, even state sponsored capitalism like they have in China)THE REAL PROBLEM IS MOST OF THE DEMOCRACIES ARE WHITE RUN COUNTRIES.So they talk trash about how bad whites are yet the source of this crap is communist or muslum extremists. NOTICE YOU HARDLY EVER HEAR NEGATIVE THINGS SAID ABOUT THE WHITES OF THE FORMER SOVIET UNION. Of course because they are helping to promote communism.Then these spoiled ass kids who's parents came here for a better life go to college so they can hear how great the system the fled from is.MY own sister in law doesn't get it. Her daughter got a great education here and all she does is run down America. Then I explain that that's just communism and my sister in law says some crap about how her kids would be so better off in Laos or China or Cambodia.They had nothing there. They fled here to escape being killed.Yet they forgot how poor they were. They have a big house , cars , fine clothes are about as materialistic as anyone can be. 98 percent of this garbage about whites is nothing more than brainwashing and trash talk and people forget where they came from so easily when they get comfortable.I would love to see some of these spoiled ass immigrants who hate this country go back to where they came from for six months.MY grandparents and parents fled from Italy during the war and knew they were getting a better deal.We were taught to love this country. Feel free to go to a communist/no white people country anytime. I'm sure many of those places can find a lot of anti american things to say and blame the US for some things there too.I think your whole problem is 50 percent you're not getting laid and 50 percent communist propaganda from the educational system in the US.

Anonymous said...

Anthony, the Italian stalion, the White Knight in shining armor, has a big chip on this fucking shoulder and is crying his god damn eyes out because he is White.

Holy Shit.


anthony said...

No you're crying your eyes out because you can't get laid and I'm trying to teach you how to be a man and stand on your own.If you're so ignorant you want to blame the lack of women you're getting on white imperialism then you're beyond help.There is no chip on my shoulder. That's the pot calling the kettle black pal.I'm not the one blaming everyone else.Maybe you'll find a woman who will take you negative judgemental shit and then you'll be happy. I could care less about saving anyone I just get sick of idiots.

Anonymous said...


As an asian male, I am tired of hearing asian women bashing asian male. I no longer have respect for asian women and have no interest in dating them. I am sure many asian guys feel the same. I've helped many asian guys get job at my company or at another company, but i will not help asian women.

Ryan said...

Lol. Well Niniane, this is probably beating an already dead horse and I don't even know if you'll read this, but I just wanted to put my .02 in- (I kinda randomly stumbled across your blog on Google)- and say that I think it's pretty amusing that guys are still mad at you for this. I think it was pretty obvious you were kidding. I'll admit I was a bit cheesed when I first saw the title- but I read it and realized it wasn't meant to be serious. Guess people really see what they want to see- they sure didn't see your first paragraph. And some of us AAM's do seem to lack a sense of humor. I admit to once being one of those kinds of guys. But I've gotten older and hopefully wiser. :P

I'm not a nice Chinese guy, but I am a nice Korean American guy- does it still count? :P

Keep up the blogging! And I miss Cali!

Anonymous said...

"the only reason whites are blamed for anything is they are at the forefront of trying to do anything about any social injustices they've commited and they actually admit to committing them."

I've stopped reading after that first sentence. At least you're living up to the stereotype of being a dumb ass greaseball.

Let's start with this. There are so many negative stereotypes associated with Asian men in North American media; can yo provide examples of this injustice and how white men are the only ones protesting this said injustice?

Reread what you just wrote. Your statements are up there along what could be found on any racist website like Stormfront and National Alliance.

You've just managed to degrade and belittle every single minority and say how whites are just and fair in the same sentence? I find it so amazing that an Asian woman actually married you with you spewing this amount of ignorance. At least your wife also broke a stereotype of being smart.

Anonymous said...

This post wasn't that much of an issue but there are two things we must consider.

(Whites can butt the fuck out of this debate. Contratry to popular believe, there are many topics where your opinion is not needed.)

1.) The whole issue of white men and Asian women has a complicated history in Asian America. If you don't know about it, it's because you're a whitewashed twinkie and rarely contribute to the Asian community anyway. It's been a sore point for decades now.

2.) It's not the fact that Nineane was just joking, it's the idea that she was pretty reckless. While it's not her fault for just making a joke but as someone else state above, this post has sprung on multiple websites with the blurb of this post being a joke being edited out.

White men have been using this topic to emasculate and desexualize Asian men for the longest time and it's a bit surprising that no one would pick up on this.

It's interesting that Asian women have become indirectly responsible for the desexualizing of Asian men in North America.

Anonymous said...

Oh no. It is not indirect. The emasculaton of Asian men in this world at this time lies squarely on Asian women.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, not only is White Privilage ever so present where whites are the majority but it's also rampant in non-white countries as well.

Here is a prime example:,0,5316807.story?coll=la-home-nation

"Asian Americans can't compete with white instructors in China."

"anthony" is a dumbass and obviously hasn't been outside the country.

anthony said...

