Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Megan and I went glamping at Costanoa last weekend. True glamping (glamorous camping) involves a butler and chef serving you in your tent, and will set you back $600 per night.

Ours was more modest.

Our tent bungalow featured a bed with heated mattress, an alarm clock, and fresh towels. A big improvement over sleeping bags in a collapsing tent!

It was five minutes walk to this hiking trail, which led to the ocean.

Standing in front of the waves, Megan reminded me how fortunate we are in life, with our health, jobs, gourmet cuisine, wonderful friends.

Truly we are blessed.

Then she immediately pointed out this dead seal.

I don't know how she spotted it so quickly. I had to stare for many seconds to find it. It's like those pictures for kids where they circle the five clowns hidden in a scene.

I love open plains like this. It gives me a feeling of great peace.

Megan pointed out how we (or more frighteningly, she) could dump a body in the reeds, and it wouldn't be found for days.

A corncupia "Horn of Plenty" in front of the lodge. Look how the baby's hat is like a little pumpkin!

Deep red velvet cake, at the Costanoa restaurant.

People were very friendly. The table to our right struck up a conversation. They were a couple celebrating 30 years of marriage. The dinner table to our left poured us each a glass of red wine, from a bottle they brought from Napa.


John K. Lin said...

That is some tent bungalow! That's the kind of camping I'd go for!

The photo of the dead seal was interesting... and a bit disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Did you glamp with white men? Self hating bigot.

Anonymous said...

Do they have shirtless men with nice abs to carry you along the hiking trail?

Anonymous said...

No dude, she went glamping with white *women*. You know what that means!?!

Anonymous said...

^^That's what she wants you to believe. She's not fooling anyone.

Hannah Grace said...

Have to agree with john on the dead seal.

I couldn't even find the babies head for several seconds there! LOL

Anonymous said...

Typical boring, high-maintenance asian woman who won't do anything genuinely adventurous. waa! I need fresh towels! waa! I need to blowdry my hair and do full makeup or I'll just look like the plain boring asian woman I am!

Anonymous said...

Wow, theres some really bitter anonymous cowards on here.. bitches!

WTF said...




ArC said...

Wow, theres some really bitter anonymous cowards on here.. bitches!

On the other hand, I feel infinitely more well-adjusted after reading comments by America's Biggest Losers. So there's a silver lining.

As for glamping -- I'm conflicted. I would never go camping, because I figure we've been making the comforts of civilization for a reason, and I am soft as a marshmallow. OTOH, glamping is such a perversion of the original concept that I'm appalled nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

Wow, once your blog was linked to those Asian forums, the quality of the comments plummeted.

Sorry :/

Anonymous said...

I really want Niniane to get with a black dude. hahaahah. That would shut everyone up. Asians wouldn't be able to call her a sellout, since it's obvious she doesn't want to be black. Whites would have to shut up because they know that black dicks are bigger than white dicks.

Plus she would have beautiful Blasian children.

Anonymous said...

^^Sorry man, she only want old, fat, bald white men.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Niniane know any black people. Check her photos, I could not find any.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, in Silicon Valley, there are no that many black people. I can't say I know any myself living in the Bay Area for 8 years.

metal said...

free life tips to the guys who are so bitter about white guys and asian girls.

1) only you are goin feel sorry for yourself. everyone else only thinks your whole dateless wonder situation is your own fault.

2) the best way to get an asian girl to like you is to not attack her every chance you get. everytime you label a girl a sell out I dont think shes going to be as open to dating from the same pool that labeled her.

3) yes there are stereo types about asian guys. no life isnt fair. get over it. asian guys do still get laid, just not you. so you can either do something about it or sit there and whine about it your whole life. see which one gets you where you want.

John K. Lin said...

Hey, looks like I was right in regards to blacks in Silicon Valley:

Front Page: The San Jose Mercury News: (10/14/07)
Silicon Valley is costly for everyone
Is it tougher for African-Americans
Population, income down since tech boom

Anonymous said...

John, I'm sure Niniane is not going to lose any sleep over this.

eugenia said...

How can people be so mean! The girl is just talking about the things she likes doing. So Niniane Congratulations, I'm glad you like Glamping. My brothers and I run a Glamping in Spain, on the beautiful Costa Brava called Camping Sant Pol in Sant Feliu de Guixols. Our parents used to have a Camping and we turned it into something different, more comfortable, glamour camping. It's just another target. Cheers from Spain, Eugenia