No you fucking spoiled little dick whiny bitch you're wrong. You're going to spill out 1 liberal propoganda news artilcle to prove your little point? Obviously you haven't been anywhere but the damn computer. It takes you that long to find some article to prove "white privilege?" MAYBE IT SO HAPPENS THAT THERE ARE SOME WHITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO ARE INTELLEGENT AND SMART AND EARNED THEIR PLACE YOU FUCKING JEALOUS LITTLE CRYING BITCH. Go kill yourself if it's so bad. I'm sick of your little bitch "Waaaaah asian women are emaculating us " crybaby shit. Your little bitch ass is scared of women. My ass has been to the UK , Italy, Sardinaia , Sicily, Greece, the Phillipines , Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Portugal,Canada,Thailand and all over the US Because I toured the US in my work.I've lived in Culver city,CA Elisabeth NJ, Metarie LA, Cicero IL and Nashville TN.I moved all my life and don't cry like a bitch when people don't like me because I WAS FORCED TO ADAPT TO CHANGE. You are a real fucking loser and an idiot. Keep jacking off to blond women in porn and keep dreaming.Meanwhile I will fuck my Asian wife that I have a REAL LOVING RELATIONSHIP WITH.You can talk all the shit you want about AF/WM but WE ARE HERE TO STAY.It's asain men like you who give asian men a bad name with your racist negative hatred bullshit.You will get fucked over and dumped by any asian female you ever get with because you're a loser who wants to treat asian women like a fucking slave.You want to hear a TRUTH, not a sterotype little bitch? Maybe if you'd let go of your "old world" value system that believes in killing female children at birth you'd see what your problem is.It's no mystery why there are way less girls than boys in China isn't it?You look at all the asian cultures that believe in drowning girls, that girls are bad luck,and look at how it's OBVIOUS you hold onto these hateful attitudes towards women. You disrespect your own women over and over and like the fool you are wonder"what's the problem?". YOU ARE EMASCUALTED BY YOUR DAMN SELF.Want to talk articles? Here BITCH.
I've seen and heard all the stories about asian girls from ASIAN MEN.You hold onto your old world crap in your head and then demand respect from what you see as "inferior" women.When asian females don't bow to you like a "master" you feel emacualted because deep down in your heart the only good asian female is a submissive one or a dead one.People like you end up molesting children because 1) you have a tiny dick no grown woman can feel, not even in the ass 2) you want CONTROL and you feel like all you can control is a little child.Oh I have a great idea little bitch. Since you "hate asian women so much" maybe you should take yourself to Thailand and get a transexual ladyboy that has a little cock like you do.You can keep talking shit all you want but the truth is you'd never step to me in real life because I would beat your ass down and show you how it really feels to be emaculated. The computer is the only place you'll ever be this brave.Go cower behind the corners of the library.You talk all this shit about whites but the real reason we have "white privilege" is WE FUCKING CONQUERED ALL THE PEOPLE WHO TRIED TO KILL US,WE INVENTED THE TECHNOLOGY THAT'S STOLEN AND COPIED BY CHINA AND JAPAN.Look at the masses in all these asain countries who bow down to communism and never stand up for themselves. They go to communist rallys for a bowl of rice rather than fight and take the rice themselves.Then they cower and run to America where there is no real oppression , they have plenty of rice , and their kids grow up taking full advantage of our educational system so they can bitch about how oppressed they are and how bad the white people are to them.

america said...

BECAUSE i AM WHITE, THERE ARE MANY WHO WILL BLIND THEMSELVES TO MY TRUTH BECUASE THEY ARE FULL OF HATRED OF WHITES.It's OK to stereotype me BECAUSE OF MY RACE.Also, it's so easy for a TRUE RACIST to drop names like STROMFRONT OR white supremist to divert attention to ANY VALID STATEMENT FROM A WHITE PERSON.What is also sick is you RACIST BASTARDS can talk about white imperialism, and compare my comments about "whites try to actually admit to injustices" as some racist rant, WHEN IT'S NOTHING MORE THAN THE TRUTH.Explain how it NOT racist FOR YOU TO SAY THAT "WHITES ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO COMMIT SOCIAL INJUSTICES" yet I say "NO WE ACTUALLY ADMIT TO THEM". WELL TELL ME THEN, ARE YOU HONESTLY SAYING NO OTHER RACE BUT WHITES COMMIT SOCIAL INJUSTICES? BECUASE I SURE DON'T HEAR ANY OTHER HUMAITARIAN EFFORTS FROM ALL THESE OTHER COUTRIES WHO COMMITTED THEM.We hear nothing from the Africans, Muslims, Chinese, Persians, ALL THE OTHER RACES AREN'T LINED UP APOLOGISING FOR SHIT THEY'VE DONE.I SEE TRUE RACISM AND HATRED OF WHITES HERE THAT'S BEEN TAUGHT BY THE SYSTEM.ANY TIME A WHITE PERSON TALKS ABOUT RACE ALL THE COWARDS HAVE TO DO IS DROP THE 'RACIST' WORD TO TRY TO WIN THE ARGUMENT AND CLOSE PEOPLE'S MINDS TO THE WHITE MAN'S OPINION. They create fear by calling names.Well I DON'T FEAR YOUR NAME CALLING.Every little thing a WHITE MAN says is PICKED APART and then the cowards say " It's obvious this is your goal", or "you are a racist" YET EVERYONE ELSE CAN SAY WHAT THEY WANT AND TALK SHIT ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE ALL DAY BUT THEY AREN'T "RACISTS".Yet who REALLY benefits form an agenda of shutting up the white man?SO MANY PEOPLE PROFIT FROM WHITE GUILT.You have no courage so you hide behind the easiest thing to say.And another thing.Fuck slavery. I never owned slaves, my ancestors never did and I have NO GUILT FOR SLAVERY. Should my wife get her nails done for free at the Vietnamese nail salon because Viets killed 1 third of her people? I mean that shit was even in her lifetime, not hundreds of years ago.So where's Vietnamese guilt? What about the Africans enslaving their own people today?Or the ones starving them out?Funny I MADE NO COMMENTS TO INSULT ASIAN MEN AS A WHOLE. Only spoke of asian injustices towards asian women that are accepted culturally. THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY THE KILLING OF ASIAN GIRLS IN SOME ASIAN COUNTRIES CAN BE BLAMED ON THE WHITE MAN. AND AS FAR AS "WHITE IMPERIALISM" IS CONCERNED...JUST STUDY THE UNIFICATION OF JAPAN, OR THE WARS IN CHINA AND WHAT IS NOW KOREA.Asians conqered and slaughtered millions as well. BUT THE EMPERORS AND THEIR PEOPLE CONTROLLED THE RECORDING OF HISTORY. Things Brittian did years ago in the name of the Queen are far less barbaric than mass slaughters ordered by warlords in Asian lands. But yet again we ADMIT TO WHERE WE HAVE BEEN AND TRY TO IMPROVE OURSELVES WHILE ASIAN COUNTRIES CONTINUE TO OPPRESS THEIR PEOPLE AND NEVER LEARNED FROM THEIR BRUTAL HISTORY.This is why you can have tanks run over students in China but a white man can make a racial slur and be destroyed in America.Or a black criminal is treated unfairly by police in America and a town can be burned down in retalliation.This country KISSES THE ASSES of all minorities every day.All while white men are run down by jealous countries all over as well as in AMERICA while we pay all the tax burdens.

FatFish said...

Applause to everyone here in bringing out the real Anthony the racist's true feelings.

If you read his first few posts you will think that he is an "enlighten" YT. But, however, all you have to do is poke at his White Privilege a few times, he shows his true colore.

A real GEM of a racist mofo.

The only White man that is non-racist is TIM WISE. Don't ever forget it.

the truth said...

Calling white people racist is nothing more than a left wing liberal tactic.This tactic is used to stop free thought and allow minorities the continued perpetual victim state that is used to justify bad behavior and bleed dry white tax dollars.Because some asian males are in a constant state of anger and denial of the negative state of asian culture's attitude towards women, they are prime candidates to fall into this trap.You can continually call people racist with no valid argument or you can stand up and explain why the exact statements made are racist.Someone is racist simply because they state the truth about other nations and races and their lack of accountability for their travesties and all you can do is cry "racist".The murdering of asian girls is a true problem in many asian cultures. Yet you basically prove as an asian male you could care less about this. You don't see this as wrong because you hate asian women yourself.Someone is racist because they don't bow down to your views like asians onced bowed to the emperor? What about the asian countries that are starving out their people and feeding the military? To state this fact and say that it's wrong no matter what race is a racist act? Funny these people will say Bush is the devil and yet never address their own murdering nations who are hurting their own people. You can dish out accusations but you can't take truth.You are the true racist because you see no wrong in anything an asian male does. You feel you are superior to even the women of your own race. You dish out hatred and hide behind the racist word yet that is you entire argument. This is what's going on in your mind-"this guy is white , therefore even though he is bringing up true evils within asian culture , I will call him a racist and ignore the argument."And the evils were only brought up to counteract accusations that were made against white people. You bring up white privelege but when asian child murder is brought up to simply say "yes , white people have done wrong but so asians have problems as well" You expect all whites to admit to being the authors of all evil. You've proved the entire point. Whites admit to making mistakes, you as an asian male cannot admit that asians have ever done anything wrong other than the women you hate so much.

Anonymous said...

No one is ignoring any arguments because they have validity, they're being ignored because they're just so stupid and don't make sense at all.

If minorities are guilty of constantly portraying the victim mentality, whites are constantly in denial that their racism has a dramatic effect on people of color both in the US and around the world.

Anonymous said...

bullshit the arguments are TRUE. Your arguments about "asian women emascualting men" are valid? Jesus christ. You're an idiot. Or how about yopur arguments about white privelege? Ignorant racist rants.

Anonymous said...

that fucking pience of shit white guy is advice to you is stop writing so much crab, no one will read it u stupid moron. get to the point. fucker

Slade said...

Anthony, you have a typical white boy attitude of wanting to rescue Asian women from the controlling and tiny dicked Asian men who believe in killing Asian female babies. C'mon can you be any more racist, Anthony? If you believe in those Asian male stereotypes, I'm sure you believe in Asian female stereotypes too like submissive, exotic, tiny cunts, forever young, etc. Is that why you married an Asian woman?

Anonymous said...

To the guy bitching about reading my shit, fuck you.Maybe if you RACIST IDIOTS would read the WHOLE THING you'd understand THE REAL ARGUMENT.SO if you haven't got the abilty to read THE FACTS then stay the fuck out of the argument,you fucking lame piece of shit. My wife is FAR from submissive. She has her own mind.And I never said anyone had a tiny dick except for the guy talking shit who acts like he has a complex.I am trying to save no one. YOU ARE FULL OF RACIST STEREOTYPES ABOUT WHITE MALES WHO MARRY ASIAN WOMEN. See I heard all this negative shit about my wife being a DISGRACE from ASIAN MEN. The same shit people here are saying about asian women SO HOW CAN YOU SAY I'M WRONG WHEN YOUR ASIAN MALE ASSES ARE TAKING SHIT LEFT AND RIGHT ABOUT YOUR OWN WOMEN RIGHT HERE IN THESE COMMENTS? YOU GUYS are STEREOTYPING ALL ASIAN WOMEN AS EMASCUALTING.My wife and I LOVE each other . Race is not an issue. As far as females being drowned and killed, MY FUCKING WIFE"S OWN FAMILY WAS JOKING ABOUT IT AND LAUGHING. Her damn SISTER. Because my father in law thought she was "bad luck" when fleeing cambodia , all becasue of STUPID ASIAN BELEIFS ABOUT GIRLS BEING INFERIOR.And her BROTHER saved her life.Don't try and tell me there's no asian belief about girls fucker because THE EXTRA 30 MILLION MALES IN CHINA TELL DIFFERENT. My point is, if you idiots will quit quoting your braiwashed socialst college professors about "WHITE PRIVELEGE"you'd get it. YOU ACCUSE WHITES OF ALL KINDS OF SOCIAL INJUSTCIES BUT YET YOU CAN"T TAKE HEARING ABOUT SOCIAL INJUSTICES IN CHINA, IN VIETNAM, An d a lot of other places.I NEVER SAID ANYTHING DIRECTLY NEGATIVE ABOUT ASIAN MALES ONLY ASIAN BELIEFS THAT ARE DEAD WRONG. I have heard HUNDREDS of times FROM MY OWN ASIAN IN LAWS how "GIRLS ARE BAD LUCK". And I can't help but think ALL YOUR HATRED OF ASIAN WOMEN PARTIALLY COMES FROM CULTURAL SHIT IN THE BACKGROUND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND.I am not a little crying BITCH who cryes "racism" to end an argument.But I'm not letting some crybaby racist AM talk shit about WM/AF realtionships without defending myself.MAybe you are right about one thing, I DID save my wife from a judgemental asian male son of a bitch like yourself. THIS IS AMERICA, learn to cope or GO BACK TO ASIA AS SERVE YOUR COMMUNIST MASTERS.No you won't do that becuase you're too busy enjoying our educational system that teaches you to hate this country and it's "WHITE PEOPLE".

the REAL STORY you are ignoring said...

as usual there are people putting their nose into an argument who don't know the whole story.what happend is 1) an AM kept running down asian women, as well as white males. 2) I posted POSITIVE posts about asian males, even agreed that yes there is some negative stereotypes of asian males and I don't agree with that. 3) I said I have many confident asian male friends who date white women and don't have this issue as much.4) I said there are some negative things placed on white males as well. Basically I was trying to tell this idiot that HE was sterotyping asian women and white men. WHich is true. He was saying that white people have "white privlege" and that we are the causes of all pain in the world. I then COUNTERACTED WITH A STATEMENT THAT SAID "Yes whites have done wrong, but SO HAVE MANY MANY other races, those of whom DENY ANY RESPOSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS. Then I brought up REAL WORLD EXAMPLES. WHich are not "stereotypes" , but real situations such as the Vietnam massacres in Cambodia, the killing of asian female children due to ASIAN beliefs about female children.If some of you knew your history OTHER THAN YOUR ANTI AMERICAN BIASED COLLEGE GARBAGE, you'd see ALL RACES HAVE COMMITTED AND DONE BAD THINGS. My point was at least the US attempted to make things right.TO SATISFY THIS IDIOT HERE, I'D HAVE TO 1) admit to him my whole marriage is just a fetish and a sham and it's doomed to fail, and my wife is only with me because asian males have been destroyed by the media and "white privelege".2) that all asian males don't have the same chances as white males because of "white privelege". 3) that all asain women are emacualting. WHO'S THE CLOSE MINDED IDIOT IN THIS CASE? I admit there are some problems but what you guys are doing is reading statements AFTER THE ARGUMENT defending my race and my wife's honor as an asian female. If I was married to a purple bitch form mars I'd take up for her. Why do you people always have to sterotype any white man loyal to his wife as a guy trying to be a "savior"? You guys are so fucking confused about who you are and I'll be dammed if you can blame all whites for your romace problems.

more truth you can't take said...

Funny I merely spoke of specific, true life historical injustices done by asian people to asian people and made no generilization. Yet you people can generalize asian females and white men and all whites as "privielged"all day.You can't give any real specific facts of anything whites have done as a group to asians in the past 10000 years.Another example of spoiled brat asian kids who grew up in america who don't know what some of their ancestors had to deal with.

Anonymous said...

asian men don't have the balls to fight off the communists. Look at vietnam. They'd rather give up just like the Viets did. They'd rather murder women and children while the communists traitors like John Kerry lie about Americans.Funny thing is a lot of stupid ass asians in America vote for these coward liberals who helped cause the murder of asian people.That's because asians have no apprecaition for history.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see this individuals from Stormfront have managed to make their way to this thread as well.

Anonymous said...

glad to see the far left wing liberal communists have continued to fool the asian men into serving their communist masters again.

Jeff Tang said...

I have read the entire argument and I understand both sides.The asian guy is mad about the state on asian women.The white guy actually did speak positively about asian males until the asian male started calling him a racist and discussing "white privelege." The white guy's point was whites are not going out trying to hurt asian males as a group.Now this took the whole argument to another level.I am an asian male, and I'm telling the white guy you're wasting your time trying to get someone with this kind of anger to understand your point.There will always be asian males angry at their women for interracial dating. Just like there will always be white guys mad a their women for dating black men.Also he is correct about superstitions about female children in some asian countries because the population numbers show this.Just look at the expectations we as asian sons have put on us do to our culture.Now for seeing the white guy's side I'm sure I'll be called "whitewashed" or a "sellout" by angry asian males.

Anonymous said...

This fucking white piece of shit doesn't get the point...he think the more he write make his argument more valid..stupid retard..
mother fucker, you have an asian fetish and your wife has a white the two of you r perfect for each fuck off mother fucker. go ahead write some more shit which no one will care to read..

Anonymous said...

Anthony, how long have you had an Asian fetish? Are you one of those nerdy white boys that no one wants except for self-hating Asian women like your Cambodian wife? Does she love you long time?

kiki said...

You idiots think if any man shows his wife respect he must have a fetish. Just because you're living in 1000 years ago as far as how to treat a woman doesn't mean everyone should or every AM does. What constitutes a "fetish"? I never heard any objectification of him by his wife.He said she's asian , and he said he would take up for her. A man is allowed to say his wife is attractive no matter what race she is.He never said he dated her due to her being asian.I think It's great when a guy is willing to take up for his wife and his marriage.Are you not reading the actual text?You guys are taking the low road here.I tend to only date asian guys because that's what I like.But some of them do have this same attitude and it gets old.You guys need to stop being haters.

Anonymous said...

I just love how some AF's talk about how great their AM husband is because they don't have to cook or don't have to work. Yeah this is "real love" isn't it? I mean you people will say a white guy has a fetish who's with an asian girl but every time I hear an AF speak about AM's it's all about money and cooking. Maybe the asian guy is right. I mean it seems there is rarely talk of love or respect from these AF's other than what the AM is doing for them. Yet when you hear white guys they are saying "they love their wife". Yet "love" makes no sense to AM's so they assume he has a fetish.And on another note, do you actually think these so called pampered AF's would be living a pampered life without the educational system and the oppourtunities their men recived in the USA?If you guys were back in your home countries you'd be poor and in the rice fields all day.How many mansions and servants do you have in the villiages of Vietnam or Cambodia? You people run America down but you have no problem benefitting from it.

Jeff Tang said...

Many Asian people show love through spending money. That's maybe sad to your American culture but it is the way a lot of Asians tend to think. We don't express ourselves the same way sometimes.I'm here to teach, not to fight. Maybe if we tried to understand each other better the arguments would make sense.

Anonymous said...

To Jeff Tang,

AMs are not mad at AFs dating whatever animal they choose to fuck. They can fuck a snail for all AMs care.

What is not acceptable is that while these AFs chose to date YT fuck buddies, they HAVE THE NEED TO PUT DOWN AMs to JUSTIFY THERE CHOICE. LEAVE THE AMs OUT OF THE EQUATION.

If you chose to eat shit over lobster, it is your choice. It is really unnecessary to slander the lobster to justify your love of shit.

It is that simple.

I have read the entire argument and I understand both sides.The asian guy is mad about the state on asian women.The white guy actually did speak positively about asian males until the asian male started calling him a racist and discussing "white privelege." The white guy's point was whites are not going out trying to hurt asian males as a group.Now this took the whole argument to another level.I am an asian male, and I'm telling the white guy you're wasting your time trying to get someone with this kind of anger to understand your point.There will always be asian males angry at their women for interracial dating. Just like there will always be white guys mad a their women for dating black men.Also he is correct about superstitions about female children in some asian countries because the population numbers show this.Just look at the expectations we as asian sons have put on us do to our culture.Now for seeing the white guy's side I'm sure I'll be called "whitewashed" or a "sellout" by angry asian males.

Anonymous said...

But don't lobsters crawl around and eat shit? Aren't all shellfish scavengers? Oh wait, now it makes sense, the lobster has to USE THE SHIT TO LIVE. So don't get mad when your women go after the same thing you lobsters have to use to live off of. I guess "THE SHIT" is the white males who pay the taxes for all your school grants or sponsored some of your parents and families over here so they wouldn't be slaughtered by other asians.Oh yeah and the people who had the BALLS to conquer an entire nation. You asians wouldn't know about that, you're too busy trying to get America by whining.Funny how all these overpopulated nations of asian men still can't get it together and overthrow their oppressive governements. Maybe that's why no one is scared of your men who make threats here. If you can't take your own land how can you crybabies take ours? Maybe your women come over here and see what a real man is.

Anonymous said...

[But don't lobsters crawl around and eat shit? Aren't all shellfish scavengers? Oh wait, now it makes sense, the lobster has to USE THE SHIT TO LIVE. So don't get mad when your women go after the same thing you lobsters have to use to live off of. I guess "THE SHIT" is the white males who pay the taxes for all your school grants or sponsored some of your parents and families over here so they wouldn't be slaughtered by other Asians.]

In that case, watch out. YTs are gonna be eaten out of existence soon enough.

Asians pay their fair share of taxes just like everyone else. The prison population for tax crimes is not brimming with Asians but YTs. Get your head out your ass YT.

[Oh yeah and the people who had the BALLS to conquer an entire nation.]

Taking pride in genocide and robbery is natural to YT. Survival of the fittest I guess. If might is right, so be it. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.

[You Asians wouldn't know about that, you're too busy trying to get America by whining.]

Asians are too busy killing each other to please YT.

[Funny how all these overpopulated nations of Asian men still can't get it together and overthrow their oppressive governements. Maybe that's why no one is scared of your men who make threats here.]

I see no threat made by any Asian man here. However, I have seen threats make by YTs.

[If you can't take your own land how can you crybabies take ours? Maybe your women come over here and see what a real man is.]

America belongs to Americans. Asian Americans are no less American than Eurotrash Americans. USA does not equal to WHITE. Asians already own their own land. Haven't you noticed that no YT is running an Asian country?

If YT is such a real man, he wouldn't be so scared as to not show Asians as they really are in the media: short, tall, fat, slim, weak, strong, retarded, intelligent, poor, rich, unkempt, GQ, small dick, big dick, nerdy, charismatic, you know, the whole fucking spectrum. But no, YT is running scared and can not stand to fight fair.


What the fuck is a YT? Funny how "america belongs to everyone" whe it's a minority RUNNING DOWN THE COUNTRY AND IT'S FOUNDERS.
want to talk about Geonocide?
look up this guy- A CHINEESE GUY-here's a quote about his book-

The late Chinese communist dictator Mao Zedong “ranks right up there with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler because of the way he methodically damaged an entire people.”

So says Chinese dissident Harry Wu. He should know. He was a prisoner of China’s labor camps for years. His book “Troublemaker” gives the reader a chilling expose of the butchery that goes on in those camps and the elaborate methods used to disguise them so as not to attract attention in the Western world.
“Mao killed just as many people as Hitler, maybe even more,” Wu says. “He intentionally sought to destroy the traditional Chinese family system because it is inherently subversive to the collective Communist utopia.” Moreover, Mao was responsible for millions of deaths “as a result of his lunatic agricultural policies.”

Hitler carefully used euphemistic phrases such as “final solution” (extermination of the Jews). Mao’s code language was “Take Revolutionary Action.”

Harry Wu knows firsthand what that meant. Translated, it was an order to the Red Guards on the night of Aug. 18, 1966 to go “rampaging through the city, killing whoever displeased them, 1,741 in all,” just in that one day alone.

The rationale was: “My neighbor is a capitalist? Torture him. Kill him.”

Wu says he “felt a terrible link with the Jews whose lives were destroyed on Kristallnacht and during all other official pogroms.”

“The photographs of Hitler, that terrible sneer on his face, his eyes bulging out, were a warning to the world that he would kill anybody in his way.”

The difference between Hitler and Mao?

Mao Smiled as Millions Starved

“One never saw Mao with an ugly expression on his face.” No, you see, “With a sweet smile on his face, he was responsible for millions of deaths from starvation [and for] millions being banished to camps, for many being executed,” Wu tells us.

There. Now doesn’t the “sweet smile” make you feel better about Mao vs. Hitler?

The leftist opinion molders in the U.S. have convinced some of the populace that Mao was somehow beneficent. That’s how we get books with cute little “Sayings of Chairman Mao” and such. One can only imagine the uproar that would greet any implied respect for “Mein Kampf,” which was a version of what might be subtitled “Sayings of Der Fuehrer.”

Harry Wu has done an in-depth study of the Holocaust, including the death camps at Buchenwald, Dachau and Sachenhausen.

When the Chinese dissident visited Dachau, he noticed a slogan on the iron grillwork of the front gate: ARBEIT MACHT FREI. Tanslated, it means “Labor makes [you] free.” How ironic! “In China, the slogan for our camps was ‘Labor makes a new life.’”

Wu saw the dormitory at Dachau where the prisoners slept, crowded together, 500 or 600 people “who were given five minutes a day to use the so-called bathroom and then get out. Just a sink and water. Hundreds of people waiting for dirty water.

“These conditions were no worse than ours were,” he thought.

I CAN FIND MANY MORE EXAMPLES OF CHINESE HORRORS IF YOU WISH. I can also break down any argument you have with logic and facts instead of LIES TOLD BY COMMUNIST COLLEGE PROFESSORS.

Anonymous said...

By the way , bring your little pussy asian ass and try and take this land from us and see how long you last.

Anonymous said...


What the fuck does Mao has anything to do with Chinese Americans?

Chinese Amercians own America just like YT Americans.
We don't have to take this land from anyone. This land is our home.

Why don't you bring your lard-infested-YT ass over here and try to take us away from our land and see how long you last.

Anonymous said...

All you own is some buffets and some dry cleaners.We own all your women.Between you killing your females and white guys fucking them there won't be anything left of chinese but a bunch of whiny jacking off men.

Anonymous said...

"We own all your women."

Asian women - is this true?

Anonymous said...

While it is true that YT's own all the Asian pussies, Asian men are happy about that.

Anonymous said...

/\ Are YOU an Asian Pussy?

Bee said...

AS a sexy Thai female, I love white males. You can call me whatever.I love well endowed white men.I love how they strain to hold back cumming because I'm so tight.When I sleep with a white guy they never want to go back to their own women.It's a choice I make.I've slept with asian men and they just don't seem to care about my pleasure.My man shares me and I share him with my girlfriends.I hang with white girls who look like barbies. My man would rather do me than all my sexy girls.The whole time I'm swinging with another guy while my man is doing his lady.And he can't quit watching me wishing he was up in this asian female.Because we have the best sex.I don't care aout sterotypes. It is true most asian males have small penis.I look good for my white man.I get boobs done to DD. I wear sexy gear and he is always hard when he looks at me. You asian guys are just hating because you can't hit girls who look like me.

Anonymous said...

To the thai whore, why would asian guys want anything to do with a whore? retard, white guys will fuck anything that move..stupid whore.

Anonymous said...

Ah so! Me rikey fuckee fuckee. Oh preez more fuckee fuckee. Me ruv you roooooong time. Ooh! Fuckee fuckee all the time. Yes, softry, softry, fuckee fuckee, rikey, rikey fuckee fuckee, oh! preez, preez, preez fuckee fuckee. Bling flends for fuckee fuckee preez no stoppee fuckee fuckee. Need more fuckee fuckee. Aaaaahhhhhhhh!

Bee said...

You asian guys call any women you can't have a whore. Oh wait, that would explain why you guys keep acting as if all women are whores.Stop and think. If you AM's are so desirable as men do you really think the media would stop women from finding you attractive? If that was the case you could put 400 lb fat women on TV and they'd be considered attractive if the media pushed them.The truth is if women really wanted asian males it wouldn't matter what they see on TV.Maybe it's the way some of you conduct yourselves in real life. Maybe you're just an ugly AM and no woman wants you. Oh by the way as an AF I will tell you honest. AM's usually have small dicks.A below average white dick is usually bigger than a hung AM.Just watch a porn film from japan and see how small they are. I like to be full.Sorry , AM's can't satisfy me.

Anonymous said...

Give me a billion dollars and will you make a 400lb girl a super model and desired by men.

Nick said...

Hiya bee. I know exactly what you're talking about. I am a macho white guy and I love sexy Asian women. Asian women are so tight. White women have giant cunts as wide as the grand canyon and most of them are trailer trash. I can't feel a thing when I'm inside a white woman. I got a 5 inch penis implant to make my dick 7 inches long. Now I get so turned on when my Asian girlfriend says "wow you're hung like a black guy." I am so happy with my Asian girlfriend that I share her with my guy friends too. We have so much in common. Want to swing?

bee said...

Talking trash means nothing. In the end you'll still be a tiny dick AM wishing you could get some.Running down AF's is not going to get you anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Bee says running down AFs will not get AMs anywhere yet all she does is run down AMs every chance she gets.

A whore is a whore because she is born a whore from a whore.

Anonymous said...

A dedication to Bee the whore:


Bee said...

You need to check yourself and think about who started this. I am taking up for AF's. All you little haters do is sit around and cry about how AF don't like you. Or cry about the white media making you look bad. Well the media makes asian women look a certain way too. But I don't care. They make blondes look dumb. They make black women look loud and fat. They make white business men look like criminals.If you could get your little AM dick wet all the time you would. You want to call AF's all whores anyway. You AM's all think of us as whores whether we like sex or not.You come on here are basically call all AF's "emascaulting whores." Then when we admit to having sex with WM and enjoying it you call us whores again. We don't care what you think. We're enjoying our lives. You AM's did this to yourselves by name calling and disrespecting us.So may AM's have been dissing AF's for hundreds of years we just had enough. So learn how to treat a women instead of blaming it on the white guys. This whole blog post was another AF trying to give you guys a hint on how you treat us. And then all the AM's send hate mail because they can't accept there is truth to what she says. It's so much easier to call a women a whore than to act like a real man.

Anonymous said...

Bee you're just another typical Asian whore sellout who justifies your white fetish by putting down Asian guys. Go off and suck your white master's dick now you bitch.

Anonymous said...

Niniane apologized for her post and she actually doesn't hate AM, unlike you. You're just a racist toward your own race..To say that all AM have small dick show how you stupid u r...
I don't blame other AM for calling u're a racist toward your own race...I am so sorry that your mom raised to be a racist.

Anonymous said...

To Bee the Asian whore, a man is defined as some one that can and are willing to put a dick into her LOL.

Asian men don't want a STD infested hole.

Anonymous said...

Putting down Asian man, and you might as well put down your father, your uncle, your grandfather, all those who came before you, those to whom we owe our very lives to. I would not have my children diss any of their people, their forefathers, their kin, their own flesh and blood. I emphasized this to my children, and I am proud today to know that they have pride in themselves and their own ethnicity. None of my daughters feel that they need to fall into the arms of a white man to find validation.

bee said...

Oh but it's perfectly fine and OK for all you AM to put us AF down isn't now? Dish it out but you cannot take it. Why don't you listen to your own words. When you put down and stereotype all AF's like you do here you're talking about your sisters and your mother. Oh I forgot you AM's have no respect for any AF. Which is exactly why we're fighting back.You have no respect for your own mothers. Only your fathers. If asian women could have been free of AM hatred and fear of AF in the past they would have.You want apology but you want to keep spewing your hatred of whites and call AF whores.Go back to Asia and find a woman who wants to be a disrespected slave. Go marry a 14 year old when you're 35 like so many asian men have done. Get a little girl you can control. You can't handle AF's who are free of your oppression.By the way I didn't learn this from TV or whites. I watched my family and their oppressive arranged marriages.And how the men treat the women like farm animals.So go take your lies to a bitch who will listen.

bee said...

By the way you are so blind to the real problem.AF don't have to be validated by a white man. But we don't have to be controlled like a dog by an AM to be validated either. It's not about validation. It's about freedom of choice. You are so blind you think AF go to white men because of validation.We go there because we don't need you AM to make us important. You treated us as if you don't need us. In your mind you feel if must be that we hate ourselves and our asian heritage. The truth is we just hate the way you treat us. Your egos are so large on the outside. But deep down you know you are not deserving of the respect you demand.So to make yourselves feel better you say it must be the women are all bad or whores. You take no blame for your own actions. Your AM responses prove exactly what I am saying. You cannot argue you are better as men.Only talk about what must be wrong with AF.That proves the AM hard headed attitude. That he is never wrong. That anyone who defies him is filth. No one single AM here would ever admit there are some problems in the way AM view women.They even won't admit to the killing of female children as the white man said earlier.You lie if you deny this is done in our culture. How many more men than women in China? The white man told the truth and you all just throw insults.You cannot win an argument based on truth.

Anonymous said...

Actually, as an observer, people are calling u out because you're of your post, none of the asian male called all AFs whore or anything negative, just there is a distinction...u started the post by saying that AMs have small dick, which is uncall for...If u going to attack all AMs, then they have the right to attack u in return..but I don't see any AM saying that all AFs are whore....u dont come across as a high value person, so don't expect to be treated like one either.

Anonymous said...

"They even won't admit to the killing of female children as the white man said earlier."

Do European and American men admit to providing much of the demand for child prostition in SE Asia? Do posts like yours encourage such demands?

If your goal in life is to screw as many WM as possible then more power to you. But don't imply that you are striking a blow for the feminist movement - you are not. Your actions don't concern me - your dishonesty does.

What I've heard from both AM's and AF's on this thread has made me embarrassed to be Asian.

Anonymous said...

Bee, your family is fucked up, incestrius, oppressive, abusive, and in other words, scum of the earth, it does not translate to all Asian families. The manifestation that is you shows exactly what a family of the lowest order of function produces - a public toilet.

Admit it to yourself that it is your family that produced you, a sperm receptable. It has nothing to do with the Asian culture. Thai culture perhaps since the GDP of Thailand is prostitution.

Anonymous said...

Bee -

You don't sound very smart and you are probably dumber than dirt.

Check out this video below:

And tell me how big those white dicks are. You probably think those are huge. You need to get your eyes checked.

It is fine if you want to be white cum toilet, but do everyone a favor and quit go around and spread your hate towards entire race of men because you come from a fucked up family. Everyone is different. I realize it is a hard concept for you to accept since you have no problem accepting white people as individuals yet treat all Asians like everyone is the same.

BTW, you really do sound like a whore the way you describe yourself. If any man has any respect and care about his health, he would think twice about putting his dick in that cum hole since he might get aids in return.

Anonymous said...

By the way Bee, no one here is saying all AFs are whores. In fact, there are plenty of awesome AFs who do actually have pride in their culture and do stand behind their AMs.

They are calling AFs like you a whore because you are one. Truth hurts but it is still the truth. I hope the $10 they paid you to be a white cum bag is worth it for turning on your race.

Bee said...

You only call AF whores who have sex with anyone other than AM's is that your point? What about all the asian men who have sex with blonde prostitutes? Also you absolutley proved my point. You speak about white men having sex with asian girls. You words,
"Do European and American men admit to providing much of the demand for child prostition in SE Asia? Do posts like yours encourage such demands?"
Well you just proved how little women are thought of in asian countries. Who the hell takes the money , who allows the children to become prostitutes? The asian fathers. Do you think these little girls are going out by themselves? No it is the asian males who sell their own female children.Because asian males do not value asian females. If you asian males quit pimping out your own daughters there would be no child prostitution. SO AM's are the ones who provide the children.Just like in America, you say how much you hate the white man yet you'll do anything to get his money.Because you are all jealous of the white man's position in the world.If I am expected to honor a culture that sells and murders their women you can shove that culture up your ass.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit Bee! Your dad sold you as a prostitute when you were a child? Oh boy. Now I see where the hate is coming from.

You are taking it out from the wrong guys. You should just shank your dad in the balls. Geez.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap Bee. Your story is getting more amazing by the second. You are as lame as they get.

You blame all the bad things some men are doing in Asia on Asian American men. Have you ever thought most Asian American men never even been to Asia?

So I guess you forgave all the white men and their wonderful deeds around the world. You do realize child prostitution happens all over poor countries in Eastern Europe and Russia right? I guess all the white men here have nothing to do with that while all the Asian American men have everything to do with some pimp in Thailand? BTW, where did you get your education again? Oh yea, the white-washed education that fed all the information to your little brain. It pretty much explained everything.

BTW, if you are looking for big dicks, why are you settling with white men with little dicks? If you follow the stereotype, shouldn't you be sleeping with black men? After all, I have heard plenty from females that white men have little dicks. American men spent hundreds of millions a year on penis enlargement. I got a hint for you, most of the men are not Asian. Those late night penis enlargement commercials are not targeted at Asian men. I am sure you are figure that out on your own who their target market is. Get with the program if you want to make a point. Be a white cum whore is one thing, being a stupid white cum whore is quite another.

I got another news for you. Most Asia families aren't nothing like yours. Yours is a total fuck up. However, it does not mean every other Asian's family is a fuck up too. Get a clue. I know you are stupid but your logic is beyond comprehension. Seriously, you sound like every other white racist out there.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've read your blog.

First, you had it coming. Sure, it was only "poking fun" at the Asian male stereotypes that the media propagates but still, you should've expected this sort of reaction (hate male). Once you said it, there's no way you can ever take it back.

Second, maybe do some in-depth research next time. Especially when you're going to make a "joke" about the characteristics of Asian men. Ask other Asian females and ask the Asian males themselves. You'll probably get a wider perspective on the views of each individual Asian person. Not only that, you might find that there are a few Asian women who do not jump into "Date White Guys ONLY" bandwagon.

Third, stop hating yourself. You may not be outwardly saying it, but you're quietly hating yourself. Think about your father and your brother. They may not know that you post articles that degrade Asian men (and Asian women indirectly) but it will hurt them. Remember, your father and mother are both Asian, if your mother did not marry your father, you would not be born--and you won't end up looking as good as you do.

This is coming from another Asian female.

Anonymous said...

"Well you just proved how little women are thought of in asian countries. Who the hell takes the money , who allows the children to become prostitutes? The asian fathers."

How does this exonerate the Europeans and Americans that create the demand? In fact, a pedophile that reads your posts will think that the little girls he's abusing may actually be enjoying it.

If you truly cared about the plight of Asian women then you would have more constructive ways to decrease their suffering.

Like I said, sleep with whoever you want, but don't pretend that you have embarked on a "crusade" that contributes to the liberation of Asian women - you haven't.

Poverty and hunger are terrible things and people who spend their lives not knowing where their next meal will come from will do almost anything to survive.

That's why the western pedophiles who create the demand for little Asian girls AND BOYS are especially disgusting. Additionally, these pedophiles have already abused countless of white children in their own countries - even their own.

If you know that Asian men are exploiting Asian children and your only "rebellion" is to not sleep with Asians and write hateful things about them , then you are as bad, if not worse than the men you condemn.

P.S I have not once referred to you as a "whore".

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is pretty depressing.

bee said...

You are all fucking idiots. You call all asian women emacualting whores, blame whites for all your problems.Then you continue to say any asian woman who hs a realtionship with a white man a self hating whore. I love being asian. I love the way I look. I wouldn't want to be anyone else. But I simply do not like things that asian countries do. Things that make us come to this country in the first place.I do not like the way women are devalued in asian culture.When I have dealt with AM they are more hating and judgemental than anyone.If I don't live the way AM's think I should then I'm called a whore. They are no different here.I dated AM's.They are so quick to judge becasue they are raised with the negative asian culture that makes them feel they acan treat AM's like crap. It angers me that asian women are devalued in their homeland.Then when whites pick up on that and portray a stereotype you want to get mad.The way asian women are thought of started in asia.Look at the foot binding and the prostitution.Look at the communism. Maybe many of you have no idea what it is like anywhere else.I do. I love america. I know for a fact that as a woman I have a better chance here.If I was in my homeland all I would have is working in the fields all day and having babies.Or end up a bar girl. See in America I have a choice.If I want to have sex for my own pleasure I can. I don't have to have sex to feed my family.If you AM's came here and were considered attractive you would not complain.Sorry that is how it is.I don't make the rules. Just becasue I hate a culture and a country doesn't mean I hate myself.

Anonymous said...

"You call all asian women emacualting whores, blame whites for all your problems."

I'll say it again - I HAVE NOT CALLED YOU A WHORE.

You still haven't answered my questions - if life for Asian women is so terrible (and I don't necessarily disagree with you) how do your posts and actions improve the situation for them?

How do you help end the exploitation of little Asian boys and girls by making comments of this type? Again I'll say that you are contributing to the culture that exploits these kids whilst believing the opposite. Who then is the fool?

I'm only judging you on what you have said, not what you do - that's your business.

I'm married to a white woman and recommend it very highly.

Anonymous said...


Foot binding? The way women are treated in their homeland? You are not Asian. I don't think you are Asian if you don't know the difference between Asia and America. First, foot binding is a very old practice, is it common in China today? Hell No!! In America at the same time, women were considered men's "property" and it was okay to beat your wives to discipline them and force them into sex. Oh but how can that be? White men are perfect and wouldn't do a thing like that!!! Only AMs are backward and traditional! Prostitution isn't an Asia only thing, there's plenty of prostitutes in North America too, and there have been prostitutes worldwide for thousands of years (Check the bible if you want, lotsa whores in it) Oh, and with sex tourism to places like Angeles City, guess who are the big clients? White Men!! Ever hear of Cherry Girls? AMs aren't going for it, WMs are because they want to pop little AF teens. But WM can't be like that, only horrible horrible AMs are like that.

You'd be working in fields or a bar girl, eh? Yep, NOT Asian.
I don't even think you KNOW anyone in Asia. Because if you did, you would know there are women in business, medicine, law and other professions. There are many Educated women in Asia. The people you described are the very poor, there are many different classes in Asia, not just poor. Not many very poor people like that can get over to America because getting here ain't free. My Dad came here because he is educated and he still had to pay a price. The very poor that do get over here are often victims of trafficking and still end up bargirls or slave laborers here! If you think US is the land of opportunity, then I KNOW you are not Asian. AMS are unattractive? Yeah I guess you're right, black hair, golden tone skin, Asian brown eyes....waitaminnut! If you are Asian as you claim to be, then you have those features too! How can you think those features are ugly and unattractive if you have those features too? You said you were not self hating...but you proved it there! That is IF you are Asian, which I highly doubt.

Oh and Asia is a continent, not a country or a single culture. Once again, you proved you are NOT Asian.

BTW I am an AF married to an AM.


bee said...

Fuck you. You are a brainless salve. Let your AM treat you like garbage for all I care. You stupid bitch , I understand asia is a continent. Would you rather me say Oriental you ignorant fool? Foot binding was done in China years ago. But it was all part of the tradition of degrading women.I am fully aware where and what Asia is. You're a AM pretending to be an AF to try to even the score.I am aware of Thailand , Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China,Japan the Phillipines. Half of the AM and AF I know don't even know crap about their home country. Since you are obviously an ignorant AM playing a game, I must be specific.I also know that Pakistan and India and Bangledesh, Afganistan,Iran are part of Asia as well. I am not reffering to Indian. Pakistani and the others. Just so you get it.You think you can tell me I'm not asian because it makes you feel better. I'm 100 percent asian.You just keep on wishing I'm not. Yes I am an an AF who is sick of all the AM crap here.

Bee said...

My family was sponsored here by a US family. I know what Thailand and Laos and Cambodia are like.I have been to all of them.I was born in Thailand.If you think it's better there then you are a fool. Take your ass back then.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bee - you really sound like a fucked up bitch. Are loser white men that desperate they are willing to screw a dirty hole like you? It is like you got yourself all fixed up to look like a slut for white boys. Perhaps you should visit the next KKK gathering so you can be their resident whore for the event.

So how come you still have not answer the question: why do you blame all the bad things that happened throughout history on Asian American men? Why do you give all the white men a free pass for all the killing, raping, child molesting, prostitution. genocide and every other horrible thing in-between?

You sound so angry. Seriously, are white men this stupid and would date a loser like you? Your dad must be so proud of you these days.

Anonymous said...

I thought white is right is a joke, but Bee actually believe this shit..
God damn, i forgot about the slavery, colonialism, but whatever, white is right....

hmmm, i think Bee truly need psychological help. There's no point of "reasoning" with a personal who has mental issue.

Anonymous said...

"Yes I am an an AF who is sick of all the AM crap here."

Fine - but (for the 3rd time) how do your comments and attitude help the oppressed women in Asia?

If you really are Asian and you wanted to change the plight of Asian women then you would be looking for more constructive solutions to the problem.

How can you be so angry about something but not do anything to bring change to the situation?

From your comments it's obvious that you are the architect of your own oppression. You hate AM for what they do to AF but you only show concern for your own pleasure and well-being.

Again, that makes you as bad or worse than the Asian men you condemn.

Bee said...

Again, you stupid mother fuckers don't get it. You all blamed and blamed and blamed everyhthing on whites.When someone tells the other side of the story you put that person out as the one who started it. All I did was defend my views and defend my opinion. Yet it all goes back to AM's trying to justify their hatred of AF's.This will go on forever. First you AM's will run down WM's and AF's. Then someone will tell the other side. Then you cry and act like the other side is the mean WM or AF talking bad about you.You idiots started it. You said all these bad things and when someone points out your faults you cry and call AF's whores.You are the mentally ill AM's who will never learn why you are so fucked up.

Anonymous said...

"Again, you stupid mother fuckers don't get it."

Still no answer to my question. Where have I blamed WM for anything.

You're the one who's blaming others for your own lack of conscience.

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